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ToriJade TheWood
General Information
Shipped Characters Jade West and Tori Vega
Length of Relationship 2010-present
Status Frenemies
Rivals Bade

"Kissing my friend's ex boyfriend, I can't do that to a friend."
Tori about Jade in Tori Goes Platinum.

Jori is the pairing of Jade West and Tori Vega (J/ade and T/ori). Another term for the pairing, though less commonly used, is Tade (T/ori and J/ade). Although they appear to be enemies, Tori and Jade seem to be developing a good friendship as the series goes on.

Jade enjoys making Tori suffer and likes to


get a reaction from her, while at the same time she will also run to her for help and comfort, such as in Jade Dumps Beck. Many of their intereactions, imply that Jade is incredibly jealous of Tori's talent and charisma as well as how well liked she is by everyone.

There is also a Jori Wiki for Jori fans to expand information about the pairing. There are wikis for most pairings/ships.


The first major Jori moment is seen in Wok Star when Jade hugs Tori for the very first time. It is very clear that Jade prefers Tori over her sister Trina. Jade also gave Tori the idea for André's present in A Christmas Tori, thus helping André get an A for his assignment and giving Tori the limelight.

They finally become actual friends in Tori Goes Platinum, where they both refer to each other as friends. In Driving Tori Crazy, Jade offers Tori a ride to school, but acts really creepy. While riding to school, Tori grows more nervous because Jade has them riding through the desert with a shovel in the back seat and they are out of cell phone range. When Jade starts humming in a creepy fashion, Tori jumps out and decides to walk. Jade then looks back at the shovel and says "next time", hinting that she really intended to kill/bury Tori.

Although it is unlikely they would end up together, it is possible. Dan Schneider has often made characters of a love-hate relationship go out together (e.g. Sam and Freddie from iCarly, Logan and Quinn from Zoey 101). However, seeing as Victorious is a kids show, a same-sex couple is unlikely. Nonetheless, despite a slow start, Jori quickly became one of the, if not the, most popular of ships. 

See Elitoria for the real-life pairing of the actresses who portray Tori and Jade, Victoria Justice and Elizabeth Gillies.

Jori Moments

Season 1


Jori pilot
  • Jade continues to look hostile at Tori, even when Beck kisses her on the cheek.
  • Jade dumps iced coffee on Tori's head during improv class to get back at her for "flirting" with Beck, and this is what starts their rivalry.
  • Jade makes suggestive facial expressions when she picks Tori for her improv group.
  • When Tori enters late the next day, Jade is immediately aware and straightens in her seat.
  • Jade is surprised that Tori decided to stay at Hollywood Arts.
  • When Jade called Tori annoying during the Alphabet Improv, Tori doesn't get offended or comment to it. She just glances at her.
  • They go back and forth during the scene. It is just the two of them for a while as Beck was lying on the ground being "unconscious."
  • Tori manages to push Jade hard enough to make her mess up in the game of Alphabet Improv.
  • Tori kisses Beck to make Jade angry. This starts their game of arguing back and forth that goes on for the majority of the series.
  • Jade does not try to physically harm Tori for kissing her boyfriend (as she has either attempted to or threatened to do multiple times later in the series).

The Bird Scene

  • Jade is seen hanging around Tori although she claims to dislike her and says, "I'm not your friend," in a joyous voice.
  • Jade also is the first to write on Tori's dry erase board on her locker although she writes the word "STUPID" in red ink where it would say "Tori's STUPID Locker."
  • Jade looks on happily and sometimes irately at Tori's Bird Scene.
  • Jade claps for Tori after she passes the Bird Scene.
  • Jade glares at Beck when he invites Tori to come with them to get food.
  • Jade looked pleased when Tori fails the Bird Scene multiple times.
  • Jade has a surprised look on her face when Tori expresses her work and passes the bird scene.
  • Jade says that Tori's locker is dull.

Stage Fighting

A film by dale squires
  • Jade smirks and raises her eyebrows at Tori when they get paired for the fight scene.
  • Jade seems to be happy being paired with Tori for their scene.
  • Jade walks up to Tori saying she can't wait for their "fight" scene.
  • Tori tells her teacher that she is "not comfortable" with having Jade as her partner.
  • When Jade practices with Tori for their stage fight, she never tries to hurt her when they rehearse, probably because she wants Tori to be nervous so it would seem like she hit Jade for real.
  • Instead of hurting Tori and making it look like an accident, Jade pretends that Tori hit her.
  • When Tori yells, "Butternut!", Jade looks angry that Tori didn't trust her.
  • Tori tries to help Jade by getting a chair for her. Unfortunately, it's a break-away chair.
  • Tori admits that she didn't hit Jade.
  • Tori doesn't turn Jade in when André tells her the truth about what happened even though she received two weeks of punishment and had to clean up the Blackbox Theater after a staged food fight, proving she is a good friend (or just doesn't want to get on Jade's bad side).
  • Jade visits Tori after she learns that Tori is serving her punishment.
  • When Tori refuses to get Jade in trouble and Jade learns that she got off the hook, Tori reveals that she doesn't want to fight with her through all of high school.
  • Jade doesn't get why Tori is being nice when she's only tried to sabotage her, and Tori suggests she be nice for a change.
    Tumblr m24l7kFpex1qg06mco4 250
  • Jade decides to help Tori clean up the mess, and she makes it a fun experience with music and dancing. She manages to convince Tori to make a break for it, leaving the work for the security guard.
  • They leave the scene together while dancing.

The Birthweek Song

  • Tori accepts Jade's coffee, then learns she found it in the garbage. Tori doesn't tell Trina about this when she decides to take it from her (although Tori was quite mad at Trina). This shows Tori and Jade are more alike than they would like to admit.
  • Jade indirectly helps Tori do something bad to Trina with Trina realizing it: Jade gives Tori garbage coffee, then Tori gives it to Trina.
  • When Trina says, "Hi Tori's friend!", Jade says, "Yeah, I'm not really her friend," and walks away.

Jade Dumps Beck

Jori JadeDumpsBeck

Jade comes to Tori for advice.

  • Jade goes to Tori to help her get Beck back, not someone else like Cat, who many people consider her best friend (though this is understandable, since Cat is easily distracted and probably wouldn't have been much help, and Ariana is absent in this episode).
  • Tori is interested in how Jade reacted to the picture of Beck and Alyssa Vaughn. Tori knows that Jade wouldn't be okay with it and seems to defend Jade when she talks to Beck about it.
  • Jade tells Beck that he can only be friends with ugly girls, and she doesn't want Beck to be friends with Tori. This could imply that she thinks Tori is pretty.
    2012-08-22 21.39.18
  • Jade says she cares about what Tori thinks, and makes her stay through her agruement with Beck.
  • Tori seems genuinely concerned when Jade breaks up with Beck, trying to convince him she didn't really break up with him.
  • Jade shows interest in Tori's opinion when she agrees with her and puts her arm around her. When Tori implies that Beck has a point, Jade tells her to leave. Despite this, Tori feels that Jade is more justified in the argument than Beck does.
  • Jade and Tori have similar opinions on the way a boyfriend should behave.
  • Tori doesn't want Jade to break up with Beck, a sign that she may not like Beck as more than a friend.
  • Tori knows what Jade means when she says "you know what."

    Jade at Tori's house

  • Tori and Jade share a lot of body contact during the fight between Beck and Jade, something Jade usually allows only with Beck (and occasionally Cat.)
  • When Tori sees Jade sitting by herself at lunch, she and Andre go over to sit with her.
  • Tori conceals her excitement of seeing Alyssa Vaughn to avoid angering Jade. She also gets mad and stops Andre from expressing how much he thinks Alyssa is hot.
  • Tori suppresses her thoughts about Alyssa Vaughn in order to side with Jade, saying, "Nothing... she's gross!" She gives Andre a look when he talks about how hot he thinks Alyssa is.
  • Jade comes to Tori for help. She almost uses the broken kite as a metaphor for her love life.
  • Tori offered to fix the broken kite that Jade found on the way to her house.
  • Jade admits that she might be Tori's friend if she helped her get Beck back.
  • Jade shows vulnerability to Tori. The only other time she's shown to be vulnerable to anyone; however, Beck was in Survival of the Hottest.
  • Tori helps Jade even if they aren't friends.
  • Tori isn't mad at Jade for messing up her pillow.
  • Jade is the first to learn that Tori's grandmother is deceased.
  • Jade even looks a little upset that she just messed up Tori's deceased grandmother's pillow.
  • When Tori goes and asks Beck to get back together with Jade. He asks Tori "why?" and she says Jade is "awesome" hesitantly. Implying that she thinks Jade is awesome.
  • Tori is upset when she thinks Jade called her a dog, which could be a reference to the episode Pilot.
  • Tori smirks when she gets the dog to blow his nose, to which Jade raises impressed eyebrows.
  • Jade says she owes Tori; we have yet to see what Jade has done to exchange the favor.
  • Jade makes Tori walk home, and Tori takes great offense to this.
  • Tori is upset that Jade would rather kiss Beck than bring her home.
  • Tori isn't too upset that Jade got her makeup on her cushion made by her dead grandma.
  • When Bade is kissing after getting back together, Tori is smiling, since she is real happy for both of them and Jade isn't really upset anymore.
  • Tori is upset after Jade tells her she can walk home since she probably expected her to give her a ride.

Tori the Zombie

  • Jade looks on during Tori's performance in rehearsals of the play.
  • In a play, Jade is a supporting character of Tori's main role, and seems to be one of Tori's character's friends.
  • Jade tries to take over Tori's part when they could not remove the makeup, implying that they are still rivals. It may also imply that Jade is jealous that Beck's character loves Tori's character.
  • After the show, Jade is hanging around Tori and not Beck despite not being friends with her.
  • While Sofia talks to the cast, Jade and Tori are in close vicinity to one another.
  • After Sinjin turns on the disco music and tells everyone, "Don't fight it!", Tori and Jade both shrug and dance to the music.


