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This article is about the real world.
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Matt and Daniella

Shipped Cast:

Daniella Monet and Matt Bennett


Close Friends

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Maniella is the real-life pairing of Matt Bennett and Daniella Monet (M/att and D/aniella).

Maniella should not be confused with Tribbie, the pairing of their characters. Matt and Daniella are close with each other.

Maniella Moments

  • In the fun facts Dan posted for the episode Stage Fighting Dan said that Matt and Daniella had to kiss multiple times and Matt would say "I'd be happy to do another take.".[1]
  • They hosted the iParty with Victorious Extended Edition together.
  • They went to Six Flags Magic Mountain to promote the Do Something Awards together and both tweeted about how excited they were to ride The Batman.
  • In this video, Matt, Daniella, and Ariana Grande perform "I Want You Back" with Keenan Cahill. At the end, they high-five each other and start to dance.
  • In a video posted on YouTube by DanWarp, Daniella rested her head on Matt's shoulder for a brief second.
  • Daniella said Matt is the class clown of the group.
  • When Popstar Magazine interviewed the Victorious cast, Daniella and Matt (as well as Leon) are seen sitting next to each other. You can view the interview here.
  • In a video with oceanUP, Matt, Daniella, and Leon did Matt made a joke that André and Trina both got to have a little romance in season 2, and all he did was wear a lot of new clothes, and then Daniella laughed and lightly touched Matt's arm. In the same interview, Matt tried to make a joke about Daniella making things complicated because she loves Avril Lavigne, but Daniella didn't get it. Then at the end of the video, Daniella asked Matt and Leon if they were excited for the new episode of Victorious and then she asked the camera if they were excited, and Matt said, "It's a computer Daniella, they can't hear you." Then Daniella said, "Stop! Leave me alone."
  • In the iCarly/Victorious video Random Debate!, Matt calls Daniella D-Mo.
  • In this video Matt and Daniella stand together. Matt grabbed Daniella and they were dancing when Dan said so.
  • Daniella tweeted "@MattBennett Happy Birthday buddayyyy!! Welcome to my club :P"
  • On the June 2012 video, Matt and Daniella go to the Roller Coaster together and seems like they are having a good time.


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