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General Information
Shipped Characters Jade West and André Harris
Length of Relationship 2008-present
Status Friends; Former crush on André’s side
Rivals Bade

"Jade: Dang, dude. That is some soft footage.
André: I know, that's what I said.
— An exchange between Jade and André in Cat's New Boyfriend

Jandré is the pairing of Jade and André (Ja/de and A/ndré). It also can be called Andrade (Andr/é and J/ade), but Jandré is more commonly used. Despite the two not being very close friends, Jade doesn't seem to have a problem with André, like she has with some other characters; and is reasonably nice to him most of the time. Dan leaked a video of Jade and André about to share a kiss after an argument, suggesting that Jandré might have been an initial endgame. André is also one of the few people Jade doesn't overtly hate, and it's clear that Jade is closer to him than she is to Tori and Robbie. Jandré has its own wiki, Jandré Wiki.

In the realm of fanfiction, Jandré seems best known as the most popular side pairing to Bori (in much the same way that Bade and Tandré compliment each other) but this can often be the result of simply "completing the set" as many Bori shippers also ship Cabbie. In platonic stories, André is the one who helps Beck and Jade through their troubles, essentially taking on Tori's role in the series proper. Outside of this comparatively small circle, however, Jandré seems to be an object of great derision and mockery.

See Eleon for the real-life pairing of Elizabeth Gillies and Leon Thomas III.

Jandré kiss.

Jandré Moments


Season 1


  • When Jade is about to pour coffee on Tori's head, André says her name in a warning way.
  • When Jade (and Tori) were arguing in the Alphabet Improv, André changes the subject to possibly make Jade stop and get his attention.

The Bird Scene

  • When André and Robbie walk into the classroom from ballet, Jade stares oddly at André as he walks near her.
  • When everyone was pretending to be angry Englishmen, you can see Jade and André practicing together, pointing at each other and pretending to argue.
  • Despite Jade's dream to be an actress and her history of violently fighting for the lead roles in any play, André's is never shown to even consider her to be the lead in Moonlight Magic, finding Tori to already be a better choice.

Stage Fighting

  • André wonders what is wrong with Jade's eye.
  • André is very worried about Jade when Tori "hits" Jade in the eye.
  • André even gets upset at Tori, whose side he normally takes, and gets really worried about Jade.
  • Jade eventually owns up to André about the fact that it's make-up, showing that she trusts that André would keep this a secret.
  • Jade knows André eventually told Tori, proving that maybe André convinced her to own up to Tori.
  • Jade seems to be extremely impressed by André's stage fighting.
  • André didn't believe Tori when she said she didn't hit Jade with the cane, hinting that he might be more likely to believe Jade than Tori. That said, André believes that Tori hit Jade accidentally and doesn't even countenance Jade's lie that it was a deliberate attack, suggesting that he's used to Jade being a drama queen.
  • André runs up to Jade about something, and he seems very excited to tell her about it.
  • André asks her what is wrong with her eye (and we never get to know exactly why he was running up to her in the first place).
  • André touches Jade's eye gently to try to see if she's okay before he sees that it's dripping.
  • André seems very disappointed in Jade for tricking everybody into thinking Tori hit her. Jade seems embarrassed or sad when André finds out about this.
  • Jade asks André to not tell anybody, especially Tori. André says he won't, but then he runs off yelling for Tori.
  • Jade chases and yells at André to stop and to not tell Tori.
  • Jade trusts André to not tell Tori (however he does anyway).

Jade Dumps Beck

  • André goes and sits with Jade when she's eating lunch alone (after being forced to by Tori).
  • André notices that Jade is upset when he mentions how hot Alyssa Vaughn is and stops mentioning it, saying, "I should shut up..."


  • Jade seems sort of angry when Robbie says that André has a ketchup problem.
  • Jade and André, along with Beck and Tori, are both ganging up against Robbie.
  • At lunch, André hands Jade the salt.
  • When André mentions his "ketchup problem" at lunch, Jade tells him that it's all Tori's fault.
  • When a random student gives André a ketchup bottle, Jade seems to be getting even angrier.
  • When Robbie squeezes into the seat next to André and Jade, André throws his backpack away from the table angrily, and Jade grabs his food and throws it away. This proves that they both have anger issues.
  • Jade only throws Robbie's food after he comments on André's "ketchup problem."
  • When Robbie came over at lunch, André had to move over to the other side, away from Jade. This shows André was sitting really close to Jade.
  • Jade and André, along with Tori and Beck, decide to embarrass Robbie by getting him on camera with only a towel wrapped around his waist.
  • When André and Beck run behind Tori and Jade with Robbie's clothes, Jade briefly touches André's arm.
  • Jade and André both looked angry when Robbie made them move away from each other.
  • Jade and André were the only ones who did something bad to Robbie at lunch.

Survival of the Hottest

  • Neither André nor Jade seemed to care very much that Sinjin was drowning.
  • In the RV, while Tori and Trina are fighting over the water bottle, Jade and André are sitting on the floor together, watching them in confusion.
  • When André says that the bottle has only one swallow left, Jade quickly says, "I want it!"
  • After Jade says she's not able to call Cat, André says it was a bad idea to get F mobile, and Jade glares at him.