  • Tori looks at Jade when Cat talks about the "tree face."
  • Jade sarcastically says "Why?" to Robbie, and Tori repeats the same thing to Robbie.
  • Jade does not react when Beck tries to touch Tori's pimple.
  • Jade is annoyed when Robbie accuses Tori of freaking out, showing she cares about Tori or maybe she thought it was her job.Jade probably would have wanted Tori to do the same for her if the situation were reversed.
  • Jade blames Tori for Robarazzi and tells her everyone is looking at her pimple.
  • Jade calls Tori to tell her to check out Robarazzi. Apparently she's really upset. This is another sign of Jade showing vulnerability to Tori.
  • Jade's number is blocked on Tori's phone; however, Tori unblocks it after Jade calls.
  • Jade somehow knows Tori's number without Tori's knowledge, since she is surprised that Jade calls her.
  • Jade and Tori both take pictures of Robbie wearing nothing but a towel.
  • Jade asks Tori about her pit cream, to which Tori replies, "Never speak of it!" Jade later uses this line to Cat in Survival of the Hottest.
  • Tori tells Jade she doesn't have to be mean to everybody and Jade stops talking.
  • Jade backs up Tori when the Robarazzi people start yelling at them.
  • Tori gets on TheSlap as soon as Jade tells her to.
  • After watching the video, Tori lets out a big sigh, feeling bad for Jade.
  • When Tori worriedly asks, "Where are they?", Jade answers, "Patience," trying to calm Tori down.
  • When the two girls hear André and Beck run towards them, Jade happily puts her hand on Tori's arm and tells her to turn on the video camera.
  • Jade is the first to answer Tori's question about giving Robbie his clothes back.
  • When Jade gets upset about the video posted of her and Beck, she wants Tori to see it. Tori reacts with anger when she sees it, implying she cares about what the Robarazzis did to Jade.
  • When Robbie writes that Tori is freaking out on the whiteboard she seems mad and annoyed.

Survival of the Hottest

  • While Tori touches Jade all over to see if she's sweating, Jade sarcastically smiles.

    Tori feeling Jade's non-sweating skin.

  • Tori gets awfully close to Jade's chest before Jade interrupts, saying, "Having fun there?".
  • Jade is the only one who answers to Tori when she says, "Wait! I forgot!"
  • Jade is beside Tori when trying to get air from Tori's tiny fan.
  • Jade stares at Tori in shock after she gets in a fight wih Trina.
  • Jade runs over to Tori when she she holds up a bottle of water she found from Trina's bag.
  • Jade agrees with Tori that Trina shouldn't get any of the water as they share the last drop.
  • Jade corrects Tori when she says thank you Catherine obvious.
  • Jade tells Tori that she would love if her sweat built up inside of her and she exploded.
  • Tori and Jade both yell at Beck to push harder on the door to the RV.
  • Tori sits next to Jade at the lunch table in the beginning, with no complaints from Jade.
  • When Jade is insulting Trina, it shows she likes Tori more than her.
  • Jade and Tori didn't fight at all throughout the episode, which is a first.
  • Tori seems fascinated that Jade never sweats. Saying it's impossible for someone to not be able to sweat.

Wi-Fi in the Sky


Jade joins the video chat with Tori, André, Cat, and Beck

  • Jade enters Tori's video chat just to talk to Beck.
  • When Jade comes over to Beck's house while Tori and Beck are video chatting, Jade shuts off Beck's video camera because Tori is in their argument, but she just needs Beck.
  • Tori is concerned because Beck has a neighbor who's a cheerleader.
  • Tori and Jade are both enraged that Sinjin is in Jade's house.
  • Tori seemed a lot more concerned than Beck that there was a creeper in Jade's house.
  • Tori teases Jade after Ally leaves, saying, "Wow Jade. Looks like you've got some competition there." in a sarcastic voice. Jade doesn't respond to this.
  • Tori seemed upset after Jade yelled at her to stay out of her conversation with Beck.

Beck's Big Break

  • Jade smiles at Tori after taking her pickle during lunch.
  • Tori and Jade sit next to each other 2 times in the episode. Once,after Tori and Andre come over after getting their lunch and Second after Beck and Jade come over after taking their lunch.
  • Jade tries to stop Tori from correcting Melinda Murray, maybe because she doesn't want her to get in trouble. (She whisper-yells at Tori to sit down)
  • Tori tries extensively hard to get Beck his job back, but only after Jade gets mad at her for it, maybe because she wants to impress her, not Beck.
  • Jade has Beck and Tori stop hugging, but she might not be doing it for Beck, but for Tori.
  • Tori looks guilty at the thought of Jade thinking she and Beck were hugging in a romantic way, implying that she doesn't have feelings for him like that and that she doesn't want Jade to think that she likes him.

The Great Ping Pong Scam

Jori TheGreatPingPongScam

Tori is shocked when Jade rejects her.

  • Tori wants to join Jade's ping pong team.
  • Tori repeatedly calls out Jade's name and poke her on the back of her shoulder to catch her attention.
  • When Tori won the battle of whether she could try out for Ping Pong Club or not, she says, "Read the phone Jade. Reeeaaad the phonnne."
  • Jade then steals this bit to which Tori claims ownership of.
  • Tori angrily leaves the game room after Jade rejects her from being on the team.
  • Tori posts a Slap status update that Jade's dress feels warm.
  • Jade reluctantly agrees that Tori should know more about the secret ping pong team.
  • Jade does not want Tori to join the team. (Perhaps because she doesn't trust Tori to keep the secret of what they're really doing).
  • Jade looks depressed and upset that Tori is good at ping pong and is impressed.
  • Tori asks Jade for her dress, when she could've asked Cat. But Cat's dress is probably too small for her (while Jade's would be too large but Tori at least manages to fit into it).
  • After Tori infiltrates the fake ping pong practice, Jade asks Tori if she's going to turn them in. Tori says she won't if she can be on the team.
  • Jade lends Tori her dress so Tori can perform.
  • Tori touches Jade's shoulder slightly when she performs "Tell Me That You Love Me."
  • While Tori smiles at everyone else in the group during her song, her face morphs into visible disgust when she reaches Jade.
  • Jade claps for Tori when she finishes her song "Tell Me That You Love Me."
  • Jade "forgets" to remind Tori to dress nicely for dinner.
  • Tori grabs Jade's arm when she waves her phone in her face.
  • After the gang found out the bill for their dinner cost $1,300.00, Jade immediately blames Tori because she thinks having her with them for dinner has increase the bill.
  • Jade is upset after she underestimates Tori who ends up beating everyone to earn a spot on the team.

Cat's New Boyfriend

  • Jade goes with Beck to look for Tori when she escaped after spraying cheese on Cat and Daniel.
  • Tori is annoyed at Jade when she creates drama between her Cat and Daniel by saying Tori and Daniel were "good" friends.
  • Jade explains to Tori why Cat is angry with her.
  • Jade mocks Tori throughout the episode.
  • Jade is the first to be aware of Tori's jealousy.
  • Jade is excited at the opportunity to torment Tori.
  • Tori doesn't get angry but simply asks if Jade she ever takes a day off, which shows that Jade does things like this every day, and Tori is used to her being that way.
  • Jade smiles and waves at Tori after she's upset during lunch.
  • Jade willingly lets Tori slap her with a sausage.
  • Tori is upset after Jade asks her if Daniel ever spun her like that as she watches Daniel and Cat.
  • Jade tells Tori to "come out to play" when Jade (and Beck) are looking for her in the black box theater.
  • Jade is the one who figures out that Tori is hiding in the tent.
  • Tori doesn't get mad at Jade for throwing a broom at the tent and hitting her and she says "leave me alone" in a sad tone.
  • Tori has a disappointed look on her face when she turns around and sees Jade kissing Beck.
  • Jade could have done this to make Tori feel bad on purpose.
  • Tori is going to hang out with Jade (and Beck) instead of Cat and Daniel until she turns around.
  • Tori feels Jade's foot when everyone is at the hospital.

Freak the Freak Out

  • Jade gets mad when Beck asks Tori why she can't come to Karaoke Dokie.
  • Jade goes to Tori for help, which she's done several times (in Robarazzi and Jade Dumps Beck), suggesting that she considers Tori to be her confidant.
  • When Cat comes in with frozen yogurt, Tori replies by saying, "Frozen yogurt doesn't solve all the world's problems!" Jade immediately says, "I told you to bring her donuts," indicating that she intended to bring Tori something for her troubles.
  • Although Tara and Hayley are described to be less mean than Jade, Tori extremely dislikes them for cheating Cat and Jade out of a win.
  • Jade is okay with a plan that gives all the glory and props to Tori to get retribution against Hayley and Tara.
  • Tori agrees to help Jade and Cat get revenge.
  • When Tori tells Cat and Jade about Trina's mouth blood on her arm, Jade says, "Cool."
  • After Cat says, "Jade has a plan," Jade raises her eyebrows in a flirty manner towards Tori.
  • When Tori is changing from Louise Nordoff back into herself, Jade is smiling seductively at Tori, indicating that (even though Jade did the make-up) she finds Tori attractive and likes it when people are themselves.
  • When Haley calls Tori "Ugly Betty," Jade scoffs and glares, obviously not happy with the nickname.
  • Initially during Tori's performance, Jade seems to be watching her intently.
  • Jade cheers and dances with Tori when she sings.
  • Tori invites Cat, as well as Jade, onto the stage, showing their friendship has grown and solidified.
  • At the end of the song, Jade and Tori clasp hands, as well as move in closer to each other. It can be seen that Tori goes in for a hug, but Jade denies it with the celebratory hands-high.
  • Once Tori's done with her song, the owner says, "Wait," causing Jade to annoyingly ask, "Wait for what?" implying that she acknowledges Tori's talent and knew that she should have won.
  • Jade is only mean to Tori once during the whole episode.

