Ms. West is Jade's mother. Though she never appeared, Jade mentioned her a few times. It seems like Jade has a better relationship with her mom than she does with her dad, but, like the rest of Jade's family, their relationship seems to be one of hatred. It has been shown that Jade doesn't respect or obey her. She is divorced from Jade's father but seems to share custody of Jade with him, along with her ex-husband's virtual hatred of her daughter.


  • In Stage Fighting, when Jade was "hit" by Tori, she asks someone to call her mom for her.
  • In Jade's Profile Video, she says she got her piercings soon after her mom told her she was not allowed to get to her face pierced. She then adds sarcastically "Sorry, Mom."
  • Jade mentions on TheSlap that her mom says "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all." She then says that her mom is stupid.
  • She also said on TheSlap that the only thing her mom has ever done right was naming her Jade, reinforcing that while Jade prefers her mother to her father, she doesn't like her.
  • According to Jade With Tots 2, Mr. West has a new wife, meaning Ms. West is divorced.
  • In Jade Dumps Beck, Jade mentioned that she threw away one of her Potato Patch Pals when she was seven and her mother gave it away to some "greedy" little orphans.
  • In Cat Crashes Jade's House, Jade said the only reason Cat got in was because her stupid mother opened the door and let her in.
  • Jade most likely drives her mom's car, because on TheSlap, Tori said that Jade attached a doll that looks like Tori to her mom's car, and drives it around the parking lot every day. This could also mean that her mom takes her to school.
  • In Three Girls and a Moose, Jade mentions that she loves The Scissoring more than she loves her own mother. Though this could mean any number of things, given Jade's personality, it likely reinforces her hatred of her mother.
  • Jade tells Tori in Brain Squeezers saying they might put her mother in jail because she's been stealing money at work. However this was a lie made by Jade to make Tori feel sorry for her and put her on her Brain Squeezers team, It didn't work.
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