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"These little kids were trying to eat us, and you wouldn't even try to help me, you were just crying and yelling, "No! no! Don't eat me! Eat her, eat her!"
Cat to Robbie about her dream.

Ice Cream for Ke$ha
Season 2, Episode 3
First Aired April 22, 2011[1]
Production Code 210
Writer(s) Arthur Gradstein
Director(s) Adam Weissman
Viewed By: 4.0 million
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"Beck Falls for Tori"
"Tori Gets Stuck"

Ice Cream for Ke$ha is the 3rd episode of the 2nd season of Victorious and the 23rd episode overall. It had aired on Earth Day, Friday, April 22, 2011. to 4.0 million viewers.[2]


Tori and friends try to find the remaining letters of Ke$ha's name to win a private concert.

When a promise from Tori's childhood comes back to bite her, she’s stuck as Trina's personal assistant for one month. Trina has many ridiculous things that she has planned for Tori to do for her.

When she learns from André that there is a contest going on to find the letters that spell "KE$HA" and win a free private concert from her, she jumps at the chance. Trina says that if she can do it, Tori can stop being her assistant.

Tori finds the e.jpg

With the help of Beck, Robbie, Cat, Jade and Rex, they find K, E, and A. As they search through tons of ice cream containers, Robbie suggests not letting the unused ice cream go to waste. He decides to take it to the park and give it to the kids. While everyone knows that Robbie means well, Beck tries to warn him that this could be misinterpreted as pedophilia. However, Jade, amused by what the kids' mothers might do and knowing the Robbie needs to learn this for himself, urges Beck to just let Robbie go. After a while, the gang is out of ice-cream, and Jade mentions that Beck went to buy ice-cream and may have been almost there. As expected, Robbie returns after having been assaulted by protective mothers. Beck returns and tells them to check Ke$ha's newest update, and they find out that the contest is over because a dude from Northridge already won. Since the contest is over and Tori did not win, she had to go back to being Trina's assistant and help her take a bath.

I C F K.png

Next day in school, Beck and Jade go check in on Tori and she tells them that Trina "sleep sweats." Trina asks for Tori and demands her to answer her phone because it's Lendle and he wants to be her boyfriend. Trina tells Tori to tell him that she died. Tori did as told and Lendle asks her out. Trina confronts Lendle because she got mad that he hit on her sister after she died for 10 seconds. Cat calls Tori to see a video online. Ke$ha reveals that the dude from Northridge faked it and the contest is officially back on.

Ke$ha's performance of "Blow" at the end of the episode

Tori and her friends go through many buckets of Ice Cream. Cat finds the H, and everyone is happy for her. They figure that the hardest letter, $, will be in the least popular flavor of ice cream, which is Funky Nut Blast. Jade, Cat, Tori, and André race to the Handy Quick in Calabasas to find only one bucket of Funky Nut Blast containing an H, until Cat finds a boy eating Funky Nut Blast. Tori asks for the bucket, but he refuses the offer until Jade promised to pay him $30. Cat accidentally talks about winning the concert, seeing the letter found at the bottom of the carton. But the boy wants to make another deal, to come to the private concert and kiss Tori, Cat, and Jade.

The kids end up seeing Ke$ha perform her latest single, Blow. The little boy now asks the girls for their kiss, but they trick him by locking him out of the house because they don't want to kiss him. Trina sees the little boy locked out and feels bad for him and lets him in, the boy tells her what the girls did to him. Trina offers him a kiss, but the boy, disgusted, promptly leaves.

Guest Stars


Featuring Stars

  • Max Bernstein as the DJ[3]
  • Lauren Morris as Hype Girl 1[3]
  • Aslyn Michell as Hype Girl 2[3]
  • Logan Schyvynck & Austin Westbay as the Dancers[3]

Songs Featured


Ke$ha sings "Blow" during a private concert.

