Sophia Michelle
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Occupation(s): Playwright
Other Information
Interests: Writing
Talent: Writing
Series Information
First appearance: Tori the Zombie
Last appearance: Tori the Zombie
Portrayed By: Rachel Quaintance

Sophia Michelle is a fictional playwright who wrote Uptown, Downtown.


Sofia appears only in Tori the Zombie. She appears to be very prominent in Broadway given Jade's groans when Tori asked who she was, and after knowing she'd be attending the show, the director said, "We knew we had to be great; now we have to be perfect."

After the play, she gave high praise to Tori's performance and her zombie make-up, feeling it added emphasis to the theme of substance over beauty. Though she also complimented Beck's performance, she did not appear to approve of anyone else as she hastily denied answering Robbie's queries about his performance and promptly left the building.



Sophia Michelle with Rex.

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