Rex Dies

  • Jade tells Tori to quickly turn off the blow jet and is shocked when Rex gets sucked in.
  • Jade feels bad for Tori and goes to the hospital with her.
  • Jade and Tori agree that Robbie doesn't need Rex.
  • At first, Tori agrees with Jade in letting Rex "die" at the hospital.
  • When the doctor asks Tori to do something for him, she and Jade briefly exchange shocked looks.

The Diddly-Bops

  • Tori and Jade both look at each other when Sikowitz's mom walks out.
  • When Sikowitz asks if the gang would like to do "something for money", Jade spares a confused glance at Tori who seems completely unaware.
  • Jade returns Tori's theater history book that she had borrowed, but she painted it black.
  • Tori lends Jade her Theater History book.
  • It is possible they have theater history together.
  • Tori said "Thanks" to Jade when she gave back her theater history book and didn't get too upset that Jade had decided to paint it black.
  • Tori didn't seem that annoyed when Jade told her that she painted her theater history black.
  • Jade and Tori had both agreed not to do gigs as the Diddly Bops ever again when Cat books another gig.
  • Jade cheers on Tori and André during their song.
  • Getting ready for the Diddly Bops performance, Jade can't get her "boobs" in the "hamburger" and Tori and Cat help her get them in.
  • Tori gets upset when Jade cuts her mom's flowers but doesn't push the matter much further.

Wok Star

Jori Wok Star
IMG 0198
  • Tori says to Jade, "Love me? Love me now? Yeah you do. Come on, give Tori a squeeze!"
  • Tori is upset when Jade tells her she ruined her life.
  • Tori is the only one one who calms Jade down after Ms. Lee wants the play done her way.
  • Tori also seems upset when Jade tells her that they're not friends, showing that Tori values a friendship with Jade.
  • Tori is the only one who actually tries to help Jade produce her play.
  • Tori tells Jade that she read her play and thinks that its really good.
  • They both think that Jade's dad is "cold and judgmental."
  • Jade tells Tori about how she invited her dad to the play. Later, Tori is seen explaining the situation to the others, implying that Jade didn't tell any of them. This could indicate that Jade does think of Tori as a friend, even if she doesn't admit it.
  • When the restaurant lady is around, Jade simply says Tori isn't her friend, yet, when her dad asks, "A friend of yours?" at the end of Jade's play, Jade replies, "Eh."
  • At the end when Jade's dad leaves, Jade hugs Tori for the first time; this could also mean that Jade and Tori's friendship is starting to grow.
  • When Jade hugs Tori, she was smiling, meaning that Tori made her happy.
    Tumblr meogxxBwzk1rr3enlo1 250
  • Tori is willing to help Jade with her play despite their past fights.
  • Tori looks sad for Jade when Jade's explaining her father.
  • Tori pulls on Jade's arm to get her to talk to the restaurant lady.
  • Tori sits beside Jade while they are in the theater.
  • Tori smiles at Jade while trying to comfort her about her play being done the way she wrote it.
    IMG 0195
  • Jade pulls Tori into the janitor's closet.
  • Tori cuts Jade off when she is about to call the restaurant lady a bad word, protecting Jade.
  • Tori stays close to Jade throughout the entire episode to make sure Jade stays calm.
  • Jade depends on Tori's plan in making sure Ms. Wong doesn't show up to the play.
  • Jade depends on Tori helping Cat in getting into her costume.
  • This episode, along with a few others, demonstrates how far Tori will go for Jade's approval and/or friendship.
  • Tori and Beck are the only ones who know about the school not letting Jade produce her play.
  • When there is an awkward silence between Jade and her father, Tori gets Mr. West to talk to her.

The Wood

  • Jade bumps Tori off the couch when they are about to watch The Wood.
  • They both want to destroy the "janitor's" car for The Wood.
    ToriJade TheWood
  • Jade tells Tori that she wouldn't "exactly" kill her to which Tori sarcastically replies, "Well, aren't you sweet."
  • They both smile suggestively at each other before re-enacting their catfight which they seem to enjoy.
  • They stand together most of the time in this episode.
  • Jade and Tori work together most of the time in this episode, but are very sarcastic towards each other.
  • Tori and Jade look for the junk car together (Tori finds it first, but she lets Jade know).
  • Even though it is Jade devious plan to wreck a dump car, just to beat the boys, Tori goes along with it instead of refusing not to do it.
  • Jade was is in Tori's house without her knowing, and she says she has a "lot of things" in her room while giving her a smirk and making a "rawr"ish noise.
  • They work together against the boys in this episode.
  • They walk down the main stairs together.
  • They stand next to each other on the stairs while watching Beck and André's pretend argument.
  • Jade tells Tori, "We can do better," after watching Beck's performance with André.
  • Tori seems very happy upon learning that Jade, unlike her, wasn't given a chocolate mop for Valentine's Day.
  • Tori doesn't get mad at Jade for leading them to the wrong car to damage, but it could be because she knows Jade didn't do it on purpose.
  • When they're pushing Festus in a wheelbarrow down a road, they sing "Forever Baby" together both in English and Spanish without talking about it, showing they might want to sing the song with each other.
  • Tori and Jade sing the song together perfectly without practice, though they could've practiced together at a prior time.
    T & J

A Film by Dale Squires

  • While the movie is being filmed, Tori says to Beck, "I want you on the couch." Jade hears this and says, "Girl..." to Tori in an 'I'm warning you' type of tone. Tori indignantly responds, "For the shot!" She seems upset that Jade doesn't trust her.
  • When Tori tells the embarrassing story about Trina, you can see Jade laughing and smiling in the background.
  • Jade trusts Tori to talk to Dale after he takes the credit for the movie they made.
  • Tori asks Jade what time it is. Jade replies with "I'm not your clock."
  • Tori asks Jade and André to come up with a way to get back at Dale Squires, trusting Jade to come up with a good idea.
  • Jade and Tori (along with Cat and André) go together to get back at Dale Squires, while Beck doesn't.
  • Tori raises her eyebrows and stares at Jade after she says that Dale deleted her creative yet negative comments about his movie.

Sleepover at Sikowitz's

  • Tori picks an innocent farm-girl from Alabama who is always super sweet and nice and never gets upset about anything for Jade to play, possibly to provoke Jade's anger.
  • When Jade stands up to announce who André is playing, Tori sits in Jade's seat.
  • Tori checks Jade out as soon as she walks through Sikowitz's door. She then comments, "I can see your belly button" and asks her if she considered filling it with Raisin Bran.
  • Tori (as Officer Pedesco) stuffs a mouthful of Raisin Bran into Jade's (who is acting as the farm girl) mouth.
  • Tori stuffs Raisin Bran in Beck's mouth and gets close with him, possibly to make Jade jealous or provoke her.
  • Jade really hates it when she sees Tori and Beck being too comfortable together.
  • For once, Tori is able to make Jade suffer, (usually being the other way around).
  • When Sikowitz complains about Jade's "bitter" personality, Tori turns her head (along with Cat) and smiles at Jade.
    Tumblr meogxxBwzk1rr3enlo9 r1 250

Season 2


Beggin' on Your Knees

  • Jade warns Tori that Ryder is hiding something and that not everyone has all great qualities.
  • When Jade asks Tori why she's so happy, she seems concerned that Ryder might break Tori's heart.
  • Jade mocks Tori that she must feel pretty stupid after learning about Ryder's plan.
  • Tori says that Jade is bothered by the idea of good things happening to her. Jade agrees.
  • Jade is seen clapping for Tori when she was onstage. She is also cheering for her, singing along, and dancing when Tori is singing Beggin' on Your Knees for the Big showcase.

Beck Falls for Tori


Jade (and André) look concerned when Tori breaks down at the Quickie Mart.

  • Jade pushes Tori to the air sack so that Tori could get the stunt done.
  • Jade smirks and says, "Well, that's not a pretty face," to Tori as she grimaces at her.
  • Jade tells Tori that she did a good job on the first stunt.
  • Jade repeatedly imitates Tori, even though Tori said it isn't how she speaks.
  • Jade warningly tells Tori that it's a long fall.
  • Jade is there when Tori is complaining about the stunt.
  • Jade says she doesn't care about Tori's audition but still looks at the pictures.
  • Jade tells Tori that she would get "blackballed" in Hollywood if she decided to not do the stunt.
  • Jade gives Tori advice on what to put on her resume; Jade goes to the set both days to support Tori.
  • Jade tells Tori she shouldn't have lied on her resume, when she had originally (along with the others) told her to her do just that.
  • Jade looks surprised when Sikowitz tells Tori she couldn't make it as a singer, meaning she respects Tori as a performer.
  • Jade gets annoyed when Tori doesn't fall the first time, so she goes and pushes her off the building.
  • When Jade pushes Tori off the building, she has a devilish smile afterward.
  • Jade tells Tori she's welcome for her pushing her off.
  • Jade says that one of the skills Tori should add to her resume is flirtatiously flipping her hair. This may mean that she still holds the events from the Pilot against Tori.
  • Jade kicks Tori off her chair and says, "Looked good to me."
  • Tori stares up at Jade with an angry expression after she pushes her off the ledge.

