General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16 or 17
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation(s): Student at Hollywood Arts
Family & Friends
Friends: Unknown
Relationships: Robbie Shapiro (one date, ended)
Sinjin Van Cleef (one date)
Enemies: Cat (possibly)
Series Information
First appearance: One Thousand Berry Balls
Last appearance: One Thousand Berry Balls
Portrayed By: Cassie Hernandez

Gabriella is a student at Hollywood Arts High School. She appears in the episode One Thousand Berry Balls as Robbie's date to the Cow-Wow. Robbie asks her to the dance, possibly to avoid awkwardness with Cat as he originally wanted to ask her but didn't. She reportedly said "Si" in response to Robbie's ask, and she repeats it again as she watches Sinjin put on a puppet show. Although perceived as pretty, she seems to like nerdy guys (or nerdy guys with puppets), being easily entertained by Sinjin and being one of the few girls in the show's history to show attraction to Robbie, and the fourth known date of his. Cat doesn't like her. When Cat finds out she is going to the dance with Robbie, she throws a chair at the wall in anger and on TheSlap she says Gabriella's outfit is terrible. Judging by her repeated use of the word "Si" and Sinjin's Slap update about her calling his puppet show "¡un espectáculo de títeres de calcetín!", it's likely she speaks Spanish fluently, possibly as a first language or otherwise is very fond of it. (She is played by Cassie Hernandez).

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