Wi-Fi in the Sky

  • André enjoys trying to make Jade jealous by telling her that Beck is babysitting a dog for a cheerleader.
  • When Beck frustratedly questions André's motives for mentioning his neighbor was a cheerleader in front of Jade, he apologizes. Jade: "Why do you have that animal?" Beck: "It's my neighbor's." André: "His neighbor- the cheerleader." Jade: "Cheerleader?" Beck: "Okay, why? Why would you say that?" André: "Sorry..."

Beck's Big Break

Snapshot 8 (6-2-2011 6-39 PM).png
  • Jade gets annoyed by André playing his keyboard, so she dumps the batteries out of it.
  • André didn't really care that Jade knocked the batteries out of his keyboard.
  • André and Jade are sitting next to each other in the movie scene.
  • André looks at Jade when Tori messes up the scene.
  • When André said, "Yeah, I think she's into me!" Jade looked annoyed and said, "Yeah, we can tell by the way she ran screaming from you!" which may be because she was jealous.
  • Jade looks at André when Tori and Beck get fired.
  • When Tori was fired after Beck, Jade and André were the only ones left at the table.

The Great Ping Pong Scam

  • Jade and André are both frustrated that Cat messed up and lost to Tori; though André seems embarrassed by Tori's smugness while Jade simply hates Tori. For the same reasons, neither seem thrilled when Tori easily defeats André.
  • They are very close to each other while playing Twister.
  • Jade helps André and Beck shake the machine to get Beck's drink out.
  • In the flashback scene, when Jade tells her plan, André is the only one who doesn't say no to the plan; he is also the first one to nod his head yes after she explains.
  • Only after Jade gives permission to tell Tori does André admit to there being no actual ping-pong team, again showing that Jade uses fear and intimidation to control André.
  • The flashback shows that André and Jade have been close friends for at least 2 years.
  • André doesn't object when Jade denies Tori entry to the ping-pong team (though he seems shocked by it). This may be borne out of fear of Jade as André is the first to suggest telling her later on.
  • Along with Beck, André doesn't spare even a single glance to Jade in the dress while being unable to look away from Tori wearing it.

Cat's New Boyfriend

  • Jade is seen to feel André's feet, and André smirks at her in a way that can come off as flirtatious.
  • Jade was amazed at André's feet being really soft.
  • Jade smiles up at André in a flirtatious way while rubbing his feet (right next to Beck).
  • Jade is the one who asks Beck if they should go feel André's feet some more.
  • André was there when Jade was getting her feet softened by the fish and encouraged her to try it out.
  • Jade starts to question why she would rub André's feet, but quickly shrugs it off, saying, "Why would I want to- okay."
  • When Jade refuses to take any responsibility for influencing Tori to kiss Daniel and trying to ruin Tori and Cat's friendship, André looks angry at her.

Freak the Freak Out

  • Jade seemed impressed by André's acting with Cat.
  • André tries to stop Jade from fighting with Hayley and Tara by vainly mentioning the buffalo nuggets on the menu.
  • André cheers very loudly for Jade (and Cat).
  • André gets very angry that Jade and Cat didn't win the competition, even though Tara was flirting with him earlier.
  • André and Jade stop leaving the club when the waitress brings their food.
  • Jade agrees with André about leaving after they eat.
  • Jade takes food from André's plate.
  • Although Jade seems to be mad about Beck being flirted with, she also seems slightly mad about André being flirted with too.
  • André wanted to know what Jade said in her text message to Beck.
  • Jade refuses to get André a refill of soda when she's going to get herself one. In response, André says Tori was right in calling Jade a "gank." Perhaps, as a result, André doesn't really seem to care about Hayley and Tara flirting with Beck.
  • Right after Jade sang the first line in Give It Up, André had his hands above his head and was clapping and cheering for her even louder than Beck was.
  • André said that Jade (and Cat) has ten times more talent than Hayley and Tara.
  • Jade stood right behind André when the waitress brought their food.
  • André and Jade both looked at each other when they found out that the only reason Hayley and Tara won was because Hayley's father owned Karaoke Dokie.

Rex Dies

  • When André first gets to the hospital, he gives Jade a 'what's going on?' motion and she gives him a look.
  • When he actually asks aloud what's happening, she shakes her head at him and he understands what she meant by that and stops talking.
  • They stand next to each other for the rest of their scenes together.
  • Both Jade and André felt that Rex getting "injured" was weird.

The Diddly-Bops

  • Jade seems concerned when André tells them that the record label refused to sign him because of their one-time gig, The Diddly-Bops.
  • Jade rips off Rex's arm when he tells André that it's the end of the world because he wasn't being signed for the record company.
  • Jade was at the performance of the song to support André.
  • When André sings, "Everyone you know has a nose nose nose!" Jade says, "My grandfather's nose was blown off in a war, so that song is a filthy lie." André replies with "Sorry," looking sympathetic.
  • When Beck kisses Jade during André's performance, Jade looks at him.

