Mrs. Shapiro is the mother of Robbie Shapiro, and possibly his sister, or grandmother. In Locked Up, Tori thought that she had moved away from Robbie, but Robbie says that she has given him one more chance, implying that Robbie did something bad that had made his mom move out. Robbie also mentioned his mom in Beck's Big Break; after eating a gluten cookie, he says, "I'm glad I ate it...Mom!", which implies that Mrs. Shapiro does not allow Robbie to eat gluten, which he is allergic to. In a Public Service Announcement video, Robbie mentioned that he was texting his mother while eating a doughnut.

On TheSlap, when Robbie says that on Hanukkah he gets presents five days before people who celebrate Christmas do, Rex says Robbie's parents don't get him anything good for Hanukkah. It's possible that the woman sitting next to Cat in Who Did It to Trina? is Mrs. Shapiro, as she looks similar to Robbie. However, this is never confirmed. In The Worst Couple, Robbie reveals that his mother pops his back pimples for him, but Tori says that this is why she screams at night while in bed. She also happens to put Rex in the washing machine, which makes Rex queasy.

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