Ke ha!.gif
  • Despite this episode airing on Earth Day alongside the Big Time Rush episode "Green Time Rush", it does not have anything to do with Earth Day. This is because Earth Day and Good Friday fell on the same day in 2011, making "Green Time Rush" an Earth Day special and "Ice Cream for Ke$ha" a Good Friday special.
  • Ke$ha is the second guest star on Victorious, the first being Perez Hilton (Wi-Fi in the Sky).
  • This continues the running gag of compliments of Tori's cheekbones and Jade imitating Tori like an actress from the 1940's (Judy Garland) from the previous episode.
    • Jade again impersonates Tori as a 1940s movie star, previously seen in the episode Wok Star and Beck Falls for Tori
    • In the same way, it is the third time that Jade imitates Tori using a sentence that she said seconds ago, previously it happened in the episode Wok Star
  • Lendle, the doctor's son from Rex Dies, is mentioned by Trina on the phone when she says she won't be his girlfriend and asks Tori to tell her she has moved to Canada and died, after that moment he asks Tori but Trina busts him and angrily shouts to him.
  • When Tori can't find the letters, she yells "I hate everything!" In iParty with Victorious, Trina yells "Ugh, I hate everything!" when she is forced to miss Kenan Thompson's party.
  • For some reason in this episode and Tori Gets Stuck, Jade seems to have $30 to offer to pay someone quote "we'll give you 30 bucks for it" (referring to the funky nut blast) and in Tori Gets Stuck Sinjin was caught making a fake phone call to Tori and then said that Jade had promised him $30 and a full makeover.
  • The letters that are found in order were K, A, E, H and $.
  • A few of the things that Trina made Tori do for her include: washing her hair, change the song on her cellphone (even though the phone is right next to her), pluck her toe hair, blow her nose, sponge her "sleep sweat", etc.
  • In this episode, Robbie is still using the old PearPad.
  • This episode is the third time a character has a nervous breakdown. The first when Tori couldn't figure out the Bird Scene, and the second with Robbie in Rex Dies.
  • Tori probably thought she would marry a prince at age 16 as many princesses from fairytales get married at that age. She’s referring to Disney Princesses (Aurora married Phillip at age 16, Ariel marries Eric at 16, Jasmine marries Aladdin at 16 and Mulan marries Shang at 16).
  • Jade is nice to Tori throughout this episode, meaning that they’re having a better friendship.
  • This episode aired on Good Friday, in addition to being a part of Nick's Earth Day block. It’s also the only episode of the year or season to air on a Friday.
  • The episode was #9 on the top-selling TV episodes overall on the iTunes 2011 Rewind.
  • Part of this episode was filmed a day before The Wood premiered.
  • This is the third time ice cream was involved within the episode. The first time was in Tori the Zombie when Cat and Trina stopped by an ice cream store while retrieving Tori's Grizzly solvent. The second time was in Freak the Freak Out when Trina asked Tori to give her some. The involvement of ice cream would later be followed by Opposite Date when Jade initially bought an ice cream cone for Cat (which she would eventually just throw away), in attempts to persuade her to tell where Tori and Beck were located together.
  • During the ending credits, a blooper from the episode was shown. It's Tori having a hard time removing the ice cream from the container. All the actors stayed in character during this scene.
  • The little boy in the episode is Ke$ha's real-life little brother named Louie Sebert.
  • This is the second episode to have a concert at the Vega house. The first being The Birthweek Song. Although this is the first time an actual pop star did a concert at the house.
  • This episode plot is a somewhat layered reference to Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory because of the 5 letters to spell Ke$ha hidden in the ice creams tubs resembling the golden tickets hidden in 5 Wonka bars. There's also the dude from Northridge who said he won the contest but ended up faking it, just like the forged 5th ticket, followed by Sinjin saying "Run for it, Tori. Run straight home, and don't stop until you get there!"
  • Tori giving Trina a hair wash in Ice Cream for Ke$ha

