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Robbie's Improv is a video series on TheSlap, hosted by Robbie Shapiro, about him performing improv. So far, there has only been one episode.



1. "The baby who could talk and the father who was angry"

Robbie performs improv about a baby who could talk and a father who was mad at the baby for peeing on his computer bag. The father asked if he did it, after the baby who could talk denied it, he suggested Justin Bieber did it. The father asks, "Justin Bieber is a HUGE star, why would he be in this house today and why would he pee on my computer bag?" The baby suggested, "Maybe...uh...earlier in the day, Justin Bieber, drank a lot of," he picked up the cherry lemonade, "cherry lemonade." Then he confesses and apologizes to Justin Bieber. Robbie says he made this while drinking cherry lemonade, hence his inspiration.

Robbies improv
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