Larry Stein
General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Grey
Occupation(s): Cotton Candy Salesman
Family & Friends
Family: Parents
Friends: Cat Valentine (although he isn't fond of her), Robbie Shapiro (possibly)
Series Information
First appearance: A Christmas Tori
Last appearance: A Christmas Tori

Larry Stein is the cotton candy man who appears in A Christmas Tori. He appears to be the man who runs the cotton candy machine which Robbie got for Cat as her secret Santa.

Though Larry is a candy man and, as Tori mentioned in her photo gallery, should be cheery, he is very cranky and can be mean. When making cotton candy for Cat, he told her to "stick your stupid arm in there" while gesturing to the candy machine. When Cat pretended it was hurting her, he seemed surprised and even concerned, but when she announced she was kidding, Larry had an annoyed expression and gave a sarcastic laugh. Cat does not seem to mind this though; she posted about him on her TheSlap page. The conversation goes like this:

  • Cat: If anyone wants FREE cotton candy, come see me! Larry the Candyman will be happy to make cotton candy for everyone!
  • Tori: Larry didn't seem that happy last time I saw him.
  • Robbie: Yeah, he had a murderous look in his eye...
  • Cat: Oh that's just how he is. Classic Larry!


  • Larry was seen yodeling with Sikowitz at the end of the episode.
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