    This is the first and only time we've seen any room in Tori's house, besides the front door, back patio, and the living/kitchen area.
    • We have never seen either Tori's or Trina's bedrooms in the series, and this is the first and only time we see their bathroom.
  • The bathroom where Tori washes Trina's hair is the same bathroom shown in the iCarly episode iToe Fat Cakes, where Carly got her toe stuck in the faucet of the tap. The room size, bathtub position and space between the bathtub and the walls are all the same with the only differences being the different wallpaper and window positions.
  • Jade is wearing the same outfit at the very end of the episode that was shown in A Christmas Tori.
  • Ending tagline: "I hate everything." - Tori
  • In the UK, the break comes when Tori is blowing Trina's nose. In the US and possibly other countries, the break comes when Tori pushes Trina into the bath. This is possibly to avoid younger viewers believing Trina drowned to death and getting upset from it.
  • A fan tweeted to Dan saying "@DanWarp is it true Ke$ha is going to be on an episode of @victorious !? @keshasuxx" Dan tweeted back saying "@JenxCoco Yep! It's VERY true! :)".
  • Dan said "This A.M. I'm putting FINAL TOUCHES on the #iOMG episode... AND editing the next @Victorious episode: "Ice Cream for Ke$ha"- FUN! :)".
  • Dan said on Facebook, "Here working on the new @Victorious episode "Ice Cream For Kesha" - This one is HILARIOUS, and Kesha does an AMAZING performance!"
  • Cat dreams about Robbie, notably it was a nightmare. Little kids were trying to eat them, and Robbie let them eat Cat.
  • Robbie has a bucket list: ride a pony, take a cooking class, (he was embarrassed) other things...
  • The letters K & A mentioned in the episode can be referenced as the original ESRB E rating.


The episode was received very well by most fans and premiered to 4.01 million viewers, making it the most-watched scripted cable telecast of the night (second overall only to an NBA playoff game between the Lakers and the Hornets).

Running Gags

  • Tori and her friends mostly finding Ks and As.
  • Ke$ha asking Tori if those were real cheekbones.
  • Jade imitating Tori as an actress from the 40s.
  • Tori being Trina's number 1 assistant.
  • People agreeing with Trina to let Tori do whatever she says.


  • In the Netflix captions, there was one point when "beat" was misspelled as "beet".
  • In Beck Falls for Tori, Jade asks, "Who can't ride a bike?" and Rex replies, "Take a guess." prompting Robbie to say, "Can't you keep any secret?" Robbie also said on (in the "Robbie's Car and Dale Squires" gallery) that he can't ride a bike. But in this episode, Robbie states he got off his bike to give the kids ice cream, and later on TheSlap mentions that someone stole his bicycle seat.
    • Robbie probably can not ride a regular two-wheel bicycle but can ride his four-wheeled surrey bike seen in Driving Tori Crazy.
  • How can Robbie ride his bike if he has those huge buckets of ice cream?
    • It’s possible that Robbie connected a wagon to his bike. Or Robbie was riding his four-wheel surrey bike seen in Driving Tori Crazy.
  • Robbie would have gotten arrested for offering the kids free ice cream.
    • It is unknown if the mothers got arrested for assaulting Robbie.
  • A unilateral (or one-sided) contract is not enforceable by the promisee unless the promisee takes an action or refrains from an action in reliance on it. Tori can not be forced to follow through on her promise because no return promise or reliance was made by Trina. In addition, a contract by a minor is unenforceable.
  • Robbie said in his profile video that he is lactose intolerant, but he eats a lot of ice cream, which has lactose, in this episode. It's possible that he lied about being lactose intolerant or he likes ice cream so much that he doesn't care about the consequences to his body.
  • When Trina notices the boy got locked out, the DJ is tying up one of the amp chords, but in the next shot, he is seen chilling with the backup dancers. In the following shot, the DJ is gone.



Robbie: Cat. Cat, come on. You can't be mad at me over something I did in your dream.
Cat: It's what you didn't do.
Robbie: Well, will you at least tell me what I didn't do?
Cat: Fine! These little kids were trying to eat us, and you wouldn't even try to help me, you were just crying and yelling "No, no, don't eat me! Eat her, eat her!"
Robbie: Well, I'm sorry, and if a bunch of little kids ever really do try to eat us, I promise to…well, why shouldn't they eat you first?!
Cat: Robbie!
Robbie: I want to live! There's things I've never tried, things I really, really, really wanna to do!
Tori: What do you really, really, really wanna do?
Robbie: Uh, ride a pony…take a cooking class…other things…

Cat: Just ice cream?
André: Uh-huh.
Robbie: That's what you're gonna eat for lunch?
André: Nope, it's been in my locker all day, so, I'm gonna drink it!
Cat: Why?
André: Cause I wanna meet Ke$ha…aw, dang it!
Tori: Ke$ha's not in there?
André: No, I got another stupid K!

