Joey Ferguson
General Information
Gender: Male
Occupation(s): Owner of Karaoke Dokie
Family & Friends
Family: Hayley Ferguson (daughter)
Series Information
First appearance: Freak the Freak Out
Last appearance: Freak the Freak Out
Portrayed By: Tom Virtue

Joseph "Joey" Ferguson is the owner of Karaoke Dokie and the father of Hayley Ferguson. His first and only appearance is in the first Victorious movie/extended episode Freak the Freak Out.

His daughter, along with her friend, Tara Ganz competed in the Karaoke against Jade West and Cat Valentine. Even though Jade and Cat got much more applause than Hayley and Tara did, he still (unfairly) chose both Tara and his daughter as the winners.

He is portrayed by Tom Virtue.


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