Sherwood High School is a public high school that resides in Burbank, California. The school concludes its area with Hollywood, Burbank, and Northridge.


Known students include:

Known Alumni include:


Ian appears in Pilot, helping Tori with a project for Science. Tori transferred to Hollywood Arts after accepting an offer by Principal Eikner, causing Tori to become a former student of Sherwood.

In Cat's New Boyfriend, it is revealed Tori used to date Danny, who went to Sherwood at the time with her. Cat was dating Danny when this episode took place, but Tori may have still had feelings for him (when she was the one that "dumped" him) as she got jealous of Cat and kissed Danny.


  • Coincidentally, the high school is named after Sherwood High School, a high school in Sherwood, Oregon.
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