Mr. Busey
General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Gray
Family & Friends
Family: Parents
Series Information
First appearance: A Christmas Tori
Last appearance: A Christmas Tori
Portrayed By: Don Bondi

Mr. Busey is Tori's neighbor who likes hanging out in the bushes outside of the Vega's house. Mr. Vega told him that he wasn't allowed in their yard anymore, but in A Christmas Tori, Tori and Robbie spotted him out on the Vega's porch. When Tori told him he wasn't allowed to be there, he said "Aggggh!" He was seen going Christmas yodeling with Sikowitz, Larry Stein, and others at the end of A Christmas Tori.


  • He could be a possible reference to the TV actor, Gary Busey, considering his last name is "Busey," and he looks relatively similar to him.
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