All songs listed below are referenced from the credits.

Season 1

Episode Song Title Artist
Pilot Make It Shine Victoria Justice
Hit It Jaye Watts
The Bird Scene Summer Sunn Service Group
Stage Fighting The Queen of White Lies The Orion Experience
Rip Me Up Girl Mike Geier
Crazy Spaceman
The Birthweek Song You're The Reason Victoria Justice
Twentysomething America Chase
Jade Dumps Beck Ha Ha Look At Me Now Deanna Lee
Too Much (More is the Cure) Ke$ha
Basic Instinct Mike Geier
Machines Adam Small
Tori the Zombie Finally Falling Victoria Justice and Cast
Adrianne The Orion Experience
Fire and Forget The Most
Ze Disco Boi and Discodiz Pfilbryte
Robarazzi All the Way Stiletto
Like Sexy Dynamite The Orion Experience
Don't Say No To Me Deanna Lee
Believe in the Dream The Most
Survival of the Hottest Seaside Service Group
Perfect Summer Mike Geier
Parade Mark Gaignard
Better Now Than Never Mike Geier & Deanna Lee
Secret Servants Service Group
It's Your Lucky Day Mike Geier & Deanna Lee
Curious Jason L. Mattia & Damian Fontana
Wi-Fi in the Sky Black & Bleach Further Down
Not My Problem Ke$ha
Uncensored Ke$ha
It All Looks Good To Me Fluid Ounces
I Love You, Goodbye Charlie Laurence
Give Up The Mest
Beck's Big Break Permanent Midnite Saucy Monkey
One More Day Michelle Lynn Hemmer
The Great Ping Pong Scam Tell Me That You Love Me Victoria Justice and Leon Thomas lll
Brand New Day Spaceman
Feelin' It Mike Geier & Brad Urba
CMEM Service Group
Extreme Avi Dutchfort
Cat's New Boyfriend Unreachable Niki Watkins
Kiss Kiss Hug Hug Ke$ha
Freak the Freak Out Number One (a.k.a. My World) Jillian Clare & Jamie Snow
Give It Up Elizabeth Gillies & Ariana Grande
Forever Baby Matt Bennett
I'm In Love (Hate Me Love Me) Jillian Clare & Jamie Snow
Freak the Freak Out Victoria Justice
Number One (a.k.a. My World) Eric Lange
Rex Dies Forever Baby Michael Corcoran
Spellbound Kari Kimmel
The Diddly-Bops Waggafuffles Song
(NOTE: Credited as "Waggamuffins Song")
Ariana Grande
Nose Song André Harris
Broken Glass Matt Bennett
Favorite Food Victoria Justice, Leon Thomas lll, Matt Bennett, Avan Jogia, Elizabeth Gillies & Ariana Grande
Song2You Leon Thomas lll & Victoria Justice
Diggin' a Hole to China The Baby Grands
Parade Mark Gainard & The Also Ran
Wild Spaceman
Wok Star The Joke Is On You
(NOTE: This song was played in iCarly, another Schneider show)
Niki Watkins
The Wood Former Overexposed Blonde Ke$ha
A Film by Dale Squires Oh, Well J. Price
Perfect Sunshine Mike Geier
Rare Meredith Lockwood
While You're Here Ali Handal
Sleepover at Sikowitz's Disco Ball Saucy Monkey

Season 2

Episode Song Title Artist
Beggin' on Your Knees Beggin' on Your Knees Victoria Justice
Okay Victoria Justice, Ryan Rottman
Beck Falls for Tori Everytime We Touch Cascada
Ice Cream for Ke$ha Blow Ke$ha
I've Been Waiting
(NOTE: This song was played in iCarly, another Schneider show)
Jennifer McNutt
Tori Gets Stuck The Captain is She Victoria Justice
Prom Wrecker Best Friend's Brother Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande and Leon Thomas lll
DUI Ke$ha
Locked Up All I Want Is Everything Victoria Justice, Elizabeth Gillies, Ariana Grande and Leon Thomas lll
I Want You Back Victoria Justice, Elizabeth Gillies, Ariana Grande, Avan Jogia, Matt Bennett and Leon Thomas lll
Helen Back Again Cat's Broadway Song Ariana Grande
You Haven't Seen the Best of Me Daniella Monet
Make It Shine (Remix) Victoria Justice, Leon Thomas lll
Jade Gets Crushed 365 Days Leon Thomas lll, Victoria Justice
Okay Elizabeth Gillies, Leon Thomas lll

