General Information
Gender: Male
Occupation(s): Nozu Employee
Security Guard
Series Information
First appearance: How Trina Got In
Last appearance: The Hambone King
Portrayed By: Née Léau

Kwakoo is one of the workers at the Japanese restaurant, Nozu. Aside from regular restaurant work, Mrs.Lee also uses Kwakoo as an enforcer as he's very good at catching customers trying to sneak out of the restaurant without paying. His first appearance was How Trina Got In. He, Robbie, and Tori had to chop some squid because Robbie and Tori couldn't pay the bill. When Robbie accidentally breaks a pile of dishes, he had to massage Kwakoo's feet. He appeared again in The Hambone King when he asked Robbie for his autograph.

He is portrayed by Née Léau.


  • According to the Squid Chopping Song, Kwakoo thinks he disappoints his father.
  • He has a mole shaped like Texas on his arm.
  • It is confirmed on TheSlap that he is not Japanese, and Trina wonders if he may be a "sushi imposter."
  • He has his own game on TheSlap called "Kwakoo's Sushi Tower."


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