Ice Cream for Ke$ha

  • Jade helps Tori look for the letters during the contest.
  • Jade goes to help look for the Funky Nut Blast (the least popular flavor of Lichter's ice cream) with Tori, Cat, and André, even though Beck stays behind.
  • Jade looks concerned when Tori breaks down at the Quickie Mart.
  • Jade and Tori are seen dancing together during Ke$ha's performance.
  • When Tori is pretending that she is going to kiss the boy and is leading him outside, she and Jade smile at each other and share a look, with Jade figuring out the plan without having to say anything.
  • Jade says, "Tori...." in a concerned voice when Tori slides down the back of the wall at the Quickie Mart.
  • Jade imitates Tori's voice once again making her mad but not bothered by it.
  • When Tori says they need to find the $ for the contest Jade immediately starts searching meaning she wants to help Tori spell Ke$ha so she won't have to be Trina's assistant.
  • Jade seems satisfied along with Tori when she depends on her to lock the little boy outside.

Tori Gets Stuck

Tumblr lor0shjklc1qk00pto1 500
  • Jade gets irritated when Tori asks what an understudy is.
  • Jade threatens to hit Tori with a bus.
  • Scared that Jade might do so, Tori shakily confers that Jade can't drive a bus.
  • Both Jade and Tori compete for the main role in a play.
  • Jade uses Sinjin to try and trick Tori that they needed her to film a Lady Gaga music video so she will miss the play, and Jade will be able to take her part.
  • Jade finds out Tori is allergic to bush daisies by looking up her medical records and sends her a bunch of them. She also discovers her blood type is O-.
  • Tori is all up in Jade's face, nearly brushing each others noses.
  • Tori asks Jade if her going to the hospital is just another plan of her's, proving that she suspects Jade will do anything to her.
  • Jade says "no" after Tori asks considers that Jade will do anything to her. She says it calmly and not in a rude voice like usual.
  • Jade offers that Tori goes to the hospital and she will stay at the Blackbox Theater.
  • Jade gets irritated when Tori repeats "Wait!"
  • Jade likes Tori's idea of her scaring the newborn babies.
  • Jade steals Tori's first pint of blood from the cart, forcing Tori to stay for another pint.
    Tumblr inline mj8z29I1Yd1qcx61o
  • Tori tells Jade to scare the newborn babies, and Jade then turns to the doctor and asks enthusiastically where she can find them.
  • Jade asks the nurse if she could drain all of Tori's blood.
  • Jade asks if she could keep Tori's extra blood.
  • Tori asks Jade to leave when she is getting her blood taken, to which Jade responds, "NO...I'm leaving." Once she leaves, Tori leans back and looks pained.
  • After they close the curtain and delay the show because of Tori's loopiness, Jade says she's going to take Tori's dress off.
  • Jade says, while wearing Tori's costume, that she will keep it warm while she is away at the hospital.
  • Jade has little issue with causing Tori physical pain if it means getting the lead.

Prom Wrecker

IMG 0142
IMG 0172
  • When Jade gives Tori the flyer for her performance, Tori keeps it and puts it in her binder.
  • Jade wrecks Tori's "prome" because it was scheduled on the same day as her play.
  • Tori asks Jade why there hasn't been a prom at Hollywood Arts, and Jade says that proms are stupid.
  • Jade barges in to tell Tori to cancel her "Prome" so that she can use the Asphalt Cafe for her performance on Saturday. She then threatens her if she doesn't do so.
  • When Jade first barges into the Prome meeting, Tori nicely greets her by saying, "Oh, hey Jade. Did you want to join our..." right before Jade slams Tori's Pear book closed.
  • When Tori says she won't cancel, Jade tells her that she'll regret it.
  • Tori and Jade wear similar looking dresses (just different colors).
  • Tori and Jade wear similar hairstyles.
  • Jade seems intimidated by Tori when she refuses to cancel the Prome.
  • Jade somehow puts a shrimp in Tori's bra without Tori knowing.
  • Even though Jade has been violent with Tori in prior episodes, she does not try to physically harm her for ruining her performance.
  • Jade impersonates Tori on the phone and cancels the band Tori booked.
  • Tori chases Jade into the hallway.
  • Tori takes Jade's drink and licks all around the top of the can.
  • Jade continues to drink out of the can even though Tori licked the top of it.
  • Tori lies and makes Jade Prome Queen, instead of Trina, and Doug the Diaper Guy Prome King, just to get rid of her.

Locked Up!

Jorihug1 o GIFSoup com
Jade and Tori
  • Tori tells Beck he can come to Yerba, but she makes Jade ask her, possibly to antagonize her.
  • Jade asks Tori if she can come to Yerba with her.
  • Tori asks Jade to hug her while wiggling her hips suggestively.
  • When they do the hug, Tori goes so far as to start rubbing Jade's back, really tightly.
  • Jade forces Tori to the ground.
  • Jade hugs Tori.
  • While on the ground, Jade's and Tori's legs were in between each other's thighs. (the position)
  • Jade hurts Tori's spine.
  • Tori complains that Jade hurt her spine. This is made more interesting later when a prisoner pushes Jade to the ground and Jade remarks, "I like it on the ground."
  • When Jade is holding up a (seem-to-be) dead lizard, Tori is standing next to her.
  • Tori protects Jade by saying she is her friend from a female prisoner whom Jade had earlier taunted and provoked.
  • Jade states that she and Tori are 'super close,' likely meaning it in a sarcastic way after Tori tells the prisoner Jade's her friend.
  • Tori helps Jade stand up after the prisoner knocks her down.
  • Jade says she didn't need Tori's help. Tori responds that the prisoner intended to "eat Jade".
  • Tori tries doing Jade's imitation of her.
  • Jade looks a little worried when Tori is locked up on her own.
  • Jade lies and tells the freakish man woman that she and Tori were super close.
  • Jade tells Tori that she looks better in prison.
  • Jade tells Tori not to let Trina sing with the others.
  • When they do hug, Tori goes so far as to start rubbing Jade's back.
  • They share a bed in the Yerbanian hotel.
  • Tori gives Jade the keys to their rooms while Jade asks about the pool.

Helen Back Again

  • Jade is staring at Tori and looks a bit concerned when Tori is explaining what she has to do in the audition.
  • When Tori makes a deal to the new principal (which is if she doesn't like Tori's song, she have to leave Hollywood Arts), Jade stands up for her by asking Helen what she knows about singing a song.
  • Jade and Tori, along with Cat, are in class, performing a scene where Tori and Jade are married and Cat is their baby.
  • During a lesson about subtext, Sikowitz has Jade and Tori pretend to be a married couple with a baby. Jade as the husband, Tori as the wife, and Cat acting as their baby.
  • Jade "feels bad" for Tori when she is about to leave Hollywood Arts.

Who Did it to Trina?


"Why can't I be pretty like you?"

  • Tori seems surprised and possibly slightly hurt when Jade accuses her of hurting Trina.
  • When Jade is mocking Tori, she calls her "Sweet Sally Peaches."
  • In Jade's version of what happened, she says Tori asked her, "Why can't I be pretty like you?" She possibly hopes that Tori thinks she's pretty.
  • Tori asks Jade what she thinks of the play, showing that she values her opinion.
  • Jade doesn't tell Tori that she doesn't like the play, she just sips her coffee to avoid having to say something mean to Tori. Tori looks slightly hurt that Jade doesn't tell her she likes it.
  • Tori says Jade is demented, and Jade raises her eyebrows and says, "Oh, so you think I'm pretty and demented?"
  • Tori sticks up for Jade, saying that she would not hurt Trina.
  • Tori and Jade both had flashbacks about each other.
  • When Jade says, "Oh, so I'm a monster now?" she sounded very offended.
  • Both see each other as a monster and directly blames each other for the situation.

Tori Tortures Teacher

  • Jade helps Tori by auditioning women to be Sikowitz's girlfriend (with Cat).
  • Jade sits behind Tori at the play.
  • Tori is upset when Jade is sarcastic about her choosing the play.
  • Tori seems offended when Jade blames her for making Sikowitz feel bad.
  • Tori says to Jade to kick her while she is lying on the floor, and then Jade says, "You have that dream, too?" Implying that Jade dreams about Tori.
  • Jade asked Tori if she was the one to pick the play they saw.
  • Jade smiles when Tori keeps the bunny at the end of the staircase.
  • When Jade and Beck are text fighting, Tori wants to know about what. But then Jade tells her to "back off", which to Tori immediately obeys.

Jade Gets Crushed

  • Tori outright refers to Jade as "a mean, vicious person, with deep psychological problems."
  • Tori imitates Jade by talking like her and dressing in her style.
  • André says that Tori did a good job of imitating Jade, showing that Tori knows Jade well enough to portray her.
  • JGC28
    Tori might not want Jade to know André likes her because she wants Jade for herself, and she already has Beck for competition. Alternately, she may not wish to compete with Jade for André's affections.
  • Jade (and Beck) dances and claps during Tori (and André's) performance and cheers when they're finished.
  • When André told Tori he thinks he's in love with Jade, she was very shocked, possibly because she respects Jade's relationship with Beck.

Terror on Cupcake Street

  • Tori tells Jade that Cat wants all of them to wear the candy jammies, showing that she knows Jade well enough to provoke her anger.
  • Jade doesn't seem to be mad at Tori but rather at Cat.
  • When André asks why Jade didn't stop Tori from leaving the cupcake, Jade says she did, by opening the door.
  • Tori and Jade are far apart when they start to leave Hollywood arts in the cupcake.
  • On the way to the Parade Parade Jade sings along with Tori and the rest of the group.
  • Tori seemed upset that Jade invited herself over to be in the parade.
  • Tori and Jade both show concern on Sikowitz's whereabouts.
  • Jade starts singing along with the group after Tori.