Wok Star

  • André goes with the group to see why Jade is in the janitor's closet.
  • André helps stall Mrs. Lee at the restaurant for Jade.
  • André says "At least she thanked you," when Tori was telling the gang about what Jade told her, maybe because he wanted her to see that Jade isn't as bad as she thinks.
  • André asks why the school won't put on Jade's play.
  • André asked Beck where Jade was.
  • André agreed with Jade (along with Beck and Robbie) that Tori had agreed to find her the money to put on her play, though he himself did nothing to help Tori, and was reluctant to even discuss the funding issue when she later brought it up. This, and other times, show that André is scared of Jade, and obeys her, only when she is in the immediate area.

The Wood

  • André tries to get Tori away from Jade while Beck tries to get Jade away from Tori.
  • When André and Beck were trying to get Jade and Tori away from each other, André put his arms around Jade's waist.
  • André stood behind Jade when confronting the producers about Beck and Tori's fake phone call.
  • After they stopped watching Beck and Tori's fake phone call, André said "Man, this show is good." Possibly because it seemed that if Beck likes Tori, he could then have Jade for himself.
  • The producers asked Jade and André what they hate.

A Film by Dale Squires

A F B D S J A T.png
  • Jade and André both tell Tori about the views on their movie.
  • André agrees with Jade that talk shows are for tourists and Canadians.
  • Jade and André come up with a plan to get back at Dale Squires.
  • Jade and André walk up to Tori at the same time, possibly counting on her undefeatability to come up with a plan.
  • Jade and André's plan ends up as a complete and utter failure.
  • They sit next to each other when telling Tori about the movie.
  • Jade and André are standing next to each other when Tori is talking to Dale Squires.
  • They are both annoyed that Dale took all the credit.
  • Jade goes with André, Tori, and Cat to ruin Dale's interview, even though Beck didn't go.
  • Both agree to go get waffles.
  • Tori makes Jade and André come up with the plan on their own, saying, "I dunno, you're smart, she's mean, come up with something."

Sleepover at Sikowitz's

IMG 0279.png
  • Jade is seen running her fingers through André's hair at Sikowitz's house, while André is sitting in a recliner complaining about running a marathon and being pregnant.
  • Jade is also seen rubbing his shoulders and arms after she had been running her fingers through his hair.
  • Jade stands behind André, who is sitting in the recliner.
  • Jade was disqualified after André.
  • Jade and André are sitting very close to each other at Tori's house while watching the movie.
  • They are both laughing at the lady who is dying in the movie.
  • Jade picks a guy who just finished running a marathon who also is 9 months pregnant for André to play.
  • When André asked, "Who's the daddy?", Jade gave him a slight smile.
  • Jade looks at André in a weird way after he picks Tori's character.
  • Jade waves goodbye to André in a sweet kind of way when he is banished from Sikowitz's house.
  • Jade and André are a part of the same triangle for choosing parts: André chooses Tori's character, Tori chooses Jade's character, and Jade chooses André's character.
  • Jade and André share a quick dialogue during the movie at Tori's house: André: "Does she ever stop crying?" Jade: "Oh, she'll be dead in minutes."

Season 2


Beggin' on Your Knees

  • Jade is the only one who doesn't try to convince André to stay and help Tori write a song, maybe because she doesn't want him to help Tori (jealousy), because she wants Tori to get a bad grade, or because she wants André to go to his great-grandfather's birthday knowing that it's important to him.
  • Jade dances along to the song André wrote during the concert.

Beck Falls for Tori

  • When Tori comes back acting like she just fell and is hugging everybody, Jade turns to André and hugs him.
  • André looks at Jade when she kicks Tori off of the chair.
  • Jade comes onto the set with André and Robbie.
  • Both agree that it's ridiculous that Tori's scared to fall off a chair.
  • Both Jade and André tease Tori at some point about landing on the air sac.
  • André celebrates when Jade pushes Tori off the building.
  • André supports Jade by making fun of Tori in the 'movie star from the 1940's accent.

Ice Cream for Ke$ha

Jade (and André) look concerned when Tori breaks down at the quickie mart.

  • Both are concerned when Tori has a nervous breakdown at the Quickie Mart after they can't find the '$' in the ice cream.
  • When the little boy wanted to kiss the freaky one (Jade), André said: "You better stop there..."

Tori Gets Stuck

  • When Jade is yelling about not getting the lead role, André tries to calm her down.
  • Jade takes André's apple, smashes it, and gives it back to him. André doesn't seem to care very much.
  • Jade wanted to be the lead in the play opposite André. Her outrageous attempts to prevent Tori from being the lead may mean that she wanted to perform with him instead.
  • André looks very displeased that Jade got the lead role when Tori had to be pulled out, suggesting he didn't want to act alongside Jade and found Tori to be a better choice and/or thought Jade had gone too far even for her and shouldn't have been rewarded.

Prom Wrecker

  • Tori and Cat spy on André making out with his girlfriend, and Jade walks over to them. Her eyes widen and she asks if he's "trying to swallow her."
  • Jade is the only one that seems shocked and slightly disgusted at André making out with his girlfriend. This could be a sign of jealousy.
  • They both seem to agree about how clowns don't bounce and are getting along very well.
  • During the Prome Meeting, André only started kissing Sherry after Jade came bursting in, possibly trying to make her jealous.
  • Jade denies watching André make out with his girlfriend.
  • André helps thwart Jade's schemes, cheering when Doug the Diaper Guy drags her away.

Locked Up!

