Cat with her SnowBee

Sky Store is a parody of Sky Mall on Victorious. It is a fictional magazine where people can buy cool, wacky, outlandish, and impractical devices. It is revealed that the items in Sky Store are actually inventions. Cat becomes obsessed with purchasing items from Sky Store in the episode Robarazzi and borrows money from everyone to buy stuff. She buys things she did not really need from the store. Her addiction peaks so high that her friends force her to give up Sky Store for good.

At this revelation, she becomes extremely sad, but complies; despite this, she tricks Sinjin into buying her some things by making him think that she likes him, and she could be seen browsing the Sky Store website in Wi-Fi in the Sky. The apparently unlimited list of items at Sky Store parodies how Sky Mall uses items from various outlets that can be used in somewhat ridiculous ways. Cat also said on TheSlap that she is so glad that she is not addicted to Sky Store anymore.


Cat is amazed at all of the items in the magazine, but is forced to give up Sky Store, as seen on the episode.Robarazzi.



Cat with her Sky Store catalog


Cat's Blue Lobster

  • World's Thinnest Tennis Racket
  • World's Brightest Keychain
  • Ball Freshener
  • Tree/Bush Face
  • Floating underwear
  • Snow-making machine (SnowBee)
  • World's Best Alarm Necklace
  • Classical music-playing litterbox
  • A neck-massaging plush lobster (from Tweet Time With Cat)
  • Portable juicer
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