Leave It All To Shine

Performed by

Casts of iCarly & Victorious feat. Miranda Cosgrove, Victoria Justice, & Kenan Thompson (episode only)


iParty with Victorious

Leave It All To Shine is a song featured in the iCarly and Victorious crossover iParty with Victorious. This song is a mash-up of their respective theme songs, Leave it All To Me and Make It Shine. It is sung by the every member of the primary casts of both shows and Kenan Thompson (episode only), who hosted the party at which the song was sung. It was written by Dan Schneider, Lukasz Gottwald and Michael Corcoran.

In the Show

During iParty With Victorious, Tori is shocked to find out that Steven Carson is also dating Carly Shay, the host of iCarly. After successfully exposing Steven, Tori alongside Carly and their respective friend groups help celebrate their success by combining their theme songs into a successful performance.


I know you see
Somehow the world will change for me
And be so wonderful

Here I am, once again.
Feeling lost, but now and then

Carly (and Sam):
Live life, breathe air
(I know somehow we're gonna get there and feel so wonderful)

Tori (and Jade):
When you figure out how,
You're lost in the moment you (disappear)

Carly, Freddie, Sam and Spencer:
It's all for real

Carly and Tori (Kenan in the episode version):
I'm telling you just how I feel!

Tori with Cat and Jade:
You don't have to be afraid to put your dreams in action,
You're never gonna fade,
You'll be the main attraction.

Carly (with Beck and Robbie):
Wake up the members of my nation,
(it's your time to be)

Tori (Freddie and Spencer):
Not a fantasy (Not a fantasy)
(with Carly: Just remember me) (just remember me.)

Tori and Carly (Andre, Sam, and Trina):
When it turns out right (When it turns out right!)

Carly (with Freddie, Gibby and Spencer):
'Cause there's no chance unless you take one!
(And the time to see)

Tori (with Sam and Trina):
Now if you live in your imagination
(Tomorrow you'll be everybody's fascination)

Carly and Cat with André:
See the brighter side of every situation.

Tori (and Carly):
In my victory. (Jade: in my victory)
(Just remember me)
When I make it shine.

Carly (and Cat):
Leave it all to me (André: Leave it all to me)
(Leave it all to me)

When I make it shine...

Leave it all to me!

Jade with Sam:
When you live in your imagination

Leave it all the me!

When I make it shine...

Carly with iCarly Cast (Victorious Cast):
Leave it! (Make it!)
Leave it! (Make it!)
Leave it! (Make it!)
Leave it!

Carly with iCarly Cast (Cat):
(Ooh!) All to me!

When I make it shine

Just leave it all to me!




Episode iCarly Season iCarly Airdate
iCarly season 4 iCarly episode 12-13
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