Ship warring, the attacking or putting down of another ship or its fans, is against the site policies. A "ship" is a shortened word for relationship. Example: B/eck + T/rina = Brina.

Discussing preferences in a civilized manner without insulting others is acceptable.

What is ship warring

Note that these are only examples, and any other comments that insult others for their shipping preferences or inflict conflicts may be subject to consequences. When in doubt, it is better to be safe than sorry.

  • I hate x ship because it's stupid/makes no sense/obnoxious/pathetic/boring.
  • x ship will never happen.
  • You need help if you think x ship will ever happen.
  • x shippers suck.
  • x ship is so much better than y ship.

What is not ship warring

  • I prefer x ship over y ship.
  • I hope x ship happens.
  • I like both x and y ships, but I like x better.

If ship warring occurs, please report it to an administrator's message wall or to the administrator's noticeboard.