Grizzly Glue is the brand of glue that Cat uses to glue makeup to Tori's face in Tori the Zombie. It is incredibly strong, and Trina describes it as being like an industrial cement. Distracted by the "cute bear" on the packaging, Cat used the glue unaware that it could be dangerous or difficult to remove, resulting in the problem of Tori's makeup not coming off. A special solvent was needed to remove the glue once it dried, which Trina and Cat retrieved just in time for Tori to finish her performance.

According to one of Cat's updates on TheSlap, she somehow used the glue to glue her lips together.


  • The solvent is not sold in stores and can only be bought from their factory in Bakersfield.
  • It is a parody of Gorilla Glue.
  • Cat might have used Grizzly Glue on her first make-up attempt.
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