Jade and Andre.png
  • Both Jade and André insult the hotel (André calls it a dump, and Jade says it's disgusting).
  • Jade looks worried when the moth bites André and goes over to him to see if he's okay.
  • Jade touches André's neck lump.
  • Jade also squeezes the neck lump.
  • Jade and André are the only ones that both flee the stage when Tori's shoe hits The Chancellor in the eye.
  • Jade pushes André lightly when everyone was going on the back of the duck truck.
  • They both sing/dance next to each other to perform on stage for the chancellor.
  • When performing for the chancellor first, Jade and André are back to back and have their fists under their chins.
  • They sing/dance next to each other when they perform for the chancellor the second time.
  • Jade seems mildly concerned when André gets bitten by the vampire moth.
  • When Jade hisses at the girls, André looks at her in shock.
  • When Cat mentioned that a bite from a vampire moth can kill you, Jade had widened her eyes in concern for André and looked at the manager with slight anger.
  • When Jade went to the lobby of the hotel after waking up, she stood next to André.
  • When they're visiting Tori in prison, along with Cat and Trina, Cat keeps shooting them disappointed looks for caring more about themselves than Tori.

Who Did It to Trina?

  • Every time André talks about Keeko, Jade looks mad, upset, and a bit jealous.
  • André agrees with Jade that Tori was guilty (however, he was only trying to get to his date).
  • André and Jade were upset because they were in Lane's office and André asks Lane why they are here and Jade agrees with him.
  • André and Jade were both suspects.
  • André and Jade both looked over at Cat.
  • Jade looked at André when he lied down, crying about not going to see Keeko, and when he freaked out and started yelling, getting mad.
  • Jade looked really upset and jealous when André ran off, happy about seeing Keeko.

Jade Gets Crushed


"She's Beck's girlfriend. I'll never move in on a friend's girl."
— Andre Harris talking about Jade

  • André chooses Jade to help with his song since Tori is not available. Jade seems slightly annoyed that she was his second choice.
  • Jade agrees to help André with his song, despite the fact that in past episodes, she has been shown to hate helping others.
  • Before the recording session starts, André openly says that Jade scares him and, in his view, everybody, being visibly terrified by her throwing her scissors against the wall.
  • André says his favorite letter is J in his attempt to write a song, and Jade's name starts with J.
  • When André says this, Jade smiles.
  • Jade does not seem at all upset when André can't come up with lyrics for the song they're working on, and even seems amused by his lyrics.
  • Jade asks André to hold out his hand, and when he seems worried, she tells him not to be a baby, and he holds out his hand and says he trusts her.
  • Although Jade mentions that trusting her is a bad idea, she does not hurt André's hand.
  • She does a cute little thing with his hand that she used to do as a kid, and he laughs, says it tingles and asks her to do it again, like a child.
  • Jade smiles at André after she tells him she'll do the hand trick again later when he finishes recording the song.
  • Jade makes sure André finishes the song, even though he wants to just leave. She tells this to him in a nice way, rather than be pushy.
  • When they are working on the song together, Jade sings and André is amazed by it, watching her the whole time like he's in awe.
  • Jade asks André if he likes her song. It's rare to see Jade show any concern for what other people think of her.
  • André can't even talk when Jade asks him if he likes the song, and he only makes the sound "Mmmhmm."
  • André says he thinks he's in love with Jade, and is very upset by this, considering that she's Beck's girlfriend.
  • After Tori convinces André that he's not actually in love with Jade, merely conflating his emotions and insomnia, he agrees with her description of Jade as "a mean, vicious person, with deep psychological problems."
  • André agrees with Tori that he's likely not in love with Jade but simply fooled himself into thinking that he is, even laughing at the idea of him and Jade dating.
  • When Jade asks André if she can hear the song they recorded, André is so nervous about revealing his feelings in front of her and Beck that he gets tongue-tied, promising to email her the song later.
  • Tori tries to help André get over his crush by showing how mean Jade can be, but André warns her that it won't work.
  • When Tori pretends to be Jade, the first thing André does is ask her out to the movies.
  • André is not turned off by Tori's mean comments. Instead, he tries to kiss her, because she looks and acts so much like Jade he can't resist.
  • As shown by the above, André agrees with Tori that if he were to date Jade, she would be emotionally abusive and cruel to him.
  • André thinks that Tori perfectly imitated Jade, despite the overtly aggressive, nasally tone she used, suggesting that André views Jade as speaking like that.
  • André can't sleep, so he writes a song for Jade called 365 Days. The lyrics say that he fell for her and will try everything he can to make her come closer to him.
    Jandre jgc.png
  • The whole time he performs the song, he is looking at her and smiling at her and seems worried about her reaction.
  • André seems a bit disappointed and jealous when he sees Beck put his arm around Jade during the song.
  • André was about to say that he wrote the song for Jade, but Tori cuts him off and says he wrote it for his dog. André then says, "Yeah, I love my dog," which is a hint that he's really saying he loves Jade.
    • Perhaps this may be André subtly calling Jade a female dog.
  • Jade dances and claps during André's performance and cheers for him when he's finished.
  • Jade hugs André after the performance, and she smiles when she hugs him. He seems like he doesn't want to let her go.
  • After they break apart from the hug, André nervously stares at Jade, and Jade's smile becomes more and more uncomfortable, maybe sensing André's feelings for her.
    Jandre Hug.jpg
  • André tells Tori that it might take a while until his feelings for Jade go away completely only for him to forget about Jade when a girl walks up to him and asks him if he wants to hang, showing that he was never in love with her, just confused.
    • Indeed André's crush was stated to be due to hearing Jade sing despite having heard sing before in many previous episodes, even singing with her while in Yerba, generating more proof that it was just a passing crush.
  • Throughout the whole episode, Jade was unusually kind to mostly everyone, André in particular. Despite this, André agrees with Tori that Jade is a mean person with little redeeming qualities.

