Mrs. Yonders
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Occupation(s): Teacher
Series Information
First appearance: The Birthweek Song
Last appearance: Jade Dumps Beck
Portrayed By: Tenelle Cadogan

Mrs. Yonders is a history teacher at Hollywood Arts. She only appears in The Birthweek Song and Jade Dumps Beck. She seems to teach her classes well.

In "The Birthweek Song," Robbie attempts to give an enthusiastic report on Vaudeville in Mrs. Yonders' class. Just as he starts the report on his laptop, Mamaw Shapiro requests a video chat. Mamaw asks Robbie how to get on the internet, even though she was already on. Also, Mamaw notices that Robbie brought Rex to school, calling him a puppet.


Mrs. Yonders' mad at Trina's disruption of her class.

In "Jade Dumps Beck," Mrs. Yonders is teaching a class about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln when Trina Vega comes into disrupt where she is angry about Robbie Shapiro's latest review of her one-woman play. She angrily tells Trina to leave

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