Season 3

A Christmas Tori

Tumblr lvois2wqKF1qjocdo
  • Jade is Tori's Secret Santa.
  • Jade shows up at Tori's house, and Tori asks if Jade has her new scissors. Jade spreads her arms and lets Tori search her much like a police officer does.
  • Jade lets Tori search her when Jade already knew that she has scissors on herself.
  • Jade tells Tori not to "be shy" while looking for the scissors. After she said this, Tori looked at Jade's 'area' briefly.
  • Jade's gift to Tori was an idea of what to give André for the holidays.
  • When Tori asked her for the idea, Jade told Tori to beg her.
  • They, along with Cat, sing "It's Not Christmas Without You" together.
    Tumblr mfhwgdzu6p1qd8z57o3 250
  • When Tori sings the lyric "It's Not Christmas Without You", she points to Jade.
  • It was Jade's idea to perform the song meaning she wants to sing with Tori (and Cat).
  • During the performance of the song, Tori mentions Jack Frost nipping at noses and pokes her finger at Jade's nose, causing Jade to do a "bite" at Tori's finger.
  • Jade said that in the movie, The Scissoring, the main character uses the scissors on her two best friends starting with the pretty one. While saying that, she looked at Tori, implying she thought that her and Tori were friends and she thought she was pretty.
  • During the song, Jade and Tori (along with Cat) put their hands on each other's backs, right above the waist.

The Breakfast Bunch

  • Tori tries to stand up for Jade when Mr. Dickers gives Jade another detention for apologizing.
  • Jade says yes when Mr. Dickers asks Tori if she wants another detention, which makes Tori get another detention.
  • Jade looks confused both times Robbie says Tori's so conceited, which means she thinks she isn't conceited.
  • Tori tries to give Jade a high five, but Jade ends up pushing her out of her chair instead.
  • Tori and Jade dance together.
  • Tori threatens to unfriend Jade on TheSlap if she does not stop harassing Cat, and Jade complies or cares that she doesn't want to be unfriended on TheSlap.
  • When Tori reveals her weird talent for foot-archery, Jade yells at her for it. This is a take on a scene of Bender and Claire from The Breakfast Club where Bender yells at Claire for showing off her weird talent. Coincidentally, Bender and Claire end up together in the end of the film.

The Gorilla Club

  • Tori seems hurt when Jade says she's a boring actress.
  • Jade tells the others that they should take Tori to The Gorilla Club.
  • Jade goes to Tori's house to talk to Beck, and she tells him that even though Tori's bad, she doesn't think she doesn't need that much help, meaning that she doesn't think Tori's that bad.
  • Tori tells Jade that she went to the Gorilla Club and used the bathroom there, as if to impress her.
  • Jade is happy after the gorilla attacks Tori.

The Worst Couple

Jori twc
  • Jade's face visibly softens when Tori opens her front door.
  • Jade seems surprised and confused that she and Beck weren't invited to Tori's house.
  • When Beck tells Tori to tell Jade why they weren't invited, Tori seems to feel bad about it, and tries to make up the excuse that they were planning a surprise party for Jade.
  • When turning to Tori for an explanation on why she and Beck weren't invited, Jade seems hurt that Tori didn't invite her.
  • Tori invites Jade to play cards with them. She puts her hand on her back and arm and tries to guide her towards the table.
  • Jade says Tori isn't her friend.
  • Near the end of the episode, Tori looks at the door in concern (indicating that she might want to check on Jade).

André's Horrible Girl

  • Tori tells Mrs. Lee that Jade is her friend, which means Tori considers herself and Jade friends.

Car, Rain & Fire

  • Tori ask Jade if she could drive her and Cat to Mona Patterson's house.
  • Jade first acts Tori about their science project.
  • Tori gives Jade a muffin that she finds on the car floor.
  • Jade readily accepts the muffin when Tori offers it to her.
  • In the car that Jade is driving, Tori is sitting shotgun next to Jade.
  • Tori explains to Jade what her science project is about.
  • When Cat starts to cry, Tori tells Jade to "just drive the child to San Diego" which Jade agrees to, much sounding like a married couple driving their child.
  • When Jade opens the trunk of the car, Tori and Jade both scream and grab each others' hands for a brief moment.
    Skärmavbild 2012-04-12 kl. 16.12.05

    Jade/tori holding hands ^^

  • Tori tells Jade to assist her in lifting the top of the car off.
  • Jade decides to help even though shes wet and soggy from the rain.
  • When Tori is talking in the gas station, Jade says, "Tori, Tori," telling her to look back because there was a hobo clown walking towards her and who could hurt her; from this, she shows her concern for Tori.
  • When Cat starts crying, Jade tells Tori to go finish Cat's speech for her showing that Jade trusts Tori to comfort Cat; when Tori hesitates, Jade mocks her.
  • Tori and Jade are next to each other when they get sprayed.

Tori & Jade's Play Date

IMG 2119
IMG 2144
IMG 2181
IMG 0165
  • Tori and Jade are the main topics for this episode.
  • They portray a married couple by the names of Nancy and Walter in the play.
  • Tori and Jade sing Take A Hint together to get back on two boys harassing them.
  • Jade seems to look and smile at Tori a lot while singing.
  • Jade walks suggestively towards Tori while singing.
  • Jade thinks Tori's singing wasn't awful.
  • Tori seems offended when Jade says she doesn't like her.
  • Tori wants to know if there is anything about her that Jade likes.
  • After they finish singing, they raise their arms while holding hands and smiling at each other.
  • Sikowitz makes Tori and Jade "date" at Nozu so that they can act better for the play.
  • They both tell each other that they are pretty. They both eat their sushi awkwardly afterwards.
  • After Jade calls Tori pretty, Tori gives a long, pleased smile. Jade also wants Tori to say that's she's pretty, suggesting she wants Tori to think shes attractive.
  • Jade seems genuinely surprised and touched at Tori calling her pretty. 
  • Jade compliments Tori's voice.
  • Tori says she admires how Jade is never afraid to say what she thinks.
  • They both think that the boys at Nozu are annoying.
  • They both try to get rid of the boys that are flirting with them.
  • At the end of the play, Tori and Jade hug.
  • In the play, Tori lays her head on Jade's chest.
  • At the end of the play, Tori and Jade run out of the show hand-in-hand.
  • This is the second time Tori and Jade have run out of somewhere together, the first time being running from the closet in Jade Dumps Beck.
  • Jade seems to take offense to Tori saying she doesn't want to be her husband in the play, saying "OH" in a deep tone.
  • Tori calls Jade her date.
  • Both agree that they "really would" believe how many times Sikowitz hit his head falling down a flight of stairs.
  • Jade sits next to Tori when she arrives at Nozu.
  • They tell the boys they want to hang out alone.
  • Jade yells at Tori when she is slurping her soup.
  • Tori looked upset when Jade pushed her feet out of the chair.
  • They both run from the boys at Nozu at the end, Jade even following Tori's advice without hesitation.
  • Tori and Jade say "Oh my God" together in a deleted scene only shown on TheSlap. 
  • Tori shakes her backside at Jade.
  • Jade puts her face close to Tori's backside to yell at it.
  • Tori says Jade leaning her chair back is fun.
    Tumblr m2g0tbeLVk1r6aw1go1 500
  • Jade gently places Tori on the ground, as opposed to kicking her out of the chair like she did in Season 2 in the deleted scene.
  • Tori usually tries to avoid conflict with Jade; this could be seen as her trying to get Jade's attention.
  • During the rehearsal, Jade and Tori call each other "sweetheart," "darling," and "honey."
  • When Tori sings "You had me at hello," Jade smiles at her.
  • During their song, Jade touched Tori's leg to pull it off of a seat at Nozu.

April Fools' Blank

Tumblr m1gnjzBD6L1rryq6po2 250
  • Jade seems to enjoy seeing Tori on the ground (notice the smile).
  • Tori seems to be used to Jade screaming at her during the Wizard of Oz scene.
  • Jade crawls up to Tori in a seductive way.
  • Jade asks Tori what's bothering her (a sign that she is starting to care about Tori).
  • Tori tells Jade that she is bummed that no one cares about April Fools, Jade says that someone (Tori) will have to be tickled.
  • Tori pretends to not want to be tickled, but then lifts up her shirt for Jade with a seductive facial expression.
  • Jade tickles Tori and they both laugh.
  • Tori seems to be used to Jade's rare moments of kindness that reverted back to meanness afterwards.
  • Jade seems happy to surprise Tori with the whole cast.
  • Tori and Jade dance together.
  • Jade playfully raises her eyebrow at Tori when dancing away.
  • Tori winks and points at Jade, Jade came really close behind Tori and shook her. (during the credits)

Driving Tori Crazy


Jade is driving Tori crazy


Tori's TheSlap Update

  • Jade refers to Tori and herself as friends and offers Tori a ride to school in the morning the next day, probably so that she can harm Tori.
  • Jade offers to give Tori a ride to school at lunch.
  • Jade admits to being confused as to why Tori was unsure about having her drive her to school.
  • While riding to school, Tori says she likes Jade's car and Jade says she is glad to make Tori think she is being nice to her.
  • Jade looks disappointed when Tori says she's going to walk instead of riding with her because she won't be able to harm her.
  • Jade half whispers to herself, "Next time," meaning she wanted to bury Tori because they are in a desert and she has a shovel in her car.
  • Jade prefers to drive in the dark, however, she answers Tori anything for a friend.
  • It's unknown if Jade was really going to bury Tori or not.
  • It seemed Tori understands what Jade is up to and jumps out of the car.
  • Jade drives Tori into the desert with a shovel in the back. She did the same to Robbie according to TheSlap.
  • According to Jade's profile on TheSlap, Jade was driving Tori somewhere "special", and her mood was "evil" and Tori replied that she was freaking her out.

How Trina Got In

  • Jade looks surprised when Tori says she smells like squid.
  • Jade repeatedly looks at Tori when she (Tori) comes to class.
  • Jade has a questioning look at Sikowitz along with Tori when Tori asks Sikowitz to continue telling Trina's audition story.

