Principal Eikner
General Information
Gender: Male
Occupation(s): Former principal of Hollywood Arts High School
Series Information
Portrayed By: David Starzyk

Principal Eikner is the former principal of Hollywood Arts High School. He is seen in Pilot when he asks Tori if she wants to go to Hollywood Arts. He nearly got fired in The Great Ping Pong Scam in a flashback because his boss believed that more of the schools' sports teams needed to win games and bring home trophies. He left Hollywood Arts in Helen Back Again, because of a move to the state of Hawaii to spend time with his new girlfriend. He was replaced by Helen Dubois. He also appeared in How Trina Got In, in the kids and Sikowitz's flashback scenes. He is portrayed by David Starzyk.


  • David Starzyk also played a character named "Brad" on the iCarly episode "iCarly Saves TV."
  • Principal Eikner doesn't know if Tori Vega is a student at his own school or not! He asked it in the Pilot Episode. This is how she got into the school, from her performance in the Annual Showcase.


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