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This page is about the blog. You may be looking for the episode of the same name.

An installment of Robarazzi.

Robarazzi is a blog created by Robbie Shapiro, it started it's first appearance on TheSlap in Robarazzi. It was very popular until Tori and her friends made Robbie shut down the blog after blackmailing him with a video. It is a parody of TMZ. It only appeared in the episode Robarazzi.


André with giant ketchup, that the people of Robarazzi caught him with.

Jade and André angry about what Robbie is posting on TheSlap.


"You keep posting stuff like that on Robarazzi and you can stay on TheSlap as long as you want."

- A senior telling Robbie about his video of Tori

The blog started when Tori told Robbie that he should follow her advice. This resulted in Robbie catching Tori squeezing her pimple on a video interviewing Sinjin about his collection of teeth. This annoyed Tori, and she and her friends stormed into his studio. He captured the scene as a "pyschotic rampage" on his blog. This was the peak of Robarazzi's rise, it was about to fall.


"Dance for us, Robbie."

- Jade to Robbie during the fall of Robarazzi

The Fall of Robarazzi began after Robarazzi member was caught shooting a video of Jade and Beck, Tori was caught with a paparazzi ambush by Robbie's 9th Grade Photographers. The next day, André and Beck stole Robbie's clothes, and Tori and Jade began taping him naked with a towel for cover. They blackmailed Robbie saying they'd kill the video if he canceled Robarazzi; if not, Robbie would've been put on the Internet and embarrassed for life. Robbie killed his blog and made a cooking blog instead. The fate of the cooking Robarazzi blog is unknown, it is possible that Robbie lost it by getting kicked off TheSlap. However, judging by the humor he had on it, it may have survived.


Low-Carb-A-Robbie is Robbie's replacement blog: Robarazzi was turned into a cooking blog after its fall. Students were to give good recipes for healthy snacks they could eat.

Known Victims

Robarazzi caused embarrassment in the victims it caught:

Victims caught & embarrassed


Beck and Jade's relationship is hit by Robarazzi.

  • Tori Vega was caught squeezing her pimple. Also, she was caught at her house when her mom put depillatory cream on her armpits.
  • André Harris was embarrassed by Robbie for thinking he had a ketchup problem.
  • Robbie thought Jade West and Beck Oliver were ending their relationship.

Victims caught

  • Cat Valentine (angered by the exposure of the several SkyStore deliveries she made)
  • Sinjin (stealing teeth of past presidents' relatives)

Point: Sinjin was being embarrassed on Robarazzi when Tori, Andre, Beck, and Jade all went to confront Robbie. When they got there, they were still filming the show, but Sinjin was the cameraman.