Lane Alexander
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: N/A
Occupation(s): Guidance Counselor
Family & Friends
Friends: Tori Vega, Robbie Shapiro, André Harris, Cat Valentine, Jade West, Beck Oliver, and Erwin Sikowitz
Other Information
Education: Hollywood Arts
Series Information
First appearance: Pilot
Last appearance: One Thousand Berry Balls
Portrayed By: Lane Napper

Lane Alexander is the school guidance counselor at Hollywood Arts High School. Lane is a good guidance counselor, as he is seen often helping students with their problems and resolving their arguments, although he did question the students coming to him for help in The Great Ping Pong Scam. He is usually the one making the big announcements at school. He hates dry skin and can be seen in his office frequently applying lotion on his hands, which most fans call an obsession. Lane is the one who made the producers of The Wood leave because he thought it was becoming an issue with the students and disrupting the learning environment. Lane is often seen being very reluctant to help out the students most of the time as seen in an extended scene from Tori and Jade's Playdate when he wanted Cat and Robbie to tell a student that he was expelled from school.

Lane is portrayed by Lane Napper. He has an account on TheSlap, which is where his last name was revealed.


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    Lane Napper, who plays Lane (same name), is no stranger to Dan Schneider shows. He was seen in the iCarly episode iWas a Pageant Girl, as Sam's dance teacher Ernie and Drake & Josh in a deleted scene from Really Big Shrimp. Towards the end of Really Big Shrimp, he is seen dancing with Megan. He also appeared as the host of the Academic Bowl that Drake participated in during the episode Smart Girl.
  • He has the same name as himself in real life. His name is Lane Napper.
  • He is in the "Lotion of the Month Club."
  • He makes cookies with extra gluten as mentioned in Beck's Big Break and happily allows Robbie to eat it after standing up to Rex... before Robbie revealed that he was allergic to gluten.
  • According to André in a picture on TheSlap, he loves using excessive amounts of hand lotion, which he sprayed on Robbie and Trina in The Wood. He also uses many different scents, including bacon, pickle, cookies and cream, and sour cream and onion potato chip.
  • Lane has a young nephew named Devin, as seen in The Diddly-Bops.
  • Robbie's original name was supposed to be Lane before the production began.
  • Lane is the 2nd faculty member to get an account on TheSlap.
  • He has a black PearPhone, as seen in Tori Gets Stuck.
  • According to The Bird Scene, Lane's office is repeatedly inhabited by a squirrel that he has Robbie and André remove with nuts and a net.
  • The only one who has yet to have any type of interaction with Lane is Beck.
  • He reveals on TheSlap that he has a brother who is a chiropractor that he hasn't spoken to in years.
  • He originally wanted to be a Guy Dance Counselor or a weatherman.
  • He drives a convertible, according to TheSlap.
  • He appeared in 10 Season One episodes, 6 episodes in Season 2 (including the iCarly crossover, which is, in fact, only an episode of iCarly, but is in Victorious' Season 2 time-frame), 4 episodes in Season Three, and just one episode of Season Four.
  • In Stage Fighting, he thought Tori might be dangerous.
  • Lane doesn't like to be sassed, as shown in One Thousand Berry Balls after Robbie jokingly questions him. He later said that sassing is "strictly prohibited" on TheSlap.

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