Tori Goes Platinum

Jori hug
Victorious-Tori-Goes-Platinumvic platinum 01HR
  • Jade accompanies Tori to visit the producers.
  • They both hug at the end of Tori's performance.
  • Jade seems reluctant to accept Mason's offer of singing at the awards, possibly because she knows it will hurt Tori.
  • Tori refuses to kiss Beck because she doesn't want to hurt Jade.
  • Tori says "oh you..." while doing the same fake punch as she did to Jade when rehearsing in Tori & Jade's Play Date (and she said "I love you").
  • Jade seems genuinely touched by what Tori said to Beck.
  • Tori goes to support Jade at the Platinum Music Awards.
  • Tori tells Jade her outfit looks nice, and Jade replies saying she looks like an idiot.
  • Tori says Jade looks like a pretty pink idiot in her outfit.
  • Jade gives up her chance at fame for Tori and lets her sing in the Platinum Music Awards instead of her, saying that it was Tori's night, and she deserves to be there.
  • Jade refers to Tori as her "friend".
  • Jade cheers for Tori and smiles while she sings.
  • Jade hugs Tori at the end of her performance. After hugging, Jade says "good job" to Tori.
  • They both dress in crazy outfits at least once.
  • Jade is teasing Tori saying "I can't do that to a friend, or even to you."
  • Jade is wearing Tori's jacket in the audience.
  • Tori says Jade is her friend.
  • Tori considers Jade her friend despite her rubbing her hamburger against her feet (which she didn't know until Beck told her) and taking her place in the Platinum Music Awards.
  • Both Jade and Tori have gotten a chance to sing at the Platinum Music Awards, but Tori got fired and Jade quit and gave the chance to Tori.

Crazy Ponnie

  • Tori offers Fawn Liebowitz to have lunch with her friends, she obviously considers Jade a friend if she has lunch with her.
  • After Cat asks Tori why she would buy an evil Talking Tori doll, Jade curiously asks Tori "And where do I get one?".
  • Jade teases Tori about Ponnie asking if her hair color is "plonde."
  • Jade tells Tori that there is no Ponnie at Hollywood Arts.
  • Jade looks at Tori with a weird face when she says her locker says "Make It Rot."

The Blonde Squad

Victorious blonde65811826
  • Jade and Tori both star in lead roles for Beck's movie "The Blonde Squad".
  • When Cat, Tori, and Jade want to go to Nozu, Jade doesn't want to go because she knows Tori is going.
  • Jade later agrees to go to Nozu with Tori and Cat.
  • Jade and Tori sit next to each other at Nozu.
  • When Cat sits down with Evan, Jade stays with Tori, and it's possible they stay there together for a while longer.
  • Jade asks Tori if she can be the princess that gets poisoned.
    Jori e Reese
  • Jade sits next down next to Tori at lunch and told Tori it is lucky for her to be sitting next to Jade.
  • They stand and talk together in the Blackbox Theater.
    IMG 9146

Season 4

Wanko's Warehouse

  • When the security laser beams appear, Jade tries to put the blame on Tori, much to her objection.
  • Jade tells Tori that the laser is 8 inches off the floor, but Tori doesn't believe her.
  • When Tori discovers that Jade's estimate was correct, Jade smiles smugly.
  • When Tori is trying to convince Sinjin to let them cut in line, she refers to Jade (and Cat) as a 'pretty girl'.
  • When Cat breaks the alarm beam, Tori instantly runs over to Jade and holds her hand, as if she feels safer with Jade.
  • When talking to Sinjin, Tori brings up Jade (along with Cat) as pretty girls. This shows that Tori thinks that Jade is pretty.
  • After the laser beams go off, Jade and the rest of the gang worry they'll get caught but Jade seemed to calm down after Tori assured them they would get out safely.

The Hambone King

  • Jade visits Tori's house.
  • Jade turns the TV on for Tori (although she says it was because she wants to).
  • Jade seems intrigued but also disgusted after Tori tells her the little girl in the video was her.
  • Jade is very happy, to the extent of screaming and jumping up and down, when Tori is named The Hambone Queen.
  • Jade asks Tori who that boy is in the video.
  • Tori and Jade both help Robbie train for his challenge.
  • They stand close together when Robbie and André are running.

Opposite Date

  • Jade notices that Tori has a new shirt (although she does insult it). This must mean that Jade pays at least somewhat regular attention to what Tori wears.  
  • Tori says that she won't date Beck because of Jade.
  • Tori says she and Jade are friends.
  • Jade calls Tori her friend (though she says 'kinda'). This may be pure instinct however, as she says it quickly before continuing her speech. 
  • Jade says that Tori would never tell her where she and Beck are. She turns out to be right. 
  • Jade knows that Tori trusts Cat, so she decides to impersonate Cat to get information on she and Beck's  whereabouts when she calls. 
  • Tori smiles warmly when Jade gives her and Beck the okay to hang out.
  • Tori doesn't tell Jade that she and Beck are going out to protect her feelings. She may also be scared that Jade would hurt her if she found out. 

Three Girls And A Moose

  • Jade and Tori both immediately take a liking to Moose, suggesting they have the same taste in boys.
  • When Tori suggest they eat at Nozu, Jade enthusiastically agrees.
  • When Jade says the she'll drive to Karaoke Dokie with Tori (and the others) Tori touches Jade's arm and smiles at her (Jade).
  • Jade wants to close Tori's door, possibly to be nice.
  • Tori and Jade fight over the door handle and end up rubbing up very closely to each other.

Cell Block

  • They both sit on Cat.
  • Tori wears a green sweater very similar to Jade's sweaters.
  • Jade warns Tori that the little girl is a trick from the boys.
  • They both try to stop Cat from using her phone.
  • Jade willingly comes in to Tori's house.
  • Jade is able to open Tori's door (maybe having a key). Tori could have simply left her door unlocked however, like she did in Andre's Horrible Girl. 
  • When the girls try to trick Robbie into using his phone, Jade and Tori both roll their eyes at Cat missing her cue.
  • Tori agrees with Jade that it's "kinda sad" that Cat seems to be going insane so rapidly when she'd thought it would be a more gradual process.
  • Both tie up Cat on a kiddie leash and tackle her down to prevent her from escaping.
  • They both take a picture of Robbie.
  • They share a laugh when Cat vomits after watching the "Wacky Donkey" video.

Tori Fixes Beck and Jade

  • Tori tries to get Jade a date so she wouldn't be upset if Beck dates someone else.
  • Tori tries to get Beck to date Meredith, so that she could have Jade to herself. Even though Tori ( and Andre) tries to get Jade a date, Tori knows that Jade doesn't love a person other than Beck, so she (Jade) wouldn't have an effective relationship with Gilbert. So then it will be easy to take Jade for herself (Tori).
  • Jade is angry at Tori and André for paying a boy to ask her out.
  • Tori runs away (with André) from Jade.
  • During Jade's performance, Tori sings along in the crowd and seems to greatly enjoy Jade's singing.
  • Tori seems happy that Beck and Jade get back together.

One Thousand Berry Balls

  • Jade dances during Tori's (and André's) performance, which means that she likes it.
  • Jade goes (with Beck) onstage to Tori (and André) to congratulate them on their performance.
  • After Jade only congragulates André on the song, Tori only thanks Beck to Jade's visible annoyance.

Robbie Sells Rex

  • Jade says Tori has a stupid monster purse.
  • They are both in the hallway.
  • Tumblr mg799lKclZ1rr3enlo5 r1 250
    Tori seems confused when Jade talks about her "stupid monster purse."

The Bad Roommate

  • Jade wakes Tori up by blowing a whistle in her ear.
  • Jade asks Tori why she is sleeping on the stairs.
  • Jade doesn't want Tori to know she blew the whistle in her ear.
  • Tori takes Jade's word for it when she tells her she drempt about a whistle going off.
  • As the two walk to their lockers, Tori answers Jade's question about why she slept on the stairs.
  • In the middle of the story, Jade walks away. This prompts Tori to say "I wasn't done talking!" in an indignant tone.
  • Jade simply turns and glances at Tori while she open her locker, saying "I was done listening." 

Brain Squeezers

  • Tori wants fries from Jade. 
  • They eat lunch at the same table.
  • Jade goes to Tori's house to get on Tori's "Brain Squeezers" team.
  • Tori figures out Jade was lying about the story.
  • After grabbing Tori's shirt, Jade appears to sneak a peek at Tori's 'area'.
Tumblr mgkrn0Ehl11qecrdxo3 r1 250


  • Jade pretends to be Tori.
  • Jade wants to be a part of Tori's team.
  • Jade threatens Tori if she doesn't pick her to be on her team.
  • Jade makes up a story so Tori will pick her.

The Slap Fight

  • After Tori freaks out about not having as many followers as Trina, Jade tells Tori to calm down and Tori listens to her.
  • Jade sits down with Tori for lunch after throwing her pasta across the Asphalt Cafe. But then Beck comes and sits between them.
    Tumblr mgx5rhJVpw1rokj5lo1 250

Jade: Because I am prettier than him!

Tori: Are you?

Tori: You know what? I'm happy with my five friends sitting right here.

Jade: How do you get five?

Star Spangled Tori

  • Tori predicts that Jade will tell her that someone already posted a video of her being dragged across the floor by the dog, and Jade sort of says that (that fifty people already did).


  • Jade seems jealous of Cat holding Tori's hand.
  • Jade and Tori are watching Trina's show at Tori's house.
  • Tumblr mho9ysGyws1ra1ho2o1 500


    Tori makes Jade pop Trina's pimple, knowing she'd hate it.
  • Jade and Tori go to the set of Trina's show.
  • Jade and Tori both make fun of Trina.
  • Jade says to the producer of the show to not call her as Tori's friend.
  • Jade and Tori both make an appearance in Trina's show.
  • Jade could've gone to the drag racing with Beck, but instead chose to spend her time with Tori.
  • Jade apologizes to Tori in the beginning of the episode for giving away who won.
  • The girls seem to enjoy themselves while spending time together. 
  • Even though Jade isn't supposed to, she says no to the list of shows on the playlist, and Tori doesn't do anything about it.
  • Jade forces Tori to join Trina in Divertisimo with Tori casually forcing Jade to share the same fate, Jade's face indicating she never even considered Tori would do that.

