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Lori is the friendship pairing of Lane and Tori (L/ane and T/ori). This pairing will never become canon romantically because of the very large age difference and illegality of a potential romantic relationship. Tori seems to have the most appearances with Lane out of all of the main characters.

Lori Moments

Season 1


  • Lane is the first one to ask if anyone can take Trina's place to which André suggests Tori. Lane seems to have no problem with this even though Tori isn't a student at Hollywood Arts.
  • Lane pushes Tori onto the stage.
  • Lane agrees that Tori should attend Hollywood Arts.

Stage Fighting

  • Lane wants to help Tori out with her problem.
  • Lane is the first one to suggest that Tori might have accidentally hit Jade, because she was nervous, whereas everyone else seems to think she did it on purpose.
  • Lane punishes Tori with two weeks detention and having to clean up the Black Box Theater, even though Derek suggests that she gets a harsher punishment.
  • Tori seems very annoyed with Lane's stubborn insistence that she did hit Jade and refusal to listen to her side of the story.
  • After Lane gives Tori her punishment she doesn't argue with him, possibly to avoid prolonging a pointless discussion.
  • When Tori came into Lane's office he tells her she's not in trouble.
  • Given their interactions in "Who Did It to Trina?", it appears that this episode has led Lane to believe that Tori is dangerous.

Tori the Zombie

  • Lane helps Tori (as well as the rest of the cast) with the choreography.
  • Lane showed up to the opening night of Tori's play Uptown, Downtown.

The Great Ping Pong Scam

  • Tori seeks out Lane to help win her argument with Jade, even if she has to remind him that helping students is his job.
  • Lane sides with Tori in her argument with Jade.

Cat's New Boyfriend

  • Lane seems surprised that Tori would spray cheese on Cat and Daniel and asks her why she did it.
  • Tori gets very upset when Lane yells at her asking why she did it, maybe because she didn't like that he was mad at her.
  • Although Lane knows she did it, he doesn't take any action to punish her afterwards.

The Diddly-Bops

  • Lane brings his nephew over to get Tori (and Jade's) autograph.
  • Unlike Jade, Tori autographs Lane's nephew's book properly even though she didn't like being a Diddly Bop, possibly to please him.

The Wood

  • Lane tells the group (including Tori) about the reality show auditions.
  • Lane smiles and seems proud of Tori during her audition.
  • Lane pats Tori on the back when it is announced that she will be on the show.
  • Lane tells the directors of The Wood to stop filming when Jade and Tori are beating up Festus' car with golf clubs, later punishing both girls by making them wheel Festus home.

Season 2

Tori Gets Stuck

  • Lane tells Sikowitz that Tori is still at the hospital.
  • After Tori fainted Lane (and Cat) went to go help her up.

Who Did It to Trina?

  • Lane interviews Tori about the mishap. (Along with Jade, Cat, Robbie, André and Rex)
  • Lane defends Tori when Jade says "So now I'm a monster?", telling her to let her tell it as she remembers it.
  • Tori says that she thinks Lane is awesome, and also that Lane knows that she thinks that of him.
  • When it was revealed that Tori told her sister she was going to kill her, and when Sinjin said that she hit him in the jaw Lane looks at Tori angrily.

Tori Tortures Teacher

  • Lane is concerned about what Tori did to make Sikowitz so depressed.
  • Lane gives Tori advice on how to make Sikowitz happy again after she asks him what to do next.

Jade Gets Crushed

  • Lane gives Tori some of his onion cream lotion and tells her to taste it.
  • Tori liked the taste of Lane's lotion.
  • Tori hugs Lane tightly.
  • Lane lets Tori take just the Tech Theater Exam, even though she technically should have taken the class.
  • Lane informed Tori that she 100% on the exam, to her visible delight.

Season 3

Crazy Ponnie

  • Lane comes running (along with Sikowitz) when Tori calls for the cops. Hints

  • Tori was the second person to welcome Lane to TheSlap on his wall.
  • When Lane said that Pickle scented hand lotion was bad, Tori agreed that it sounded bad.
  • Tori: Guess who's new on TheSlap? It's Lane! We usually don't let faculty on here, but we make exceptions for the cool ones! (Mood: happy)


  • They're the only two characters who share the first names with their actors. Lane is portrayed by Lane Napper and Tori is a nickname for "Victoria", even if it has never been explicitly confirmed as Tori's first name. 


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