Acting trivia

Sikowitz's Acting Challenge is a trivia game on TheSlap which Sikowitz has created to test the player's knowledge of acting.

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There are a total of 10 questions:

1. How do you make yourself cry in a scene?

2. What is a Monologue?

3. What is the best way to drink coconut milk?

4. When is it an appropriate time to say "Break A Leg" ?

5. On a movie set, who is the Best Boy?

6. What should you NEVER do while acting?

7. What is improv?

8. What does ADR stand for?

9. What should you do if you forget a line?

10. What do you do if the actor you're supposed to kiss has bad breath?


1. Think of something sad.

2. A long speech by one actor.

3. Trick question. This has nothing to do with acting.

4. Before someone goes on stage.

5. A person who works with the lighting department.

6. All of the above.

7. Creating a scene spontaneously.

8. Additional Dialogue Replacement.

9. Ask your dialogue coach for help.

10. None of the above.

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