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Sinjin's Profile Video is Sinjin Van Cleef's profile video for TheSlap.


Victorious - Sinjin's Video Profile

Victorious - Sinjin's Video Profile

Sinjin starts by introducing himself. He states his age, 16, and adds that he's "into women." He shows us his athletic legs and talks about his various interests and hobbies, such as eating avocados, which he labels "nature's soft, green mush." Sinjin first tries to trick us into thinking he's 6'4", but the filmer of the video corrects him (he's actually 6'1"). Sinjin also gives us a little performance of his so-called improv rock. Sinjin ends the video with a shout-out to Jade and staring into the camera, further making his infatuation with Jade clear to the viewers. Jade possibly didn't see it or else it would be mentioned either on TheSlap or in the series.


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