"'"If you're a guy, you're probably not cool enough to hang out with him. If you're a girl, STAY AWAY FROM BECK."'"
Jade in her Profile Video.

Jade's Profile Video is Jade's profile video for TheSlap.


Victorious The slap- Jade's Video Profile

Victorious The slap- Jade's Video Profile

Jade talks about herself:

  • She's 16 years old.
  • She goes to Hollywood Arts.
  • Her favorite teacher is Sikowitz.
  • She says that's she's dating Beck, and tells all boys that they're probably not cool enough to talk to Beck and tells all girls to back off and stay away from Beck.
  • She tells how she got her piercings, as she got them 45 minutes later after her mother told her not to. (She replies sarcastically with a "Sorry, Mom.")
  • She says that once she graduates, she'll become famous and will get a "sick" house with an electric fence around it.
  • She says that if someone gets her angry, she won't fight them, but will retaliate in a way that will make them sad for a really long time.


  • This is the second profile video Jade has been in (first being Beck's video profile).
  • This video is the most popular on The Slap.
  • This video might have been made after Jade Dumps Beck because in Beck's video profile she said he couldn't be in her's because he was hanging out with his dad who was in the hospital at the time.
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