Terror on Cupcake Street

Jade and Andre in Terror on Cupcake Street.PNG
  • When André freaks out in a Cupcake float, Jade stands near him.
  • André says that Jade should be in the Parade Parade, after she stared at him and moved towards him, scaring him.
  • Tori and Robbie are embarrassed that André can never stand up to Jade.
  • Jade wants Tori to go for help instead of André (and Beck).
  • Jade and André sat together in the giant cupcake.
  • André is angry that Jade was too cowardly to go out and forced Tori to find help.
  • Both are stunned that Tori isn't afraid of the thugs.

A Christmas Tori

  • Jade answers André's question about going from an A to a D, causing André to look at her.
  • Jade laughs when André pushes Robbie to the ground.
  • Jade gives Tori the idea for André's Secret Santa gift, most likely because she cares about André.
  • Jade helps Tori perform André's song to help show Anthony that his song is good.
  • They hugged after André's teacher gave André an A on his song.
  • André calls Jade, Tori, and Cat "his girls."
  • Jade was the only one who knew what the perfect gift to give André would be, showing she knew how best to make him happy.

Season 3

The Breakfast Bunch

  • Jade smiles at André while they are all walking.
  • When Robbie asks Jade why she had to be mean all the time André says, "I know, right?"
  • When Beck told everyone André was probably going to run-dance, if you look closely, Jade ran out after him first.
  • Jade cheered for André when he was run-dancing.
  • When Tori asked who was in charge of detention, André started to say "Vice Principle..." then Jade finishes off for him, saying "Dickers."
  • When they are all about to leave Hollywood Arts, Jade and André look right at each other and smile.
  • They act as analogues to only two characters contrasting everyone else filling multiple roles; André takes on the role of Andy and occasionally Claire, while Jade acts as Allison and sometimes Bender. Interestingly, Bender and Claire did up end together. The two's brief moments as those characters might suggest that any relationship between André and Jade would be a short-lived one.
  • André is the least fazed by Tori's many esoteric talents, Jade is regularly dumbstruck by them.

The Gorilla Club

  • Jade and André sit together during the card game.
  • Jade and André agree that Tori is boring as an actress and needs to take more risks.


  • Jade bets André (and Robbie) in the card game and makes them do the Hammer Dance at her call since they lost.
  • Jade makes André do the Hammer Dance as he's trying to ask Elise out, possibly to keep him from succeeding with her, hinting that she might have romantic feelings for him.
  • Jade looks genuinely happy when André does his hammer dance.
  • André gives Jade an aggravated look when Elise runs away.

The Worst Couple

  • When Beck refers to the gang as their friends, Jade insults every one of them, except for André. This means that she considers André a friend and has no problems with him.
  • This is one of the few times André actually gets mad at Jade and yells at her.
  • Jade says nothing back to André when he yelled at her (and Beck), despite her doing so when others have yelled at her before.
  • When André was yelling at Jade (and Beck), her facial expression looks guilty. Possibly she felt bad for making Andre upset and for causing him to yell.
  • André said he had already seen Jade's (and Beck's) profiles on TheSlap, and that they both said "Not In A Relationship."

Tori & Jade's Play Date

  • Jade asks Sikowitz if she would star in the play, and André says that it's time for him to star in one of his plays, and then Jade asks why he's talking.
  • Jade was very mellow about the argument, seemingly not that worked up by André contrasting her usual indignation at Tori getting the leads. It's possible however that she doesn't view André as genuine competition and knows she could beat him while she can never defeat Tori.
  • André plays Jade's son in the play.
  • At André's line, "What's wrong, Mom?", he touches Jade's leg. Especially notable since Jade commands Beck not to touch her during rehearsal.

April Fools' Blank

  • Jade and André sit next to each other for the game show.
    Tumblr mfhxogiRgn1rrndj1o1 500.png
  • At the end of the episode, they hug.
  • At the beginning when Tori was tricking everyone into thinking someone slammed a car door on her arm, Jade says, "What are you, five years old?", then André says, "Really?!"
  • In the theme song for this specific episode, there is a scene from The Breakfast Bunch, where the kids are running. André kneels down, and Jade kneels behind him, and puts her arms around him and buries her head on his shoulder.
  • At the game show when Tori was wrestled down by the lobster, André leaned a lot towards Jade and they looked at each other while laughing at Tori.
  • They also danced/stood next to each other at the end of Shut Up N' Dance and fell down next to each other.

Driving Tori Crazy

  • While singing the song Five Fingaz to the Face, André sings the line "Girl, I've been thinking 'bout you, thinking 'bout me!" while looking at Jade.
  • Jade looks back at André, smiling, while making a flirtatious hand gesture.
    Tumblr m4g8qlyV1V1qd74w7o4 r1 250.gif
  • Jade and André are seen sitting next to each other in the party bus.

