Mason Thornesmith
Large (4)
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 57
Hair Color: Gray
Occupation(s): Producer of the Platinum Music Awards
Family & Friends
Family: Francis Thornesmith (son)
Friends: Tori Vega
Cat Valentine
Series Information
First appearance: Tori Goes Platinum
Last appearance: Robbie Sells Rex (on-screen) The Bad Roommate (mentioned)
Portrayed By: Charles Shaughnessy

Mason Thornesmith is the producer of the Platinum Music Awards. He appears in the one-hour special Tori Goes Platinum and then later appears in the episode Robbie Sells Rex. He was mentioned by Tori in The Bad Roommate when she says she visited him and met Kojeezy at Neutronium Records. He is often viewed as a villain since he tried to completely change Tori's image and behavior so the public would like her, as well as introducing Cat to bibble. He has a son named Francis, who appears in the episode Robbie Sells Rex. Mason is portrayed by Charles Shaughnessy.


  • He tends to be picky & critical about the performances from Hollywood Arts. Like everyone else, he didn't like Trina's performance and said: "What have I ever done to deserve this torture?", and when he was watching Rex's performance he looked as though he was saying, "What the...?"
  • Mason is British, but his son Francis speaks in an American accent. Mason and his wife could have moved from Britain to America before Francis was born.
  • He claims he "never wanted to have kids".


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