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"No bibble for Cat!"
— Oliver to Robbie

General Information
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Black
Occupation(s): Bodyguard
Family & Friends
Friends: Cat Valentine
Series Information
Portrayed By: Anthony M. Bertram[1]

Oliver is Cat's "bibble-guard" in Tori Goes Platinum. He was hired by Cat's parents to refrain Cat from eating bibble. This was achieved by having Oliver handcuffed to Cat for the majority of the episode. It is said that he formerly had a 'bibble problem' like Cat, but is now devoted to helping those addicted to it. However, there is some evidence that Oliver still struggled with his addiction, mentioning how the bibble was "too sweet" and how if Cat had some, she wouldn't be able to stop. At the end of the episode, Oliver and Cat caved in and ate their bibble together next to a dumpster behind the Boomerang Theater. He made Cat promise not to tell anyone about it.


  • Oliver shares a name with Beck, whose surname is Oliver.
  • Oliver hit Robbie when he attempted to give Cat a bite of bibble, to prevent Cat from having some and then being unable to stop.
  • He said the line "No Bibble For Cat" repeatedly throughout the episode.
  • He used to have a bibble addiction problem himself, and has it again since Cat got him readdicted to bibble again.


  • Andre: Uh, hello.
  • Robbie: Hey, Cat.
  • Cat: Hi.
  • Andre: Who's the dude?
  • Cat: Oh. This is Oliver. My parents hired him to keep me away from bibble.
  • Andre: So he's your bibble guard?
  • Oliver: That's right. I used to have a bibble problem myself, and now I help others.
  • Cat: Can I just have a little bibble?
  • Oliver: No baby, you can't.
  • Robbie: Oh, she can have a little bit. Here Cat, here's some bibble to tide you over.
  • Oliver [snatches away bag of bibble and shoves Robbie to the floor] No bibble for Cat!
  • Cat: No bibble for Cat...

  • Cat: Hi!
  • Robbie: Hey, cutie!
  • Tori: Hey, Cat!
  • Andre: Hey, girl!
  • Cat: You remember Oliver?
  • Oliver: Hi, everyone.
  • Tori: Cat... where are you?
  • Cat: Um... I'm in the bathtub. [sing-song, pretending she lathers her body] La-la-la-la-la
  • Tori: Cat, you're not in the bathtub.
  • Oliver: We're backstage at the Boomerang Theater.
  • Tori: Cat, you don't have to lie. It's okay if you're with Jade helping her get ready for the show tomorrow night.
  • Cat: You sure you're not mad at me?
  • Tori: I'm sure.
  • Cat: Good. Bring me some bibble! You're my only hope!
  • Oliver: [sternly] No bibble!
  • Cat: Oliver!
  • Tori: Cat, I'm not getting you bibble. Anything else?
  • Cat: No.

  • Cat: Can I just have one handful?
  • Oliver: The answer is no.
  • Cat: But I just--
  • Jade: Cat!

  • Oliver: Don't you understand?
  • Cat: Why can't you let me smell some bibble?
  • Oliver: You can't even have a whiff of bibble! It's too sweet! It's too good!

  • Cat: Come on everyone, I'll take you to our seats.
  • Oliver: I'll get the aisle seat!
  • Cat: You can have the aisle seat, for bibble!
  • Oliver: No!
  • Cat: DANG IT!

  • Cat: Does anyone have any bibble?
  • Oliver: No. You've got to stop chasing that snack.
  • Cat: But it huuuurts!!!

  • Oliver: You can't tell anybody about this!
  • Cat: Neither can you! How great is this bibble?
  • Oliver: It's so great!

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