Karaoke Dokie
General Information
Description Restaurant, Karaoke Place
Owner(s) Joey Ferguson
Tori Freaks the Freak Out

Karaoke Dokie is a karaoke bar featured in the episodes Freak the Freak Out and Three Girls and a Moose. It is owned by Joey Ferguson, father of Hayley Ferguson, and is located in Los Feliz. The Karaoke Dokie singing competition is rigged, as Mr. Ferguson only chooses his daughter and her best friend, Tara Ganz, to win. Rex and Robbie sang Forever Baby, Jade and Cat sang Give It Up, and Hayley and her friend, Tara sang Number One by Ginger Fox. After they lost to Hayley and Tara, Cat and Jade complained about the unfair judging and get banned from singing there ever again. As revenge, the two recruit Tori to trick Hayley and Tara by going to the club in the guise of Louise Nordoff and being challenged to a sing-off. She sang Freak the Freak Out while taking off her hideous costume. Tori won the competition and Hayley and Tara had to take care of Trina, while the gang watched Sikowitz sing his own redition of "Number One."

In Three Girls And A Moose, André, Robbie, and Beck plan a benefit at Karaoke Dokie for Tinkle Aid banning the girls from taking part as a result of their obsession with Moose. When the benefit starts, Tori and Cat crash it and perform LA Boyz as a way of apologizing for their behaviour before Beck notices that Jade and Moose are absent.

Known Menu Items

  • Buffalo Nuggets
  • Slider Burgers
  • Nachos


  • Beck repeatedly asked if they were getting buffalo nuggets, and André refused to leave until they finished the food, implying that the food must be very good.
  • It should be noted that the term "Karaoke Dokie" would mean "Karaoke" was pronounced "Carry-okey." In fact, the word is pronounced "Kara-okay."
    • The name, "Karaoke Dokie" is a play on the phrase "okie dokie."
  • In Freak the Freak Out, Jade and Cat were banned from performing at the club but Cat was able to perform with Tori again later on. It is possible Tori got the ban removed for Cat and Jade when she won.
  • Both times Tori performed, she brought the house down.
  • In Three Girls And A Moose, it is shown on the sign that it is a club for 18 and under.
  • Until Three Girls And A Moose, Trina was the only main character to not have a scene in the club.

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