Meredith is a girl that is only seen in Tori Fixes Beck and Jade.


She and Beck were in a play together two years prior to the events of Tori Fixes Beck and Jade, which André Harris wrote. Apparently, Meredith had always wanted Beck to come over to her house so they could "rehearse their lines" together, which made Jade very jealous. Two years later, during Jade and Beck's time away from each other, Meredith decided to ask out Beck, but he declined because he thought Jade would get angry if he did. Beck agreed to go out with her, but soon became annoyed by her since she agreed with everything Beck said. Beck broke up with Meredith and went back to Jade.


Meredith appears to be a nice person, but she seems willing to agree to whatever anyone tells her to do. Since her father owns a cupcake shop (Frank's Cupcakes), she is known to give cupcakes to everybody. Both actions might be her way of trying to get people to like her.

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