General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 67
Hair Color: Black
Occupation(s): Co-writing Music, Evaluating Music
Family & Friends
Friends: Mason Thornesmith
Series Information
First appearance: The Bad Roommate
Last appearance: The Bad Roommate
Portrayed By: Kool Kojak

Kojeezy is a songwriter and a producer. He is the guy who evaluated André and Tori on their performance of Faster Than Boyz in The Bad Roommate. He is mistakenly believed to be played by Eric Lange. He is played by Kool Kojak.



  • Kojeezy has this test called the Baby test where he bring in a baby and told the singer(s) that if the baby smiles while he hears the song, he'll buy it but if the baby cries then he reject the song.
    • After Tori and Andre played their a bit of their song, the baby started to cry and Kojeezy rejected the song, which also caused Tori to cry and said she hated the baby and Andre added "Babies are Stupid".
  • It seems that nearly anyone who plays their song to Kojeezy almost never get their song bought due to the baby crying.
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