Mr. Oliver
Beck's injured dad
General Information
Gender: Male
Family & Friends
Family: Beck Oliver (son)
Series Information
First appearance: Jade Dumps Beck
Last appearance: Jade Dumps Beck
Portrayed By: Scott Ashby
Dan Schneider (voice)

Mr. Oliver is Beck Oliver's father. His only appearance was in Jade Dumps Beck, though we do not actually get to see his face. He is portrayed by Scott Ashby and voiced by Dan Schneider. He also thinks Beck's hair is shiny and doesn't seem to be very fond of Jade West.

He purchased Beck's RV from Fat Biscuit which Beck resides in.


When Jade and Beck break up, Jade sends a Rottweiler that she and Tori Vega got into Beck's RV as a gift for Beck. But she doesn't realize that Mr. Oliver is and gets attacked by the Rottweiler. Beck came out and told them that his dad is in there. The only scene seen of him was him going into an ambulance, saying goodbye to Beck. When Tori and Jade apologize for what happened, Mr. Oliver quotes "Oh Why?"

He's a pretty laid back person, much like his son. We can tell this much since his only response to Beck saying he'd pick him up from the hospital was "okay," even after being mauled by the rottweiler. Although it is possible that he was just in too much pain to say much.

Beck's father likes to take Beck fishing, and according to Beck, he prefers to go to Canada to fish because they taste better than in America (as seen on the Slap).

Beck posted on The Slap that when he asked his dad what he wanted for Father's Day, he said he wanted him to break up with Jade because he was still mad about the whole rottweiler-attack thing that she and Tori caused.

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