How Trina Got In

  • Jade and André both agreed that Beck's story of how Trina got in was ridiculous and neither agreed it was true.
  • Both Jade and André heard different stories and told them.
  • When Jade says "Hey, does anyone smell sushi?" André is the first to reply to her and says "Yeah, it smells like salmon."

Tori Goes Platinum

  • When André is talking about Bruno Mars, Jade stops him by saying "Hey, hey, baby, stop talking," trying to save him from his embarrassment and showing she may have some affection for him.
  • When Jade tells André he should stop talking, she pats his arm.
  • André does what Jade tells him to do and stops talking.
  • Jade tells Cat to give André some of her bibble.
  • André wants to ditch Tori to watch Jade perform at the awards and seems excited about it (he later does, with Tori's permission).

Crazy Ponnie

  • André (and Beck) handcuff Jade to the lunch table and say that it wasn't a problem.
  • André stops Jade from hurting Cat, her best friend.
  • After Tori corrects André for saying Ponnie's name wrong, Jade makes a joke, saying "What color was her hair? Plonde?" and André continues by saying "Or prunette?" and they both laugh.
  • Jade and André are sitting next to each other at the lunch table.
  • André looks at Jade with concern about the fact that she has no eyebrows.

Season 4

Wanko's Warehouse

  • André says he can't take being trapped in the store, and Jade asks if he can take it.
  • Jade looks hurt when André snaps at her.
  • Jade keeps trying to get to Robbie through the Walkie-talkie, then André tells her that it was off and that she's been talking into an offie talkie.

The Hambone King

CAM1 200.JPG
  • André and Jade go to Nozu together, and it looks suspiciously like a date.
  • André follows Jade when she rejects Cat's invitation.
  • They sit together away from Cat and Robbie at their own table.
  • Jade asks André if he wants to split soup with her.
  • André stops Jade from eating her sushi and takes her hand to lead her outside.
  • Jade doesn't fight with André when he takes her away from her food but only slightly objects (because she couldn't finish her food).
  • André and Jade stand next to each other while watching the hambone off and at one point are leaning (side by side only) towards each other.
  • André backs Jade up when the hamboning begins in a protective gesture.
  • André and Jade share a look when Robbie gets hurt.
  • When Jade says "injuries", she and André share a glance.
  • André follows Jade (quickly) when she leaves Robbie on the floor.
  • As they are going back into Nozu, André holds the door open for Jade.
  • André and Jade sit together on Tori's couch.
  • They both simultaneously look at Cat when she is tap dancing.
  • André has no disapproving reaction when Jade admits she uploaded a video of Robbie losing the hambone off (unlike Beck who often huffed and glared at Jade in the past for such behavior).
  • They collaborate to muffle Cat's tapping by picking her up to replace her tap shoes.
  • Jade and André both tried to comfort Robbie when he lost.
  • When André went back for Jade he grabbed her hand and she goes with him.
  • He's also careful taking her down the steps, him watching where she walked so she wouldn't trip and if she did, he would help/catch her.
  • Jade videotapes André and Robbie's "race."
  • In the episode, Jade and André were always together.
  • When the food was thrown at the wall, André says to Jade "Did you order that?"
  • André notices Jade's absence and went back to her to take her with him.
  • André didn't want to leave without Jade.
  • When Robbie hurt himself, Jade laughs and looks at André.
  • André didn't stay with Robbie, he went with Jade back into Nozu.
  • They continuously interact throughout the episode and seem much like a couple.
  • When Jade says to hold Cat down, André does so.
  • When they were all huddled in one group, Jade and André were next to one another.

Three Girls And A Moose

  • André looks weird when Jade starts to flirt with Moose.
  • André asked Jade what she was wearing in an annoyed tone.
  • André seemed pretty jealous when Jade was flirting with Moose. That said, a good amount of this seemed to be curiosity that Jade was flirting with someone that wasn't Beck.
  • André asked Jade if she got the lyrics he sent her.
  • André and Jade (along with Robbie and Beck) sit at the same table at Karaoke Dokie.
  • Jade was supposed to sing backup for André (along with Tori) at Tinkle Aid.
  • When Jade first showed up in the episode, she stood next to André.
  • André also looked at Jade several times during that scene.

Opposite Date

  • Although their interaction is brief, André's eyes follow Jade as she walks past him after insulting Tori's shirt.

Tori Fixes Beck and Jade

  • Two years prior to the episode, André wrote what Jade described as an "awful play", a description to which he took great offense, and paired Beck's character up with Meredith's, earning Jade's ire. Perhaps this is why André never seems to think that Jade is a good actress, knowing she can never control her emotions.
  • André helped Tori find Jade a date.
  • André introduced Jade before she started singing.
  • When Jade left the closet, André was still wondering how she could kill them with toilet paper but Beck and Tori didn't really care.
  • Tori reminds André that he had a crush on Jade, and that he really liked her.
  • As a retort, André says that he's not only over her, he's scared of her and would never date her.
  • André runs away (with Tori) from Jade and hides in the closet.
  • André said that he and Tori have to pay a guy to ask out Jade.
  • When Beck and Jade kissed, showing that they were back together, André was the only one who wasn't smiling, possibly out of jealousy or possibly because he still finds them to be a bad couple.