Tori: [Reading the note she wrote] When I, Tori Vega, am 16 years old, I will be married to a handsome prince and we shall live in a magic sugar castle.
André: That didn't happen.
Tori: I know that didn't happen.
Trina: Yeah, and read what you said you'd do if it didn't happen.
Tori: I will be Trina's assistant and do whatever she says for a whole month..
Trina: That's right!
Tori: So? I wrote this when I was six.
Trina: Yeah, and who was it who said "you have to keep your word no matter how long ago it was?"
Cat: Martin Luther King!
André: No, Martin Luther King gave a speech about having a dream.
Cat: I had a dream. Kids ate me.

Tori: Will you guys tell her she's being ridiculous?
André: Well, you did make a deal.
Cat: And you did say a person should keep her word.
Trina: Thank you, Tori's friends.

Jade: I'm sick of this! (glares at the ice cream) Ice cream reminds me of my childhood.
Cat: You didn't have a happy childhood?
Jade: My favorite toy was a hammer. You finish the puzzle.
Beck: You know, you don't have to help.
Jade: Don't push me!
Beck: What?
Tori: But, if we win, and Ke$ha does do a private concert here, only the people who help find the letters get to come.
Jade: (imitating Tori) Only the people who help find the letters get to come!
Tori: I don't talk like that!

Beck: I don't know how kid's mothers are gonna feel about a strange guy handing out-
Jade: Let him do it!
Beck: You're a terrible--you're a terrible influence.
Jade: Let him do it, just let him do it, LET HIM DO IT!!
Beck: (to Robbie) Good luck!

[Robbie enters Tori's house, beat up]
Tori: Robbie, what happened?
Robbie: I went to the playground, I got off my bike and I yelled, "Hey kids, who wants some free ice cream?", and then their mothers chased me into an alley and beat me with sticks.
Cat: Sticks?
[Jade laughs]
Robbie: One big mom stepped on my neck.
Jade: You gotta love big moms.

[Jade and Beck walk to Tori]
Jade: Ooh, you don't look happy.
Tori: I'm not.
Jade: Yay.
Beck: Trina giving you a hard time?
Tori: Yes. Do you know she sleep-sweats?
Jade: Sleep-sweats?
Tori: Yeah, she made me go into her room last night every two hours, with a sponge, lift her arms, and then, I had to take--
Trina: Tori! Hey, answer my phone!
Tori: I don't wanna.
Jade: You're her assistant, so do what she says.
Trina: Thank you, Jade! [reaches out to Jade]
Jade: Never touch me!

André: K.
Jade: A.
Tori: A.
Beck: A.
Cat: H.
Rex: K.
Tori: Wait, w-w-w-wait, Cat, what did you say?
Cat: When?
Tori: Just a second ago.
Cat: I said "when."
Tori: No, before that.
Cat: Oh, I said H.
Everyone: H? H! Cat!
(Everyone runs over to Cat)
Cat: I feel so loved!
Tori: Here it is! Here it is!
Robbie: Yes!
(André attaches the H)
André: KE-HA!
Everyone: KE-HA!
André: KE-HA!

Tori: Where is the S? (starts crying)
André: I don't know, baby, I just don't know.

Boy: I'll give it to you…
Tori: (screams)
Boy: If…
Tori: (groans)
André: What do you want?
Boy: To come to the private concert.
Tori: Sure.
Boy: And…I want to kiss you…(To Tori)
Tori: What?
Boy: ...and her...(to Cat, who blushes)...and, uh, the freaky one (referring to Jade).
Jade: (gasps) What?!
André: You better stop there.

Trina: Ke$ha. Oh, Ke$ha, that was so great. You totally rocked our home.
Ke$ha: Thanks.
Trina: Wanna come upstairs and see my room?
Ke$ha: No.
Trina: Come on!

Trina: Wait! Ke$ha, wait!
Ke$ha: No, you're weird.
Tori: Trina! (to Ke$ha) Ke$ha, I am so sorry about her.
Ke$ha: Is she your sister?
Tori: Yeah...
Ke$ha: I'm sorry for you.
Tori: Everyone is.
Ke$ha: Are those real cheekbones?
Tori: Yeah!

Trina: Hey, that little boy got locked out.
Jade: No, Trina, don't!
Tori: Trina, do not open that door! Get back here! Trina
Trina: Oh, what's wrong, little guy?
Boy: Those girls promised to kiss me and didn't.
Trina: Oh. Well, you could give me a little kiss…
Boy: (stares at Trina) Gross. (leaves)


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