Mr. Dickers
General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Height: 6' 3" (1.91 m)
Occupation(s): Vice Principal of Hollywood Arts High School
Family & Friends
Family: Parents
Enemies: Tori Vega
Jade West
Robbie Shapiro
Series Information
First appearance: The Breakfast Bunch
Last appearance: The Breakfast Bunch
Portrayed By: Rob Riggle

Mr. Dickers is the vice principal at Hollywood Arts High School. He appears in The Breakfast Bunch. He is in charge of detention when Tori and the gang ended up in detention. He is also very strict and constantly yells at the gang when they talk to him, even to apologize. He is portrayed by renowned comic actor Rob Riggle from The Hangover, Killers, The Other Guys, Step Brothers, The Lorax, The Call of Duty Elite commercials, and 21 Jump Street. His role is based on Richard Vernon (who is played by the "Late" Paul Gleason, who guest starred in an episode of Drake & Josh shortly before his death), the main antagonist in The Breakfast Club. He has a habit of shouting/yelling.


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