The gang sitting in Maestro's.

Maestro's (pronounced MY-stroes) is a fancy restaurant that is featured in The Great Ping Pong Scam.


Two years before the series, Cat Valentine was taken to Maestro's by her parents. She described to André Harris, Robbie Shapiro, Rex Powers, Jade West, and Beck Oliver that Maestro's has good steaks, lobster mashed potatoes, and classy live music. When Robbie states that they should go there, Cat tells him that the restaurant is expensive. Jade comes up with a plan to go there by going with Robbie's Ping Pong team since all the sports teams at Hollywood Arts High School are given a lot of money for the equipment. Erwin Sikowitz became their ping pong team's faculty advisor partly to experience the food at Maestro's and partly to use the money to buy a trophy to keep the superintendent from firing Principal Eikner.

Every year, the gang goes there with the money they had from the ping-pong team budget. It is revealed by Cat that the bill usually never goes over 700 dollars. Tori Vega learned the truth about the secret dining at Maestro's and kept quiet about it in exchange that Jade lets her join the "ping pong team".

When the gang was having supper there in their latest "Ping Pong Tournament" cover-up, Robbie unknowingly added 600 dollars worth of caviar to the bill, causing a minor conflict between the staff and Beck, Tori, Sikowitz, Cat, Robbie, Jade, and André. Tori saved them by performing the song "Tell Me that You Love Me" there, with André as the pianist as part of a way to solve the live music problem and the payment issue with the restaurant's proprietor Mr. Conrad and the manager Claude.

Mentionings on TheSlap

Robbie also made a TheSlap post about it. He said, "How come when Tori couldn't pay her bill at Maestro's, they let her sing it off, but when I can't pay mine, they make me work in the kitchen?"

Rex also posted about this. He said, "Eating Robbie's Maestro's leftovers for lunch. Mmmm. Lobster mashed potatoes. Beats a PB&J any day!"


  • Maestro is Spanish for male teacher. Sikowitz is a male teacher, and he went to Maestro's. The restaurant is possibly dedicated to male teachers, including Sikowitz.
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