One Thousand Berry Balls

  • Jade congratulates André on the song "Here's 2 Us," specifically leaving out Tori. Tori responds by only thanking Beck to Jade's visible ire, prompting a laugh from the guys.
  • André gives Jade a look similar to the one he gave her in Jade Gets Crushed after 365 Days, implying he might still have the same feelings for her.
  • André smiles at Jade when she congratulated him.
  • Jade gives many smiles and nice looks to André while he was performing.

Robbie Sells Rex

  • Jade and André sit next to each other in the Blackbox Theater.

    Jade on André's lap

  • They talked a little bit in the Blackbox Theater.
  • When the flour bomber attacked Trina, Jade fell into André's lap.
  • When Jade said she would wrestle the flour bomber down, André says he would like it if she wrestled him down (as her large breasts would be directly in his face).

    André would like if Jade would wrestle him down!

  • After Jade and Beck look weirdly at André, he says he wouldn't like it if Jade would wrestle him down.
  • André laughs really loudly at Jade's joke about Tori's "monster purse", despite her being his best friend.
  • When André laughs about Jade's joke, she smiled at him.
  • After the little girl came to them and said something mean to him, Jade grabs André's arm and pulls him towards her.
  • She then put her hand on his shoulder.
  • They're the only two who weren't flour-bombed.
  • André (along with Beck and Cat) help Jade capture the flour-bomber.
  • Jade stays in the Blackbox Theatre with André and Trina after the bell rings.
  • André's crush on Jade seems to resurface in this episode, though it is gone in all the others, possibly hinting that André's sleep deprivation manifests itself as attraction towards Jade.
  • Regardless of romance, this episode suggests that André finds Jade to be physically attractive.

The Bad Roommate

  • This is the third episode where André and Jade don't interact, but when Tori was talking about how André was staying at Tori's house, Jade walked away in the middle of her story. Possibly because Jade didn't want to hear bad things about André staying at Tori's house.

Brain Squeezers

  • Jade and André are both on the Blue Team.
  • Jade and André are sitting beside each other in the Asphalt Café.
  • When Jade was being hit by batteries, André looked concerned.
  • André asked why he got hit with the batteries and not Jade.
  • Jade looked guilty when André got pelted by batteries.
  • André is impressed by the quality of Jade's fake ID, and doesn't call her out for it.
  • André got pelted by batteries when it was supposed to be Jade.
  • André got half of Jade's doinking.
  • Theirs was the only shared doink.
  • Despite Jade's claim that the Blue Team is angry that Tori hasn't been harmed, André (along with Robbie) isn't.
  • According to a Slap post, Jade physically attacked André for getting an answer wrong.

The Slap Fight

  • They stand next to each other in Sikowitz's classroom.
  • André asked Jade where she is going.
  • Jade is looking to André at the lunch table.
  • André backs up Jade when she accuses Tori of being at fault for not finishing the stabolin.
  • Jade looks a bit disbelieving that André would stoop so low as have someone else tweet for him.
  • Jade asks what's going on when Beck and André walk to the table in a heated argument.

Star Spangled Tori

  • Jade and André both "squaddled" in Sikowitz's classroom.
  • They are in Sikowitz's play at the beginning, playing father/daughter.
  • Jade finishes André's thought in the beginning. "Sikowitz." "This is stupid."


  • André frowns at Jade for revealing the finale of a show to Tori.

Other Shows/Crossovers

iParty with Victorious

  • Jade and André are sitting next to each other at the lunch table.
  • When André is bragging about how Kenan Thompson is letting him throw a small party at his house, Jade is seen smiling at him.
  • André, along with Tori and Robbie, is put off by Jade's story about the dead blonde, staring at her as though he can't make sense of her or why Beck would be dating her.
  • Jade is one of the few people that André initially invited to the party.
  • Near the end of the song "Leave it All to Shine," Jade and André are next to each other, singing.
  • When André said, "Are you ready?" Jade said "Wait... Okay, now I'm ready." Though visibly confused by such a request, André indulged it. Hints

