General Information
Gender: Male
Occupation(s): Janitor at Hollywood Arts High School
Series Information
First appearance: The Worst Couple
Last appearance: The Worst Couple

Luther is one of the janitors at Hollywood Arts who appears once in the series in the episode The Worst Couple. He is buddies with Sinjin and often texts Sinjin whenever he finds 'weird chiz' in the garbage.

In The Worst Couple, Luther walks into the closet and picks up a wrench and some rope while Cat is passed out on the ground after Beck and Jade's argument. Lane walks in, shaking his head, saying "Oh Luther, why?", probably thinking that he knocked her out with the wrench and was planning to tie her up with the rope. Luther appears to have gotten out of the situation, as Cat was seen at Tori's house in the next scene and Luther appears at the end of the episode, holding the new PearPhone XT and declaring that he got the blue one, with unlimited texting.

Singit "Sing the next line!"
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