LockedUp Prisoner
General Information
Gender: Female
Series Information
First appearance: Locked Up!
Last appearance: Locked Up!
Portrayed By: Juan Enrique Martinez

Sheema was a prisoner of a jail in Yerba.

Her name is revealed to be Sheema, when Tori Vega asks her if she wants to break out. She seems to act "mannish" according to Jade. Sheema also confirmed that the prisoners listen to her (probably because of her size and attitude), which is why Tori included her in the plan.

Sheema can be threatening and mean at times. Jade taunted her from behind the prison bars, but when Jade was thrown in prison, Sheema knocked her to the ground and would've eaten her. Fortunately for Jade, Tori interjected by saying that Jade was a good friend of hers, and Sheema seemed to respect Tori, so Sheema left Jade alone.

She was in the performance of I Want You Back to help Tori and her friends escape from prison, and she escaped with them.

On TheSlap, Festus thinks she is "foxy".


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