Other Programs

iParty with Victorious

Liats 4

Jade and Tori singing together in iParty with Victorious

  • Jade brings her swimsuit to the party, which Tori's interested in.
  • Once Tori learns Jade likes jacuzzis, she mentions that she would've brought hers if she knew the place had one.
  • When Sikowitz blows the trumpet that scares Tori, Jade, and Steven, Tori skitters across the room to Jade instead of behind her boyfriend.
  • Tori and Jade both jump up when Sikowitz blows the horn.
  • When Tori (twice) says Sikowitz scared the pee out of her, Jade looks at Tori both times to check.
  • Jade lets Tori jump on her back but won't even let Trina touch her.
  • Jade happily gives Tori a piggyback ride during Leave It All To Shine.
  • During the mash-up, Jade and Tori share a small duet, and sing lines one after the other.
  • They sing, "You don't have to be afraid to put your dreams in action. You're never gonna fade, you'll be the main attraction," along with Cat.
  • They stand really close to each other while performing the mash-up.
  • Tori invites Jade to sing.
  • Jade doesn't say or do anything insulting to Tori throughout the whole episode. She is much nicer to her.
  • Jade seems slightly annoyed when Steven shows up during lunch. Hints

Tumblr lg0drl7C9Q1qgax42o1 500
  • Jade posts a picture of her with a black eye as her profile picture to make Tori feel bad.
  • Jade has recently posted that she thinks "Pink stinks." Here's the whole chat (notice that Jade did not say anything sarcastic about Tori, regardless of the post itself):
    • Jade: Pink Stinks.
    • Tori: The color?
    • Jade: Yep. Felt it needed to be said.
  • Jade and Tori agree to do back up singing and dancing in Robbie's song called Robbie's Big Toe.
  • Jade also posted that she asked Tori to do her a favor (apparently she felt dirty about it).
  • Tori asked for ideas for what to get Jade for the Holidays, it is unknown what she got her.
  • On a picture titled "Jade all prettied up" in Tori's Freak the Freak out Gallery she tagged it as "Jade looks hot in this pic but don't tell her I said so. She doesn't like when I compliment her cuz it takes all the fun out of insulting me."
  • Tori says that Jade's new look looks nice, although Jade has warned people against complimenting her on it.
  • Jade says "now that I've accomplished my dream of pushing Tori off a 3 story building, I don't know what to do with my life," so Tori was a part of Jade's dream.
  • Jade says she will become sick if she hears the words "ice cream", which prompts Rex, Tori, and André to write "Ice Cream" in response. Jade responds "I HATE you all."
  • Tori did another Tori Takes Requests and someone asks her to have somebody she doesn't like very much put glue on her hands, Tori asks Jade to do this.
  • Jade agrees to be in Tori's video and does not seem that mean during the video.
  • Tori and Jade both seem to be having fun while peeling the glue off of Tori's hand.
  • Jade mentions on Beck's board that he will miss seeing her play. Beck corrects her by saying that she's only Tori's understudy. Jade responds with "Yes… unless something happens to her, which it MIGHT!" and Tori replies telling her to stop saying that.
  • Jade slaps a video of Tori trying to perform in Steamboat Suzy, entitled "Tori the Loopy Steamboat Captain".
  • In the "Tori Gets Stuck" gallery, Jade comments on several pictures of Tori.
  • Jade called Tori a "Hot mess."
  • Tori captions a photo of her, Jade, and Andre saying, "You know, for someone who didn't even want to be there, Jade sure dressed up all purty for the Prome."
  • Jade posted that it was her birthday and when Tori wished her a happy birthday she responded with "Don't patronize me." Tori was the only one to comment AND the only one to wish her happy birthday on TheSlap.
  • Jade does not get mad at Tori for telling Beck that he looks "hot, Dog" (it was a part of her puns).
  • During their "Angry Freak Out Video," Jade and Tori seem to be arguing with each other, and are looking at each other the whole video.
    Tumblr m1fw3dhfnV1r7cyulo8 250
  • Jade congratulates Tori on directing a great play. Her mood was "amazed." The conversation goes like this:
    • Jade: I gotta say Tori, that was one of the best plays I've ever seen! Congratulations!
    • Tori: You only liked it because my sister got hurt, the set was destroyed, and the play was ruined!
    • Jade: True. But I don't give compliments often, so you should take what you can get.
  • Jade said that Tori looks semi-decent dressed as her, which is actually a pretty nice compliment coming from Jade.
  • Tori posts on TheSlap that "Jade made a doll that looks just like me and attached it to the back of her mom's car. Every day, I watch her drag a mini-me through the school parking lot." This shows that Jade considers Tori an important enough part of her life to make a doll of her to bring around with her.
  • Jade posted "I HATE the fact that I got detention this Saturday but I LOVE the fact that Tori got it too. I'm so conflicted."
  • Tori comforts Jade when she is upset about her and Beck's break up on TheSlap.Here are the posts:
    • Jade: Yeah, yeah. Me and Beck broke up. Can we talk about something else now… like how annoying Tori is?
    • Tori: Look I know you're hurt, but don't drag me into this.
    • Jade: I'm giving you 10 seconds to delete your comment.
    • Tori: I don't know how. :(
  • Tori posts a picture on the Slap of her and Jade dressed as their married couple characters, and Jade's lips are puckered and close to Tori's face, as if she is going to kiss her. The caption is "Walter and Nancy: The Happy Couple."
  • Tori posted on the slap "Question: should I drive 2 hours to sit by a pool in Palm Springs, or walk 2 seconds to sit by the pool in my own backyard? "
    Skärmavbild 2012-05-30 kl. 16.33.00
    • Jade: Palm Springs and never come back.
    • Tori: Whoa, what did I do to you today?
    • Jade: Nothing, just realized I hadn't insulted you in awhile
  • Tori's update on TheSlap says that it's awesome to ride in Jade's car.
  • Jade posts she is going to an abandoned mall anyone wanna come?
    • Tori: Sounds fun! is it legal ?
    • Jade: Umm........sure ?
  • Tori describes a picture of Cat and Jade's sleepover on TheSlap. Tori comments that Cat is brave because the last time she slept over at Jade's house, Jade cut a chunk out of her hair, which is a reference to Crazy Ponnie.
  • Tori posted: I had a nightmare that Jade and I were stage fighting again and when I woke up I was craving butternut squash. Weird. This shows that Tori may dream about Jade.
  • Tori posted a picture of Jade and Sinjin's sock puppet and it said: Sock Jade and real Jade have a lot in common. For instance, they both turn sideways while posing for pictures. This suggests that Tori pays enough attention to Jade to notice she turns her head sideways in photos.

Episodes with a Jori Main Plot or Subplot

IMG 0172
  • Stage Fighting: Tori has to stage-fight Jade, and when Jade pretends to be hurt, Tori takes the blame.
  • Jade Dumps Beck: Jade comes to Tori to help her get back together with Beck.
  • Wok Star: Tori helps Jade find the money required to produce her play.
  • The Wood: The people of The Wood lie about Tori and Beck dating, which makes Jade mad. Later, Jade and Tori end up being on The Wood and having to help out Festus because they smashed his car.
  • Tori Gets Stuck: Jade tries to make Tori miss the play so she can take her role.
  • Prom Wrecker: Jade tries to ruin Tori's Prom because it was scheduled when her play 'Clowns Don't Bounce' was supposed to show.
  • Tori and Jade's Play Date: Jade and Tori portray a married couple and finally become friends.
  • Tori Goes Platinum: Jade gives up the opportunity of performing during the Platinum Music Awards and lets Tori perform instead.

Jori Quotes

Jade: You're ever so welcome!

Tori: I don't talk like that! (Beck Falls for Tori)


Tori: Hey! Leave her alone.

Jade: And if I don't?

Tori: I might just go to TheSlap- and unfriend you.

Jade: Oh?

Tori: Two clicks. One to unfriend you. And one to confirm that I really want to unfriend you. (The Breakfast Bunch)


Jade: Hey, great song... Andre.

Beck: Great job.

Tori: Thanks... Beck. (One Thousand Berry Balls)


Jade: This isn't right.

Tori: Yeah, it is a little tight in the-

Jade: No, not the stupid outfit. This. This was supposed to be your night. So for me to go out there... I can't do that to a friend. (Tori Goes Platinum)


Beck: So... why can't we kiss?

Tori: Cause... Cause of Jade. (Tori Goes Platinum)


Jade: You're no sleepy loser. You're an astronaut.

Tori: I love you. ~~

Jade: I love you. (Tori and Jade's Playdate) ~~

Jade: It's them! It's them! What do we do?

Tori: Run. Run, Nancy!

Jade: Yes Walter! (Tori and Jade's Playdate) ~~

Jade: ...You're pretty. You could say I'm pretty!

Tori: You are pretty. (Tori and Jade's Playdate) ~~

Tori: Oh, come on! Jade can be so much fun!

Jade: NOT NOW!! (Tori Fixes Beck and Jade)


Jade: You cannot be nice to me when I have been mean to you, that's not how it works!

Tori: Well then try being nice to me sometimes. Maybe that'll work. (Stage Fighting)


Jade: Because! If you help me, maybe I'll like you! ~~

Beck: Wait, since when are you and Jade friends? Last week, she took your hamburger, and she rubbed it right across her bare foot. (Jade nods and shrugs)

Tori: Gross, I ate feet meat?! Beck: And, she took your spot in the Platinum Music Awards.