  • André posted two pictures of Beck and Tori, gushing over how cute they are together, and he said he's only posting them to make Jade jealous. In response to one of the pictures, Jade threatened André for posting a picture like that, but he ignored it and Jade has never broken his PearPhone.
  • Jade said "Merry Christmas, Losers" and André replied by saying "Merry Christmas to you too, my lady."
  • They both complain about Christmas on the site. (Jade complains about Christmas being happy and merry; André complains about Santa).
  • Tori asked everyone what she should get Jade for Christmas, André suggested a therapist.
  • When Jade said that Beck got her flowers that were almost dead on Valentine's day, André said that she is "one twisted sister."
  • André gets Jade to come check on Sinjin with him.
  • Jade tells André to let her talk to Sinjin and he agrees.
  • Jade also touches André's arm.
  • Both posted about how they dislike Thursdays.
  • In one of Beck's first posts, he said Jade was taking care of him because he was sick and André began to write that Jade was an awesome and lovely girlfriend when Jade revealed she was posting for Beck and able to see all the truly unflattering things that André was writing about her.
  • Jade & André both complain about Santa.
  • Jade posted, "Y'know, being a door-to-door knife salesman would be a perfect cover for a serial killer." And then André wrote," You terrify me sometimes."
  • André posted a video on in which Jade sings. His description says: "Jade's so beautiful when she sings… *sigh* Totally not in love with her though!" That shows that he thinks Jade and her voice are beautiful and the last quote is definitely hinting that he IS in love with her.
  • André posted this on TheSlap about Jade:
    • I have nothing to talk about this week. Nope. Nothing. I don't have a crush on anybody! Stop asking me! Ahhh! I'm going wonky over here!
  • Jade posted a picture of her and André together and says she likes him even though he's been acting weird lately. She ponders the thought that he possibly has a brain disease.
  • André posted a video of his song 365 Days, and said it's a love song he wrote to... "well no one, mind your own business."
  • In a picture of the group wearing their candy pajamas, André and Jade are very close together. Tori captioned it "André gets cozy with Jade, who he does not have a crush on."
  • Tori captions a photo of Jade as "Nancy" and Beck and André as her "children" (from the photo gallery of Tori & Jade's Play Date) saying "In family portraits, Nancy always slightly turns her head and faces her favorite twin." Since Jade's head is turned towards André, this could be taken as Jade preferring André to Beck (a possible result of their breakup).
  • Jade posted: "I don't know why everyone loves that video of the piano-playing dog. He can't even keep a decent tempo. Amateur." Then, André replied: "You know, for once, I agree with you."
  • In the Public Service Announcements People Who Wear Glasses But Don't Really Need To Video, they are seen together informing us about the issue. Also, when Trina puts on glasses just to look cool, they are both confused why she would do that and André had his arms in a "why would you do that?" motion and one of his arms was kind of around Jade.
  • In the gallery of Brain Squeezers is a picture of André with the description: "It looks like André was severely Doinked but this is just what Jade did to him when he got an answer wrong."
  • André goes to get Jade when he finds Sinjin making a video of Sock Puppet Jade confessing her love for Sock Puppet Sinjin. Jade: "Oh my God." André: "I told you."Jade: "Okay, just let me-" André:"Yeah, yeah, I'll just-"

Episodes with a Jandré Plot/Subplot

  • Jade Gets Crushed: When working on a song with her, André fears that he's fallen in love with Jade, recruiting Tori to help him make sense of his feelings.
  • The Gorilla Club: After losing a bet to Jade in a card game, André (and Robbie) are forced to do the Hammer Dance whenever Jade sees them.
  • The Hambone King: The two seem to act like a couple in this episode.


  • In a YouTube video posted by Dan, [1] they are assumed to kiss after a heated argument. This scene, however, never made it to television screens.
  • The two, alongside Tori and Robbie, appeared in every episode but didn't interact in André's Horrible Girl, Car, Rain & Fire, or The Bad Roommate.
  • Both are far less brave than they claim to be, André instantly caving whenever someone challenges him, and several episodes (such as The Wood, Locked Up!, and Terror on Cupcake Street) show that Jade can be cowardly or is only brave when she's not at risk.
  • While Jade (along with Beck) was the first main character to be kissed in Pilot, André was the last to be, his first kiss being in Prom Wrecker.
  • They've kissed the least amount of main characters. Robbie and Beck have kissed Tori, Cat, and Trina (assuming Robbie giving Tori mouth-to-mouth counts as kissing) while André hasn't kissed any of the four girls (on the lips at least, he kissed Tori's cheek in Tori Goes Platinum) and Jade has only kissed Beck (though Robbie fell atop her in The Bad Roommate, their lips never touched).

Jandré Fanfiction

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Jandré Songs

"365 Days" - André Harris (Leon Thomas III) (Official Jandré Song, André wrote it, explaining his love for Jade.)

  • "Ancient History" - Hawk Nelson
  • "Kiss You" - One Direction
  • "Circles" - Hollywood Undead
  • "Follow Me" - Uncle Kracker
  • "Good Girl" - Alexis Jordan
  • "Jesse's Girl" - Rick Springfield
  • "Just The Way You Are" - Bruno Mars
  • "My Best Friend's Girlfriend" - Sam Hook
Tumblr lsrji39nKv1r3zt4ao1 500.gif
  • "Okay" - Backhouse Mike (Jade sings this song in Jade Gets Crushed, and it might explain their relationship. Jade's singing of the song is also what causes André to fall in love with her.)
  • "Realize" - Colbie Caillat
  • "Forever" - Chris Brown
  • "Slow Down" - Bobby V
  • "Rocketeer" - Far East Movement
  • "Shiver" – Coldplay
  • "Na Na Na" - One Direction
  • "That Should Be Me" - Justin Bieber
  • "You're So Damn Hot" - OKGO
  • "One Thing" - One Direction
  • "Taken" - One Direction
  • "Outlaws of Love" - Adam Lambert
  • "Baby I" - Ariana Grande
  • "Crush" - David Archuleta
  • "Fine China" - Chris Brown
  • "M.U.R.D.E.R." - Jay Sean (ft. Thara)
  • "She Makes Me Wanna" - JLS (ft. Dev)
  • "Last First Kiss" - One Direction
  • "Still Waiting" - Tory Lanez ft. Trey Songz

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