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Jade has written a blog for TheSlap regarding halloween.

Jade's Halloween Blog

This blog is about what Jade hates about halloween. People always come up to me and they're all like, "I bet you LOOOVEE Halloween cuz it's all dark and spooky and scary, and you're all dark and spooky and scary." Well, first off anyone who uses the word "spooky" is an idiot and NO I don't love Halloween. I mean, sure its better than Christmas or Groundhog's Day but there's some stuff about October 31st that really wazzes me off. Please allow me to use the rest of this blog to vent:

What I HATE About Halloween:

It's like one of the only holidays where you don't get a day off from school. What kind of lame holiday can't even get one day off? I mean, Hollywood Arts closes school for Arbor Day but not Halloween!

I REAALLLYYY hate the word "ween." Not as much as I hate the word "tween." But I hate it a lot.

I hate when kids come to my house trick-r-treating and they're not even dressed up in a costume. They're just wearing t-shirts with a superhero's face on 'em. Listen kids: the cool costumes get the good candy, you and your suckish costume get a bag full of chicken fat. Deal with it.

I hate my neighbor who hands out packets of floss to trick-or-treaters (even the ones with the cool costumes). Then she wonders why her house gets egged every year. BTW, I'm usually the one who eggs it.

Would you want someone to walk up to you and spit in your face? Well, that's basically what happens when you dunk for apples. I HATE dunking for apples. I'd say after 5 people, that bucket of water is basically 50% saliva. Disgusting.

Okay, my blog's over. Leave.

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