Tori: Okay, so maybe we're not friends-friends, but... we're kinda friends! I think... and, kissing her ex-boyfriend? I can't do that to a friend. (Jade closes the laptop) (Tori Goes Platinum)


Cat: Jade's got a plan. (Tori raises an eyebrow, looking slightly uneasy. Jade smiles deviously)


Jade: Who cares what she thinks?

Tori: Honestly, I wouldn't be that happy about it.

Jade: (puts her arm around Tori) I care what she thinks.

Beck: How could you say that?

Tori: You know what, I really don't want to be in the middle of this- (starts to walk off)

Jade: (pulling her back) No, you stay right here. Beck: You don't think that a girlfriend should trust her boyfriend?

Tori: N-no, I do-

Jade: Get out of here Tori.

Tori: Glad to. (starts to walk off)

Beck: Stay.

Jade: Okay. You know what?

Tori: No, don't tell him what!

Beck: Tell me what.

Jade: We're done.

Tori: Jade!

Beck: So you're breaking up with me?

Tori: No, no no no no no she's not!

Jade: Yeah, I am.

Tori: Aw, she is!

Beck: You're being ridiculous!

Jade: What do you care, I'm not your girlfriend anymore! (Jade dumps Beck)


Tori: I thought you don't like to drive during the day.

Jade: Yeah, I don't normally, but you know. Anything for a friend. (Driving Tori Crazy)


Jade: I like it on the ground.

Trina: Tori!

Tori: Hey! (runs in front of Jade) She's my friend!

Jade: ...yeah, we're super close. Sheba: You're lucky.. (pushes her chin up with the stick) American.

Jade: (Tori helps her to her feet) I didn't need your help.

Tori: She would have eaten you! Jade: She wouldn't have liked it. (Locked Up)


Jade: (being dragged in by Beck) NO! I don't want to ask her! (Locked Up)


Tori: Jade? Do you have something you want to ask me?

Jade: (under her breath, turning her head) Can I come to Yerba?

Tori: Hm.. maybe. But first... you gotta give me a hug. (Locked Up)


Jade: Oh, well that's swell news!

Tori: I don't talk like that! Do I talk like that? Do I talk like that? No I don't talk like that! (Locked Up)


Tori: I read your play, and I thought it was really good!

Jade: I'm not your friend.

Tori: Well! (Wok Star)


Tori: We were just trying to help!

Jade: Why do I need your help?

Andre: I got dragged into this...

Tori: See, we thought-

Andre: You thought.

Tori: WEEE thought. That if you got asked out by a guy, you'd be more okay if Beck asked out a girl. (Tori fixes Beck and Jade)


Jade: I look like an idiot. 

Tori: A pretty, pink idiot. (Tori Goes Platinum)


Tori: But its not fair!

Jade: How is the truth not fair? (Tori goes Platinum)


Sikowitz: So I really scared you?

Tori: Yes! I peed! (Jade looks) (iParty with Victorious)


Tori: Hollywood Arts first ever Prome Queen... Jade West!

Trina: What?!

Jade: WHAT?! (Prom Wrecker)


Jade: Well hey there, promers.

Tori: What are you doing here?

Jade: Eh, I had nothing else to do. Beck's in Canada and you got my performance canceled, so... here I am. At your prome. (Prom Wrecker)


Tori: Hey, when's our prom?

Andre: We don't have a prom.

Jade: Prom's are stupid.

Tori: I love proms.

Jade: Which makes sense. Cause you're you, and proms are stupid. (Prom Wrecker)


Tori: HEY! Are you gonna stop?

Jade: Nah, I'm still pretty thirsty. (Tori grabs her soda) Give it back!

Tori: Oh, sure. (makes out with the soda lid) Here.

Jade: Thanks. (takes a sip) (Prom Wrecker)


Jade: Hey Tori! How's your prome going?

Tori: Turn on the power, turn off that FREAKISH video, and then go home!

Jade: And miss the rest of this prome? Oh no. I think the fun's just begun.

Tori: Yeah, well think again! Cause they will be no more of your childish pranks!

Jade: Oh... then you'd better tell that shrimp in your bra.

Tori: Shrimp in my br... (pulls out a shrimp from her bra) How did she do it?! (Prom Wrecker)


Tori: And you forgot that Jade is a mean, vicious person with phycological problems.

Andre: Yeah... I forgot those things. (Jade gets Crushed)


Jade: Because I am prettier than him(Beck)!

Tori: Are you? (The Slap Fight)


Tori: I'll be the wife. 

Jade: Yeah, no kidding. (Helen Back Again)


Jade: Why do you care?

Tori: Cause I figure he already suffers enough pain dating you.

Jade: You wanna see pain?

Beck: (restraining her) Hey, why don't we go over there? (Stage Fighting)


Jade: Dude, why're you rubbing my boyfriend? (Pilot)


Tori: They're good.

Jade: Eh, we can do better. (The Wood)


Tori: Jade! I'm not going away! And you can't just say no!

Jade: (turning around) No, no, no, NO, no, no, no.

Tori: Okay, so you can. (The Great Ping Pong Scam)


Tori: Read the phone Jade. Read the phone! (The Great Ping Pong Scam)


Tori: Well?

Jade: You didn't make the team.

Tori: What? But I beat everyone!

Jade: Read the phone Tori. Read the phone!

Tori: (grabbing Jade's arm) Don't you steal my phone-in-the-face bit! When no facilty member heads a team, the captain decides who is permitted or denied acceptance into the team.

Jade: Captain says denied! (The Great Ping Pong Scam)


Tori: How did you know I was allergic to bush daisies?

Jade: I do my research. 

Tori: You went through my medical records?

Jade: I'll answer that right after you stick your face in those bush daisies.

Tori: Listen to me. I'm doing this play. I auditioned, I got the lead, and I'm doing it! (sticks her face inches from Jade's, who doesn't recoil)

Jade: I don't care what you do! (Tori Gets Stuck)


Jade: Woah, woah, wait a minute. I know where you can get some O negative blood.

Doctor: You do? Where?

Jade: Right... (pulls back Tori's sleeve and taps her forearm) Here.

Tori: I'm O negative? You did go through my medical records!

Jade: Told you I do my research! (Tori gets Stuck)


Tori: And what if I end up in the hospital?

Jade: Then maybe you can meet a handsome young doctor, get married and share a sodapop!

Tori: I don't talk like a movie star from the 1940s!! (Beck falls for Tori)


Beck: No. You're not leaving this school.

Jade: Wh- she has to! I mean, I'm not happy about it, but you know... bye.

Tori: I think I'll miss you least of all. (Helen Back Again)


Tori: Jade...

Jade: Correct.

Tori: What are you here for...?

Jade: You. (A Christmas Tori)


Jade: My mom... she might go to jail!

Tori: Wha- come in! (Brain Squeezers)


Jade: You insensitive witch!

Tori: You liar! (Brain Squeezers)


Jade: You're letting your suckfish sister join our team?

Tori: Our team?! (Brain Squeezers)


Jade: Well, my name is Tori, but on game shows, I go by Jade!

Dave: ...Sure! And our blue team captain. 

Tori: I'm Tori. All the time!! (Tori and Jade glare at each other) (Brain squeezers)


Tori: Does it worry you that you never sweat?

Jade: No.

Tori: But what if one day, all your sweat builds up and you just explode?

Jade: I would love that. (Survival of the Hottest)


Jade: Hey! Do not call me her friend! (Victori-Yes)

Jori Fanfictions

Tumblr lsxhrkNgEK1qk00pto1 r1 500

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Jori Songs

  • Hate That I Love You by Rihanna ft. Ne-Yo
  • I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace
  • What Is This Feeling? from Wicked
  • Girl Next Door by Saving Jane
  • Filthy/Gorgeous by Scissor Sisters
  • The Boy Is Mine by Monica
  • He Loves U Not by Dream
  • You Ain't Woman Enough by Loretta Lynn
  • Anything You Can Do from Annie Get Your Gun
  • She's A Lady by Forever The Sickest Kids
  • Just The Girl by The Click Five
  • Te Amo by Rihanna
  • I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry
  • (Can't Get My) Head Around You by The Offspring
  • She's Killing Me by A Rocket to the Moon
  • How Far by Martina McBride
  • You And I by Lady Gaga
  • There She Goes by The La's
  • Two Worlds Collide by Demi Lovato
  • Safe And Sound by Taylor Swift
  • Victim Of Love by Cash Cash
  • Only Me When I'm With You by Taylor Swift
  • Time is Running Out by Muse
  • When She Loved Me from Toy Story 2
  • Contagious Chemistry by You Me At Six
  • Hate Me by Blue October
  • Here We Go Again by Demi Lovato
  • Shut up and Kiss me
  • Two Worlds Collide by Demi Lovato
  • I Hate the Homecoming Queen by Emily Osment
  • Average Girl by Emily Osment
  • Hot n' Cold by Katy Perry
  • Take a Hint by Liz Gillies and Victoria Justice
  • Better Than Revenge by Taylor Swift
  • Foundations by Kate Nash
  • Leather and Lace by Stevie Nicks and Don Henley


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Fan Representation

The following fan representations have been selected by Jori shippers on this wiki.

Color: Grey. Grey represents Jade's dark personality (black) and Tori's innocence (white).

Song: Take A Hint. Take A Hint is the song Tori & Jade sang together in Tori & Jade's Play Date. It was their first duet.

Animal: Chameleon Jade and Tori's relationship is always changing, much like a chameleon's appearance.

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Jade & Tori hug in Tori Goes Platinum

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Jade: So you took two weeks detention, and a lower grade and your wiping crusty pudding off a wall on a Friday night just so I won't get in trouble? Tori: Pretty much.

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