Letter 'S', Droping Words, scarrying for nothing & Texting while eating

Public Service Announcement is a web-show featuring the main students at Hollywood Arts, including Tori, Beck, Jade, Cat, Robbie, André, and Trina. Beck posts them, although it's not clear whether he made the webshow. The show is similar to "The More You Know" commercials on NBC, with all of the students talking about something someone should be safe doing or a disease of some sort is going around. So far, there have only been five episodes. Sikowitz have yet to make an appearance in any of them. Some continuities throughout the episodes are Tori beginning the video by introducing herself, André mentioning his little sister (possibly fictional), mentioning talking to Congress about the video's subject, and Beck standing in front of the Wahoo Punch machine.


1. You Need to Know This...

Victorious - You Need To Know This

Victorious - You Need To Know This

People are suffering all over the world from a "terrible affliction"- they SCREAM words STARTING with the letter S. Everyone SCREAMS things like:

  • "SASQUATCH is another name for Bigfoot."
  • "SALMON is a fish."
  • "It's a terrible disease SOME people can get."
  • "SOUP!!!!!!!"
  • "Have you ever been to a restaurant and been afraid to order SALAD?!"


Victorious The slap- BIG PROBLEM!!!

Victorious The slap- BIG PROBLEM!!!

People all around the world are suffering from a "disturbing condition" - word dropping. Examples of word dropping are:

  • "You try make complete sentence but not every you say comes out the you it."
  • "Affects lots people of."
  • "I first realized I dropped only five old."
  • "Alone, we no village, together squeeze."

3. People Who Become Briefly Terrified

New Public Service Announcement! - TheSlap

New Public Service Announcement! -

You or someone you know may suffer from becoming briefly terrified. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Sorry about that. We can make a difference. - (to see the gifs of all characters acting terrified, you can visit their character pages).

4.Texting While Eating

Victorious The slap-Texting While Eating

Victorious The slap-Texting While Eating

  • Don't text while eating and don't eat while texting, it is very dangerous.
  • People reflect on their bad experiences of texting while eating.
  • Trina does not appear in this video.
  • Jade lost a sandwich when she fell randomly down the stairs, Andre lost a bag of sour gummies when he walked into a door, and Robbie lost a doughnut when someone pushed his desk over in the hallway.
Texting and eating is dangerous

5.The Slap is Here to Help:

Victorious The slap-TheSlap is Here to Help

Victorious The slap-TheSlap is Here to Help

This segment is about people randomly wearing glasses. This is the segment to have Sinjin in it. Jade states that if people wear glasses to look cool, you can no longer tell the difference between a "book-worm or a fashion conscious wannabe."

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