Kreploch is a doorman who works at the hotel owned by Sgrodis and appears in the episode "Locked Up!" He was captured and arrested by the Yerbanian soldiers.


Kreploch was introduced to Tori Vega and her friends by Sgrodis. After Tori greets Kreploch, he was captured and arrested by Yerbanian soldiers. At night, he escaped from the Yerbanian soldiers and jumped into the hotel room from the window. He was captured again by Yerbanian soldiers, which scared Tori and her friends. It was unknown what crime he committed. However, it is suggested that Kreploch was part of the rebels, who were fighting against a dictatorship in Yerba because Tori mentions that Sgrodis said to her that a hotel swimming pool was filled with ammunitions, and Robbie and Trina told Tori that they saw a grenade in a toilet and a foreign man in the closet. This suggests that Kreploch, who was probably working for rebels, hid all the weapons in the hotel, to which Sgrodis found a swimming pool filled with ammunitions. Kreploch also probably tied a foreign man in the closet, who was probably part of the dictatorial regime. After Kreploch was arrested, the screams in the prison that Tori and her friends were at, was probably the screams from Kreploch, being tortured, which is implied that the Yerbanian soldiers are interrogating him.

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