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The Platinum Music Awards is a music award show that appears in Victorious.


The 2012 ceremony is the main event of the one-hour special Tori Goes Platinum that drives the plot. Tori Vega opens the show performing the song "Make It In America." It is held at the Boomerang Theater in Los Angeles, California.

The opening act was decided through auditions sent online. Some of the auditions that received positive reactions from Mason Thornesmith include those of Robbie, Cat, Jade, André, and Tori. Some auditions that raised concern were those of Trina, Burf, Gibby (from iCarly), Tara Ganz and Rex. In the end Mason Thornesmith chose Tori Vega to be the opening act after liking her audition tape in which she sang Cheer Me Up.

The days leading up to this award show were very hectic for the opening performer, Tori Vega, who was replaced the day before the air date, with Jade West, due to her refusal to act obnoxious for the producer, Mason Thornesmith, but was given the part back at the last moment, unknown to the producer.

Cast & Crew

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  • It's a parody of the Billboard Music Awards.
  • Billboard Music Awards also has a contest (The Battle of the Bands) to give a lesser known artist a chance to perform at the event.
  • It was mentioned in the Game Shakers episode "Bunger Games".
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