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General Information
Gender: Male
Occupation(s): Hotel Manager
Family & Friends
Family: Festus (brother)
Series Information
First appearance: Locked Up!
Last appearance: Locked Up!
Portrayed By: Winston Story

Sgrodis is a hotel manager in Yerba and is the brother of Festus.

He appeared in the episode Locked Up!. According to TheSlap, Sgrodis means "younger brother," even though he's four years older than Festus. His phone number begins with 056347718136575283667743 but is never fully shown due to Tori Vega interrupting Festus while he was giving her the number.

He is shown to be very friendly and welcoming when Tori, André Harris, Robbie Shapiro, Jade West, Cat Valentine, Beck Oliver, Trina Vega, and Erwin Sikowitz arrived at his hotel like sniffing Tori's hand to greet her as a sign of friendship (although she did not like that very much). It is also revealed that he likes eating mushrooms because he had a bowl full of them when the girls were about to confront him about leaving the country. When he tried to calmly convince them to stay (even tried bribing them with Yerbanian gravy) and they refuse to do so, he became indifferent towards them by pulling down some-type of alarm to alert the Yerbanian guards to come in and block their exit so they wouldn't leave Yerba.

Before the performance, Sgrodis explained to Tori's group how the Yerbanian Chancellor has an eyepatch over his right eye which stopped working after he was bitten by a Vampire Moth. Sgrodis was present when a shoe malfunction on Tori took out the Yerbanian Chancellor's other eye.

Sgrodis was later present when Tori Vega and the other prisoners are performing "I Want You Back" before the Yerbanian Chancellor, his military aides, and those who were invited.

Personality and Trivia

Sgrodis is known to be nice towards visitors (including tourists). But when Tori and her friends meet with Sgrodis, he refused to let them leave and forced them to stay, and start a performance, implying that he is greedy and wants to make money for the performance, which also implies that he wants money to make and fix his ruined hotel into a clean, prosperous, luxurious and pristine one, because the hotel that Tori and her friends visited, was dirty and disgusting. It appears that he lured Tori and her friends into Yerba by making a fake website and by tricking his brother, Festus, into convincing Tori and her friends to perform at his home country. It also appears that Sgrodis does not care about letting them leave, all he cares about is making his nicest, luxurious pristine hotel, being rich, and making money by forcing Tori and her friends perform at Yerba.


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