Robbie's Reviews is a video segment created by Robbie. It is a spin off/sequel to Robbie's Improv. So far, there have only been 2 episodes. There might be more.


1. "A Large Rock"

Robbie reviews a large rock by making it crush a toy, putting it in a salad to make it taste better, using it as a weapon, and talking to it. It worked on crushing the toy and being a weapon, but not on making a salad taste better or talking to it.

2. "Noodles"

Victorious - Robbie's Reviews Noodles

Victorious - Robbie's Reviews Noodles

Robbie's Reviews: Noodles

Robbie reviews a pile of noodles by recharging batteries, using it as a weapon, and removing leg hair. It worked on recharging the batteries and removing Robbie's leg hair, but not on being a weapon.

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