Tribbie RobbieFeelingTrinasFoot

Robbie feeling Trina's foot.

Pooka Fish are a type of fish seen in Cat's New Boyfriend, which supposedly eat dead skin and calluses off your feet to make them soft and smooth. They love the taste of dead human skin. The Pooka Fish reside in the Xingu River near Puerto Iguazú.

Robbie then paid Trina $50 to try the Pooka Fish. Trina, Robbie, Andre, Beck, and Jade all suffered from Myroleticulitis in the hospital after having the Pooka Fish feed on their skin. The fish's saliva attacks the central nervous system according to the doctor as the condition was rare in the US. Though the doctor overseeing their treatment was angered that Trina used Pooka Fish for her feet smoothening, he did find that they did make the feet smooth when he felt Trina's foot.


  • Pooka Fish are a resemblance of the Jamaican Doctor Fish, which makes your feet smooth; however, they do not attack your central nervous system. However, they do cause risk of infection and as a result, are also illegal to use in such a manner.
  • Tori and Cat are the only ones who didn’t want to do get their feet smooth.


  • Trina: "Do you want gross, crunchy feet? Because girls don't dig that!"
  • Beck&jade

    Beck and Jade after trying the Pooka Fish for the first time

    Beck in the hospital

    Beck and Jade in the hospital

    Robbie: "It's like a million tiny kisses... on my feet!"
  • André: "How come all those people were rubbing on your foot?"
  • André: "Dang man, that's smooth!"
  • Beck: "Like a baby's butt!"
  • Beck: "Jade, you gotta come feel André's foot."
  • Jade: "Dang, dude, that's some soft footage!"
  • Trina: "Doesn't my foot feel sweet?"
  • All: "Yeah. Cool. That's so soft." 
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