Mrs. Van Cleef is the mother of Sinjin Van Cleef and Courtney Van Cleef. Her husband is Mr. Van Cleef. Mrs. Cleef is never shown in any of the episodes, but is mentioned by Sinjin in one of Sinjin's sock puppets clips. Sinjin says in that Sinjin's Sock Puppets that his mother thought the video is very weird. She also may be a procrastinator as Sinjin stated that she didn't take the Halloween decorations down until it got to be Halloween again.

Mrs. Van Cleef has shown not to be very fond of her son as Sinjin says that she says things to him which make him feel bad about himself. She has also used Sinjin's toothbrush to clean the bathroom floors. She accidentally shrunk Sinjin's skinny jeans in the wash, and Sinjin also reported that his parents cut him out of their Christmas cards every year. It can also be assumed that she is the mother of Sinjin's sister, Courtney. Mrs Van Cleef was also mentioned in Tori the Zombie when Sinjin pressed the disco button, Jade told him "Fifteen years ago, your mother gave birth to the wrong thing!"

Mrs. Van Cleef gave Sinjin a watch in Freak the Freak Out.

Mrs. Van Cleef was also mentioned in Opposite Date when Sinjin mentions that they "found [his] mom in Mexio." It is unknown why she was in Mexico.

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