Jade's Brother
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Brown
Address: Hollywood, California
Family & Friends
Family: Mr. West (father)
Ms. West (mother)
Jade West (older sister)
Series Information
First appearance: What I Love
Last appearance: Helen Back Again
Portrayed By: Max Wright

Jade's Brother, whose name is unknown, is the younger brother of Jade West and the son of either Mr. West or Ms. West or possibly both.

From the way Jade has talked about him in one of her What I Love videos (She described it as her locking herself in the bathroom and he would come looking for her), it can be assumed that he cares for Jade, and shows concern for her, like when she locks herself in the bathroom for hours. However, this respect is not returned by Jade, who finds enjoyment in listening to him panic.

It can also be assumed that he is a young child, not a teenager, as she mimicked him by talking in a babyish voice.

Jade's brother could also be the boy on the rocking horse cast in Jade's re-audition short film in the episode Helen Back Again.

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