Mr. Shapiro is the father of Robbie Shapiro. He has not appeared onscreen before but is very briefly mentioned in Tori Gets Stuck, when Lane says Robbie's parents are out of town. In The Worst Couple, Robbie mentions, to no one in particular, that his father is embarrassed of him, and Tori, Jade, and Andre look at him in sympathy and confusion. This could mean that they are not very close. He is brought up again in How Trina Got In. After Kwakoo sings the squid-chopping song, (the ending line is "Disappoint my father!") Robbie pats Kwakoo's shoulder and says "I think I disappoint MY father too, but whenever I try to talk to him about it, he-" and Mrs. Lee cuts him off; however, he looks very sad when he is saying this. All in all, the relationship between them seem similar to that of Sinjin Van Cleef and his father, as in both cases, the fathers are rarely mentioned and seem to not like their sons very much.

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