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"Robbie, are you alright?"
Sikowitz to Robbie.

Robbie Sells Rex
Season 4, Episode 8
First Aired December 15, 2012[1]
Production Code 321
Writer(s) Dan Schneider
Christopher J. Nowak
Director(s) Adam Weissman
Viewed By: 3.550 [2]
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"One Thousand Berry Balls"
"The Bad Roommate"

Robbie Sells Rex is the 8th episode of Season 4 of Victorious and the 55th overall.


Francis Thornesmith, a spoiled child of Mason Thornesmith, sets his sights on Rex. He offers Robbie $2,000 for Rex. Robbie accepts and gets a new puppet, Goonter, but he is disappointed when it only says nice things to him. Robbie goes crazy without Rex, hearing Rex's voice whenever someone else talks. He is extremely desperate, so he asks Tori for help. She sneaks into Mason's office and tells a girl named Rhoda Hellberg, who's been annoying Sikowitz, to kiss Francis so that he will forget about Rex. The plan succeeds and Robbie gets Rex back.

Subplot 1


Elsewhere, a masked individual is throwing flour at school, and the students try to find out who it is and why he is throwing flour in people's faces. It turns out that the masked flour thrower was a boy named Tom Vineman, who had nothing better to do during his school's semester break and had extra flour leftover because his mom bakes. Everyone acknowledges how poorly-written an ending this is, but walk off for lunch anyway.

Rhoda and her new boyfriend Francis

Subplot 2

Mrs. Hellberg's daughter Rhoda has been bothering and bullying Sikowitz. She threw eggs at him while he was in the shower, then, after she apologized, she kicked him in his pain area & then hit him in his stomach. Sikowitz told her mother that he was going to call the police and get her sent to juvie. The mother begs him not to, but he refuses to listen. Tori then settles an arrangement with the little girl. Tori tells her that if she can distract Francis so Robbie could get Rex back, she would not have to go to juvie. The girl agrees and kisses Francis on the cheek, who forgets all about Rex.

Subplot 3

Cat decides, while talking about Robbie selling Rex, that she would make hamburgers but shaped like wieners and put them in hot dog buns and call them Hot-Durgers. She gets flour-bombed by the Flour Bomber while doing this, and says "it's not as fun as it seems."



  • This episode marks the first time characters other than Tori, specifically Cat and Robbie, have their TheSlap posts used as scene transitions.
  • DanWarp tweeted "Brand new Victorious! Shh! Robbie Sells Rex. COMING SOON!" but removed the tweet shortly after.
  • Sikowitz makes his second appearance this season. The first was Cell Block. This is his least amount of screen-time in an episode.
  • Trina makes a major appearance for the first time since Wanko's Warehouse.
  • Jade and André were the only two characters who weren't flour bombed.
  • This is the second and final time Rex's name was mentioned in the name of an episode, the first being Rex Dies.
  • This is the first and only time Robbie's name was mentioned in an episode name, excluding Robarazzi.
  • This is the second episode, after Rex Dies, in which Robbie faces a conflict about whether or not to keep Rex. Jade references the events of that episode.
  • This is the third Rebbie Plot. The first two were Beck's Big Break and Rex Dies.
  • The flour incidents could be a reference to an event in 1980s in New Zealand when the New Zealanders threw flour at the Springboks rugby game.
  • Goonter, who is voiced by Dan Schneider, is a painted Howdy Doody ventriloquist figure.
  • After their introduction in Tori Goes Platinum, this is the second appearance of Mason Thornesmith and the second mention of bibble.
  • Spoiler videos were released on TheSlap two days before the episode aired. It contained major spoilers including the flour bomber's identity.
  • Cat taking candy out of her bra, a trait of hers established in How Trina Got In.
  • In class, Robbie misses Rex to the point that people talking to him have his voice. Tori, Jade, and Cat specifically talk to him in Rex's voice. He then goes onto hallucinating Rex's face on Jade and Cat; strangely enough, not Tori.
  • The final scene, when Cat uncovers the flour bomber's mask, could be seen as a reference to Scooby-Doo.
  • This is the first episode with 3 subplots.
  • This is the last episode to air in 2012.
  • Cat's idea of Hot-Durgers are the same idea in the SpongeBob SquarePants episode, Krusty Dogs. It's Krabby Patty's (Burgers), shaped like a hot dog.
  • Where Cat is selling her Hot-Durgers, it says: "Hamburgers, but Weiner Shaped" in the same font of the logo of the 1990s sitcom "Full House".
  • Along with Star Spangled Tori, this episode rarely airs on TeenNick reruns for unknown reasons.
  • This is the second appearance of Braden after Tori Fixes Beck and Jade.
  • The last line is by Beck, "Not much of an ending", breaking the fourth wall.


Click here for the transcript of the episode.


  • Jade makes references to Rex Dies saying it was a year ago. Rex Dies aired at the beginning of 2011. This would be almost two years.
    • However, it was probably a little bit over a year when they shot this episode.
  • After Cat tackles the Flour Bomber, her hair was messy and one side of her hair was covering her eye, but when she stood to Jade her hair was back to normal with no time to fix it.
  • Sikowitz could have issued a restraining order against Rhoda instead of threatening to send her to juvie.


Robbie: Does it make me a terrible friend?

Rex: Man, I'd sell you for half a sandwich. Even tuna.

Francis: Sweet. (Takes Rex from Robbie)

Robbie: (faints)

399239 10151270502335053 1770406667 n.jpg

Robbie: What do you think of my new pajamas?

Goonter: Fantastic!

Robbie: Can't you say something rude to me?

Goonter: Splendid!

Beck, Tori, Jade.jpg

Jade: I wanna know, who the flour bomber is.

André: Ahh, so you wore that to get his attention.

Jade: Yep, and when he tries to get me, I'm going to get him and wrestle him to the ground.

Beck: He might like that.

André: (laughs) I'd like that.

Jade and Beck: (Stare at André in confusion)

André: I wouldn't like it.

Sikowitz: Have you no manners?

Rhoda: Have you no hair?

Cat: Oh yeah... that is bibble breath.

Sikowitz: Robbie, are you alright?

Robbie: Yes! (Glaring at Sikowitz in an annoyed way) Why would you even ask that?!

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