Season 3

Episode Song Title Artist
A Christmas Tori It's Not Christmas Without You Victoria Justice, Elizabeth Gillies, Ariana Grande
It's Christmas Bojanic / Hooper / Page / Marr
The Breakfast Bunch Don't You (Forget About Me) Victoria Justice, Elizabeth Gillies, Ariana Grande, Leon Thomas lll
All In This Together Niki Watkins
Run Run Away Michael Corcoran
The Gorilla Club Crash Test Addiction Level One Music
Rave Level One Music
Crystal Jason Liebman
Instrumental Secondhand
The Worst Couple Too Much (More is the Cure) Ke$ha
André's Horrible Girl Countdown Victoria Justice, Leon Thomas lll
Car, Rain & Fire Burnt Side Down Further Down
Target Pi
V Rock Level One Music
That's Gotta Hurt Avi Dutchfort
Tori & Jade's Play Date Take A Hint Victoria Justice, Elizabeth Gillies
Grandma's Pee Ariana Grande, Matt Bennett
Go Kart Ariana GrandeMatt Bennett
Randy Bronson (used in the credits) Ariana GrandeMatt Bennett
You're Staying Home Tonight Ariana GrandeMatt Bennett
It's Up To Me Ali Handal
All The Way Stiletto
Jump In, Strap Up Stiletto
April Fools Blank Shut Up N' Dance Victoria Justice, Elizabeth Gillies, Ariana Grande, Leon Thomas lll, Matt Bennett, Daniella Monet, Avan Jogia
Shooting Star Trish Thuy Trang
Driving Tori Crazy Five Fingaz To the Face Victoria Justice, Leon Thomas lll, Matt Bennett, Elizabeth Gillies, Ariana Grande, Daniella Monet, Avan Jogia
Secret Servants Service Group
Everyone Knows Madame Michelle
Breakthru Celica Westbrook
Devil's Speed Beast
Tori Goes Platinum Make It In America Victoria Justice
Cheer Me Up Victoria Justice
Say It Once Daniella Monet
Broken Glass Matt Bennett
I'm A Fool Ariana Grande
Give It Up Jamie Snow
Emotions Ariana Grande
Okay Elizabeth Gillies
Aquarius Leon Thomas lll
Five Fingaz to the Face Darsan Jordean Solomon
Forever Baby Rex
Crazy Ponnie It's Your Lucky Day Shannon Gray
The Blonde Squad I Think You're Swell Matt Bennett
We're Right Here Niki Watkins
That Kind Of Love Level One Music

Season 4

Episode Song Title Artist
The Hambone King Jump In Strap Up Stiletto
I Can Just Imagine Zack Sofine
I Think You're Swell (Used in the credits) Matt Bennett
Opposite Date Masquerade Chris Tasara
City Of Angels Fiona Kernaghan  
Something I Can't Hide Secondhand
Better Now Than Never Mike Geier, Deanna Lee
Be Yourself Jennifer McNutt
To Cure The Lonely Floud Ounces
Three Girls And A Moose LA Boyz Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande
Feelin' It Mike Geier
Styrofoam Ke$ha
Wasted Jason Liebman
This Love Tonight Imperial Z
Cell Block Run Forever Stiletto
Tori Fixes Beck and Jade You Don't Know Me Elizabeth Gillies
Better Now Than Never Mike Geier, Deanna Hoang
Saint Valentine Spaceman
One Thousand Berry Balls Here's 2 Us Victoria Justice, Leon Thomas lll
Everyone Knows Madame Michelle
Whole Night To Party Deanna Dellacioppa
Shooting Star Trish Trang
It's Gonna Get Crazy Mike Geier, Deanna Lee
Wait The Benjy Davis Project
La Cliche Deana Lee, Mike Geier
This Is Your Show Deanna Lee
Robbie Sells Rex All I Wanted To Say Service Group
Goodnight Mike Geier
The Bad Roommate Faster Than Boyz Victoria Justice, Leon Thomas lll
After Everyone Jennifer McNutt
Fall For It Teaneck
Brain Squeezers Robodani Adam Small
The Slap Fight 214 Benjy Davis Project
Hit Or Miss Further Down
Star Spangled Tori Star-Spangled Banner Victoria Justice
Bad Boys Victoria Justice
Victori-Yes Sunshine Tori Horgan
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