Robbie and Goonter

Goonter is a puppet that Robbie temporarily used in Robbie Sells Rex. He is a painted Howdy Doody figure. He used to belong to Francis. He only says nice things and Robbie seems to hate him. It's unknown what Robbie did to Goonter at the end but he did get Rex back.

He is voiced by Dan Schneider.


Robbie: Well, It's just you and me... Goonter!

Goonter: Splendid! I wouldn't want it any other way!

Robbie: Right...

Robbie: Hey! What do you think about my new pajamas? Look, They've got little turtles on them.

Goonter: I think they are fantastic! 

Robbie: Right...

Robbie: Y'know Rex would probably say something about me looking like a doof-bag...

Goonter: The best looking doof-bag ever!

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