Mabel and Wilson are little children of Lane's friend. Trina had to watch them for Lane while their parents went to a musical, but instead took them to André's party. Their only appearance is in iParty With Victorious, and it is unknown if they will ever appear again. The boy, Wilson, has curly brown hair and wears glasses and may need medication according to Lane. The girl, Mabel, wears pink and purple pajamas and is constantly begging, "Please, help us." Trina lets Cat watch them, but she gets distracted by Robbie and Rex rapping, so when Trina comes to retrieve them, they have escaped and all that is left was their backpacks with the attached leashes. They are then seen fully clothed in the jacuzzi with Spencer, Sikowitz, Jade, and Beck. Then, according to Lane, who found them, said that they fell asleep by a trash can.


  • Trina held them by a leash, similar to a dog's leash, and Jade says she thinks it's great.
  • Later, Trina left Cat in charge of babysitting them, because Trina knows Cat loves kids.
  • Trina mistakens Mabel's name with Vanessa.
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